Jared Polis Admits DNC Support of Refugees and Illegal Immigrants is All About Cheap Labor for Big Business

by Scott Creighton

Jared Polis is bringing an illegal alien to Trump’s State of the Union address tonight. He’s using this human being as a prop just like Big Business used him as cheap labor for years. Exploiting him.

Polis went on Tucker Carlson’s show the other night and went on and on about how the “invisible hand” NEEDS cheap labor in America and how folks like this prop of his help Big Business by providing that cheap labor. And yes, he said “invisible hand”

Polis is a congressman from the unDemocratic Party, the same party who’s former treasurer just admitted they were only interested in serving “rich business folks” for kickbacks.

Ever since George W. Bush announced his Comprehensive Immigration Bill proposal I have been writing that the whole thing was based on the desire to provide cheap labor for Big Business while deconstructing the wage scale, ultimately damaging the quality of life for millions upon millions of hard working American citizens.

Now that the Comprehensive Immigration program has been passed on to Obama and now Trump, the plan is still designed for the same purpose and this guy, this fascist member of the unDemocratic Party, makes it perfectly clear in this interview that everything he and his One Party buddies are doing is in service to Big Business. That’s fascism folks.

Tucker is watching this guy spout right-of-Reagan free market Milton Friedman talking points like his life (or his paycheck?) depends on it and he is quite literally stunned. Maybe he’s stunned because the neoliberal ass-clown is just so open in his disrespect for the American workers or maybe it’s because he can’t believe this is what passes for a Democrat these days.

The unDems have gone full on batshit, fascist crazy. They want slaves to save Big Business’ profit margins and they don’t give a shit who knows it and that includes working Americans who used to call themselves Democrats.

The mask is off, the Dems are raving fascists who would bring in real slaves from Africa for their friends at Walmart if they thought they could get away with it. These people are sick.

unDemocratic Party Imploding: Fascist Zealot Andrew Tobias Admits they Serve “rich business folk” for Kickbacks

by Scott Creighton

Right before the DNC (unDemocratic National Committee) voted for Tom Perez as their new chair (Perez was Obama’s Labor Secretary who openly supported the TPP and said the Hillary campaign should call Bernie “racist” during the primary) they held a little vote on a proposal to keep Big Business money OUT of the campaign process. That suggestion was defeated.

Perez at one time said “yes, the Democratic primary was rigged for Hillary” and then he quickly revised that statement saying he “misspoke” and in fact Killary won fair and square. The mealy mouthed little worm was asked about that transformation of his position during the DNC chair primary and wiggled and wormed his way through a blather of an answer for about 5 embarrassing minutes… and he still “won” the chair position.

After his acceptance speech and a little “let’s get unified” cheer-leading session by another fake progressive Keith Ellison, the unDemocratic Party let party treasurer Andrew Tobias have the podium for a couple minutes to spout his goodbyes to the party faithful and announce his replacement. What followed was a stunning display of a corporatist zealot giving a little too much insight into the workings of the minds of the fascists at the DNC. (note: look at this crazy fuck’s eyes as he rants)

The “rich business folks” are gonna give em some kickback money. That’s all they think about. Telling businessmen their fascist Business-First party is gonna make them more money than the republicans and that they fully expect some kickbacks for doing it.

That’s the unDemocratic Party for you, right there. That’s WHY they lost to the joke of a candidate Donald Trump and that is WHY Democratic Party flight is a thing.

In three moves on that same day the unDems made SURE the progressive element of the party would leave and NEVER come back. It’s like Carl Rove is writing their scripts for them.

No one could be that stupid. The message they are sending is clear: the DNC is nothing more than the kiddies tables at the RNC. Progressive thinking liberals need not apply.

This is the One Party system, the Business Party system, that I have been writing about on this website for the past 10 years. Tobias’ little wild-eyed rant couldn’t have made it more clear. They are geared now to screw the working people of this country in favor of Big Business for kickbacks. That’s it. Nothing more too see.

