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  1. For the last sixteen years (i.e. since the 9-11 false flag) the neocons and the fake leftists have cheered for imperialist genocide. Now they blame their own crimes on Trump. They blame everything on Trump. They will blame this latest attack on Trump.

    Sadly, millions of people will believe it. Some people will believe the lies directly. Other people will believe the lies by default. For example, the latter will agree with the neocons and fake leftists that all of Trump’s actions are “racist” and “unconstitutional.” Therefore Trump ordered this latest attack. We :know” this because it was “confirmed” by (unnamed) “sources.” Proof is not needed. We live in a post-factual world.

    Another way that people excuse Obama while blaming everything on Trump is to claim that everything Trump does is a manifestation of the “deep state.” When I ascribe something to routine politics, such people (including many who visit this blog) reject the facts, saying “No it is not mere politics. Trump is evil.” These people drink the Kool-Aid just like the rest.

    Whatever Trump does, no matter how benign or benevolent, is “evil.” Whatever Obama and Hillary did, no matter how evil, is “good.”

    Naturally the Hillary-bots deny this. Their denial and hypocrisy is why the USA is so messed up.

    And so I say once again that our greatest enemies are not the right-wingers, but the fake leftists. Ultimately they are the most neoliberal of all.

    • they appear more neoliberal for two reasons:

      1. neoliberalism is just an extension of far right conservatism. so its not really a huge shift in ideology for the rightwingers
      2. left-cover fake-left unDems get away with more neoliberal transition moves because the “progressives” tend to sit back and keep their mouths shut while it’s going on

      so yeah, when you look at it from a distance, the fake-left does seem more neoliberal. At least they do right now that Trump won on a progressive sounding platform, opposing many neoliberal ideologies. But, what is he doing? He’s fulfilling those same neoliberal ideologies just like Obama did. not a dime’s worth of difference as a candidate once said.

      • Yes. To clarify, I did not mean that fake leftists believe in neoliberalism more than do right-wingers. Rather, I meant that fake leftists facilitate enhanced neo-liberalism, since they distract and defuse average people who are being raped.

        This brings up a general principle…

        Elections oscillate between right-wing faux-“populists,” and left-wing fake “leftists,” both of which are equally dedicated to neoliberalism — i.e. to widening the gap between the rich and the rest. Fake leftists use political correctness to denounce right-wingers. Right-wingers (the fake populists) denounce the corruption of the fake leftists. Both sides are equally corrupt.

        Average people on both the right and the left are suckers for this game. Everyone complained about the evil of Hillary and Obama. Now, because of Trump, everyone praises Hillary and Obama. Not because they were better than Trump, but because people eagerly fall for the game of fake leftists vs fake populists. They are suckers for this game no matter how much you clarify it for them. Indeed, the more you clarify it, the more the idiots call you an idiot.

        BOTTOM LINE: the 1% enslave the 99% because the 99% WANT to be enslaved. Of course the peasants deny this, but their willful stupidity belies their bullshit. And their denial allows the game to continue. The peasants self-righteously imagine themselves to be “victims,” when in fact they voluntarily choose to believe the lies that enslave them. For example, they defend the game of fake leftists vs. fake populists.

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