The Trumpening: Exxon Officially Takes Over State Department – Tillerson Confirmed by Senate

by Scott Creighton

The vote was 56 to 43. All the Republicans voted for Trump’s Big Oil pick, Rex Tillerson, to become the next Secretary of Get-Dat-OIL!

Three unDems voted with the reTHUGlicans and one decided to hide under his desk. You can see how they voted here, if you are so inclined.


You can go here to see how all the senators voted for all the nominations so far.

Tim Kaine, Hillary’s VP pick, voted against only ONE of Trump’s neoliberal cabinet appointments. Tillerson.

14 Responses

  1. I’m not in favor of any corrupt corporate interest wielding influence in Washington; but if the Tillerson appointment signals anything, it is hopefully an end to the “New Cold War” with Russia, given Tillerson’s connections with players in that country.

    • Hopefully Rex will be thinking of the friendship medal Vlad gave him. Hopefully Rex values that medal more than all the oil in the Caspian basin…but I don’t see any NATO panzer divisions moving west quite yet.

      • “more than all the oil in the Caspian basin…”

        “Big Oil”, embodied in the lobbyist organization USA Engage, has opposed U.S. interventionism and sanctions on oil-producing countries for decades. Bush II’s Iraq War was waged at the behest of the Israel lobby, not Halliburton. When post-invasion contract bidding finally took place, the Chinese and Russians got a bigger share of Iraq’s oil business than the U.S. There is essentially zero evidence to support the idea that “Big Oil” interests like Exxon are driving the perpetual war agenda.

        • Phew, well in that case I’m glad we don’t have to blame big oil for all the oil wars anymore. Thank god the spirit of Standard Oil is here to save us. Please forgive my sarcasm but what evidence do you have that former President Cheney’s interest in Halliburton played no role in the Iraq invasion? I was under the impression that Halliburton was awarded no-bid contracts. Was I misinformed?

          • Ahmad’s book The Road to Iraq goes into this red herring extensively. Your sarcasm is forgiven in consideration of the massive propaganda campaign that has gone into fostering it:


            • Cool. Next will you tell me that McCarthy was right about the Red Menace? Or how those conniving Jews run everything? How the KGB covertly programmed us through Sesame Street?

              • Just read Ahmad’s book. It contains no claims to the effect taht “Jews run everything”, but it does indicate a disproportionately Jewish-Zionist drive for war with Iraq within the Bush II administration. Douglas Feith and Richard Perle were key figures in the fabrication of WMD “intelligence”. Exxon had zero to do with it. Furthermore, if the idea was to steal the oil, you need to explain why the oil giants would mysteriously besmirch their reputation by inciting a war and then not reaping the spoils. The U.S. oil services sector (i.e., Halliburton) had always dominated in its field and didn’t need to start wars to drum up business. Saddam Hussein was perfectly willing to business with American corporations, but the Israel lobby, through AIPAC in particular, had been instrumental in disrupting peaceful business relations with the sanctions regime. Read Ahmad’s book. That’s my suggestion. Or read what James Petras has written on this same subject. These men are hardly communism-obsessed McCarthyites or anti-Semitic fanatics.

  2. Thanks for the visual of the senator hiding under their desk. Guessing we’ll see more drop-and-cover drills in Congress this year.

    Oh and even lil’ entitled Randy managed a token no vote on Mike “BTK” Pompeo. Yay for American patriots!

    • “lil’ entitled Randy” lol

      im so glad that name stuck with someone. i thought it was great

      • Oh, dude, you had me at “lil’ entitled Randy”. Who could forget that epic handle?

        If you haven’t already, check out the Ron Paul calls on Dore’s show. There’s at least one where he goes off about what a fuckup Rand is…precious.

        • I love those calls he gets. they’re funny as hell. I’ll look that one up, thanks.

          Do you remember the poster I did with it? The Little Orphan Annie one with Rand as Daddy Warbucks and Di$info as their little dog? I lost a couple readers with that one. lol

  3. but gorsuch for the supremes is the founder of
    the ” FASCISM FOREVER ” Club, in his student days !
    (just reported at CommonDreams)

    Too perfect, gonna die laffing…

    • I saw that. and his mother was assigned by Reagan to cripple some agency and privatize it back in 1981 and had to leave office when da ebil gubmint wanted to see receipts of money she spent and she refused to produce them. like Obama, neoliberalism is in his DNA.

  4. I thank you for your usual fine insights but haven’t been able to comment lately on President Trump, the bull (bully-ionaire) in the Nation’s china shop. I have been physically ill lately but, like all of us (who still have one) have been struck with a soul-ache watching the Big Cheeto-Tweeto bumble around like a teenager who found the keys to Mom & Pop’s liquor cabinet. At first I thought it was brilliant to surround himself with seasoned military men. If your going to take on the dirtiest of the CIA, NSA, etc. and the lot of the Deep State and the Kompromats in Congress, Hollywood, and media who better to surround yourself with. The armed forces have been dishonored by these corporate sneaks and have had to sacrifice their precious lives and all of their expertise to be misled into corporate adventures that go back to Gen. Smedley Butler’s warning that “War is a racket.” To give them the power of oversight and control of our wars of plunder….to those who actually have to fight them, and judicial power over the bloodthirsty profiteers who have guided national policy for so long would be the perfect plan.

    But I’ve been around too long to expect perfect. 50 years ago I couldn’t figure how people re-elected Nixon. I watched his speeches….carefully. This MF could liiiiiiiie, he could lie rhapsodically….it was a thing of high art. Then it hit me. People love to be lied to by powerful people. It makes them feel warm and toasty, and more importantly it absolves them of any responsibility for what these bastards actually said because of how lovely their lies were. This is the illness/comfortable rut we Americans have embraced for decades. Now with a compliant press it would be comical if it wasn’t so dangerous. They are now spanning the extremes, as de rigueur, blaming Trump for presidential policies five administrations old….to many actively looking to sabotage everything he proposes. Yes, he’s a beauty with his “I’m the boss” fake bravura and his cabinet picks (Devoe being the cream of the crap). As for oilman Tillerson as Sect. Of State….stop the presses! Oil companies having undue influence over national policy! Again, 50 years ago, Norman Mailer said, “ESSO changed it’s name to Exxon so that it would sound like Nixon”. Then there were Johnson, VP Rockerfeller, Bushes…. Nothing new, Horatio.

    There is hope for us as a crisis/opportunity people….when the clueless left finish licking their oh-so-important wounds and the sullen right finish sharpenning their make-believe tallons what we have is a country of diverse interests….the way it always was, who have a new beginning to work together with other people we don’t even like….the way it always was, and forget about letting politicians solve our problems, they are in it for themselves….the way it always was. We have to empower ourselves with empathy and knowledge. Many things that are happening in Washington now are like a chess match, including Trump’s “bigtime mogul” routine which is as transparent as Dubya’s “simple cowpoke” act or Obama’s “hip brotha'” schtick. Remember they are doing what they are told and the last one who didn’t got whacked in Dallas. But never forget about our power (numbers, will, truth)…. no matter what we are up against, we are The
    Powers That Be if we can stop allowing ourselves to be divided.

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