Lifelong Apologist for the Corporate Dems, Cenk Uygur, is At It Again: Justice Democrats are Nothing More Than a Sheepdog Scam

by Scott Creighton

Cenk Uygur is heading up something called the Justice Democrats in an attempt, as they say, to remake the unDemocratic Party and rid it of it’s bought off corporate leadership. The way they plan to do this is to cultivate and promote locally owned “real” progressives and get them to run for office, local or national, and thus move the party back to the “real” progressive left… in time.

Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk and a couple of the Sanders campaign planners have joined up with him and created a platform that is sure to appeal to a number of those Sanders supporters who abandoned the Dems in the wake of Hillary Clinton and her team stealing the nomination from them.

They are enjoying some favorable press from the MSM media outlets like the Washington Post , the Huffington Post , WIRED and Real Clear Politics.

Some real outsiders there, huh?

Uygur did an announcement of this group a couple days ago on the Young Turks. Secular Talk did one as well. I think Jimmy Dore in onboard as well since he’s mentioned it favorably after he recently joined the Young Turks.

Let me say this: this is abject opportunism that will go no where… by design. Cenk is a lifelong apologist for the corporate Dems. That’s a roll he has played consistently from 2011 till Nov. 8, 2016 and I have the videos to prove it. Don’t be suckered in by this. This is Cenk doing his sheepdog trick hoping to make himself a little more accessible to the establishment, not oppose it.

You gotta see through this stuff folks.

Basically, the Justice Democrats have slightly retooled the Bernie Sanders campaign platform, added a few little caveats that will never pass (like changing our entire election system) and are trying to raise money, the Bernie Sanders campaign kind of money, so they can replace a few of the corporate Dems in Washington… with themselves.

Let’s say things go perfectly. They raise a whole bunch of money from desperate people who don’t have representation in the unDemocratic Party anymore and they get… lets say… 50 Justice Dems in the House of Representatives in 2018. Okay? Let’s say 50 and that is one HELL of a lot for them (most likely they could win 10 maybe, but lets just say 50 for the fun of it)

Who are they going to caucus with? They wont be on any committees. The corporate Dems will shun them, the reactionary Rethuglicans will detest them and do everything to embarrass them and get them voted out in two years. Or redistrict them like they did Cynthia McKinney.

So what are they going to do? There are 435 seats in the House and at best they might control 50 of them… in two years. Are they going to pass single payer healthcare by 2020 like that? Are they going to be able to do ANYTHING on that platform list of theirs by then? Of course not.

So we wait for 2022? We run a candidate for the White House from the Democrat side in 2020? Is that the plan?

We did that in 2016. How did that work out?

So what is this?

Money? Yeah. Someone looking to capitalize on the “crisis” that is the mess of the unDemocratic Party these days? Of course.

And who is looking to do that? Kyle Kulinski and Cenk Uygur of course.

Mr. Hero Progressive Uygur is nothing of the sort. On election day he sat around doing a live broadcast and at first he and his “crew” were feeling all tingly because they just knew their candidate was going to win. Their candidate was Hillary Clinton.

Now, he was a Bernie Supporter up until the end, but when push came to shove, he backed her corrupt, criminal enterprize right along with all the establishment globalists and the neocons from the Project for the New American Century.

Sorry, but that doesn’t ring “progressive” to me.

During his live feed you can watch him come to near tears when it becomes clearer and clearer that Trump is winning and going to win. Immediately afterwards they turn all “progressive” again and start bad mouthing Killary. Like rats leaving a sinking ship, it didn’t take him long to regain the will to survive by jumping off the Clinton train and heading back to the fringes of the unDemocratic Party.

Essentially, he wanted to join the winning team until it became obvious she wasn’t winning.

Like a reed blowing in the wind. The direction matters not.

Here’s the real kicker though. I want you to watch Cenk from 2011 talk about the “dictator” Gaddafi and how Obama was “right” to kill all those Libyans to force him out of office and eventually kill him brutally. He was younger then and getting his paycheck from MSNBC, which, by the way, was still owned at that time I believe in part by GE, a military contractor.

The message it would send to the brutal dictators of the world if Obama did nothing is “the way to retain power is by brutally murdering your own people”” Cenk , 2011

Sorry folks. That’s not “progressivism” and it’s not even good journalism since back then it was clear to a lot of folks, myself included, that the whole thing was based on lies and Hillary got the go ahead from her friends in Britain and France and Muammar was killing his own people, but in fact, it was what Cenk called “the rebels” who were actually killing them. “Rebels” who were actually mercenary terrorists hired to force a regime change in the country.

That was years ago, and yes, he was working for MSNBC so some might say he had to toe the line as they say.

Here he is this year talking about Ukraine on his own show where he says “Russia already went into Ukraine” which is a lie. He does this pathetic attempt to propagandize Russia in a segment he put together in Aug. of 2016 when he was actively trying to make sure Killary got into the White House.

Russia did not seize Crimea? Well they got a funny way of showing it since they seized Crimea. ha ha” Cenk Aug 2016

The people of Crimea took part in a referendum after Obama and his administration staged a color revolution coup in the country and imposed a pro-Western leader who would keep them in the EU and at the beggars table of the IMF. They VOTED by a MASSIVE MAJORITY to break away from Ukraine and to rejoin Russia.

The Russia military that everyone says “went into” Crimea is in fact the naval base that has been there for decades. They didn’t “go into” Crimea. They’ve been there. And they didn’t “seize” Crimea, the people VOTED to become Russians once again after our bloody coup in Ukraine.

Cenk knows all of this and he is simply LYING… on behalf of HILLARY CLINTON AND THE CORPORATE DEMS LIKE BARACK OBAMA.

And that wasn’t even 6 months ago.

And now we have folks suggesting we follow this asshole into an “opposition” party WITHIN the unDemocratic Party?

Is that a joke?

They are already positioning a new Bernie campaign to try to KEEP real progressives in the unDemocratic Party for 2018. And THAT ladies and gentlemen is what this sycophant and apologist for Hillary and Obama has done his ENTIRE PROFESSIONAL LIFE.. and is what he is doing right now.

Please don’t fall for this shit. Keep in mind folks, Bernie Sanders, for all his efforts and good ideas, supported all these “humanitarian interventions” during the Obama days and after he was denied his rightful victory by the corporate Dems during the primary, he had an opportunity to jump over to the Green Party and head up that ticket, Jill Stein offered him the presidential nomination with her as VP… he turned them down.

Sanders, had he taken it, would have won in a massive landslide victory and our boy The Donald would be back where he belongs, shaving Vince McMahon’s head at WrestleMania.

So no, I don’t buy Cenk U. as a prophet for the new age of progressivism nor do I wish to invest in a group also run by certain members of Sanders’ former campaign. Because to me it seems like all they are doing is the same thing Sanders did for Killary, or tried to anyway… serve as a sheep dog keeping the flock all nice and warm down on the farm of the unDemocratic Party.

It’s a fraud, it’s a scam. It ain’t going no where.

I’ll tell you what though… Debbie over at the Sane Progressive gets it. Good for her. And good for us. Just goes to show, many of us aren’t as stupid or gullible or desperate as they would like us to believe. And by the way, Fuck Cenk and Jimmy Dore to if he continues to promote this fraud. (gotta go pick up mom. have a good one.)

6 Responses

  1. Never liked Cenk…hes a fucking phoney. I’m disappointed I’d joined them

  2. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you.

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