Trump proposes huge hike in military and police spending (and huge austerity cuts to domestic services)

(While the fake news and the unDemocratic Party distract us with tall tales of Russian boogeymen, The Donald is busy imposing reactionary neoliberal austerity cuts to America, turning us into Chile 1973.)

by Patrick Martin, WSWS

The Trump administration sent instructions to federal agencies Monday proposing a $54 billion increase in spending for the Pentagon, the intelligence agencies and the Department of Homeland Security, to be offset by $54 billion in cuts for other agencies, mainly those involved in domestic social services and regulation of business.

Trump’s budget outline sets the stage for his first address to Congress on Tuesday. It provides further evidence that the Trump administration will be dedicated to radically rolling back social spending to finance a dramatic escalation of military operations, both in the neo-colonial wars in the Middle East and against the United States’ ‘great power’ rivals: China and Russia.

Federal departments are being told to file budget requests for the fiscal year that begins October 1, 2017 based on the numbers they were given by the Office of Management and Budget. Each agency will be responsible for working out the cuts required to meet proposed reductions, while the Pentagon, CIA and DHS will propose expanded operations with the additional funds they are to be awarded.

There were no details made public about the exact budget ceilings given to each federal department, but White House officials made it clear that foreign aid programs in the State Department and anti-pollution regulation through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would suffer some of the largest cuts.

The total budget of the EPA is only $9 billion, so many other domestic programs are certain to be hard-hit, involving such departments as Education, Labor, Transportation, Agriculture (which includes food stamps), Housing and Urban Development and Health and Human Services.

The biggest federal social programs, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, are not affected by the budget order, which involves only funding for so-called discretionary programs, those financed through annual congressional appropriations. Entitlement programs, where benefits are paid out automatically to those who establish their eligibility, are covered by a separate budget process…

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And the Oscar for Best Psyop goes to… wait… really? I’ve seen that guy before… didn’t he…?


Massive Collection of Photographic Proof the “White Helmets” are Actually al Qaeda/al Nusra Terrorists

by Scott Creighton

Thanks to a Twitter post from Tim Anderson, I have found a MASSIVE collection of photos which prove the so-called “White Helmets” are actually al Qaeda-linked terrorists operating in Syria. I’ve seen a couple comparison photos before and posted articles which feature a few but I have seen nothing like this.

The collection was put together by someone over at Clarity of Signal which is a website I had never heard of but looks pretty good. I don’t know who runs it. Here are just a couple:



This is outstanding work and should be your go-to location to send folks when they have any questions about what the White Helmets really are. Well, here and Vanessa Beeley’s website. She just did a good interview over at RT by the way.

Who ever did this, it was obviously a massive undertaking and a labor of love. Love for the truth. Kudos to Clarity of Signal for putting this together. You should put it in your Favorites and link any trolls you come across to the collection. That’ll shut em up fast.

Democrats Double Down On LOSING: Elect Corporate Tool DNC Chair (the unDemocratic Party hates progressives)

‘No evidence’ yet of Trump campaign contacts with Russia – House Intel Committee Chair (yeah, no shit)

(Uh? Duh? No shit? We already knew that? This is news? Confirmed here by a news service that isn’t Russian. I wonder how stupid Bernie Sanders feels now? Oh wait, he will feel better when he goes and hangs out at the $600k lake house Killary bought for him. That’ll make him feel smarter.)

from RT

The House Intelligence Committee probe into possible improper contacts between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia has not found any evidence yet, according to the Republican committee chair.

“We still have not seen any evidence” that the Trump campaign communicated with Russia, Rep. Devin Nunes, the House Intelligence Committee chairman, told reporters on Monday.

“As of right now, I don’t have any evidence of any phone calls. It doesn’t mean they don’t exist,” Nunes said.“What I’ve been told by many folks is that there’s nothing there.”..

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