Trump Killed the TPP? Bullshit

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Cenk Uygur praised Trump for “killing” the TPP Monday. He kept citing a New York Times article during his video.

May 2012

Folks are all a tither about Donald Trump signing an executive order yesterday saying the US is no longer ready to sign the Trans Pacific Partnership (or TPP) with 11 other nations in the Asia Pacific and Mexico. This is supposedly some sign that Trump is going to keep at least some of his campaign promises and stand with the workers of this country.


Nov. 2013

He also signed an order saying he was going to erase “75% of regulations” on U.S. corporations in order to make it more profitable for them to stay here in the states. How do you those will affect the average U.S. worker?

Sept. 2011

But aside from that, the TPP was dead long ago. What Trump is doing is something akin to President Obama “killing bin Laden” and dumping his body at sea before anyone can take a picture of it.

“Have you heard? In an amazing feat of international people power prevailing over multinational corporate power, citizens united around the world have beaten the TPP

It was stopped by thousands of diverse organizations representing working people united across borders — fighting against corporate power and for the environment, health, human rights and democracy. Although it was called a “trade” agreement, the TPP was not mainly about trade. Of TPP’s 30 chapters, only six dealt with traditional trade issues.” Public Citizen

“If you read the headlines, Donald Trump’s election has killed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The headlines have it wrong.

Donald Trump didn’t kill the TPP. Assuming we see the fight through to the bitter end, it’s the cross-border, cross-sector, progressive “movement of movements” that will have defeated the TPP.” Nov. 11th, 2016

Donald Trump was able to campaign on a platform of killing these horrific trade deals and his audiences could only have been able to understand and agree with him because thousands of hard working people have been working to kill the TPP for years. YEARS.

The most important thing to the planners of the TPP during the negotiating process was secrecy. That’s because they knew their fascist plans would be undermined if the people of the 12 nations involved in the deal ever got wind of what it was before it was signed into law. And that is exactly what happened.

But it wasn’t because of Trump any more than the New England Patriots are going to yet another Super Bowl because of me.

It’s not even because of congress who deliberately washed their hands of the damn thing when they gave ObamaGod fast track authority last year so he and he alone could bring about the corporate Nirvana state.

Imagine for a second what would happen if Trump signed the TPP yesterday. Those crowds of millions of protesters from this past weekend would be BACK out there by noon today with one major difference: Trump’s supporters would be with them.

And why is that? Because the common folk know what the TPP really is and is that because of Donald Trump? Hell no.

That’s because so many people did YEARS worth of work exposing the TPP and eventually the word got out.

Trump didn’t do a thing yesterday when signing that executive order other than buy himself a little populist cover which he will use later.

So don’t thank The Donald for killing the TPP, thank an activist or one of the few real journalists who have been covering the fascist “trade” deal for years while Mr. Trump was worrying about his make-up on the set of his staged “reality” TV show.

Find and thank one of those everyday people pictured above. Because by killing TPP they did you a massive service. A much greater service than Trump did for you yesterday by saying he was going to kill 75% of regulations on Big Business here in the states. That’s for damn sure.

5 Responses

  1. wow
    I had forgotten about that….. thanks Scott.
    guess deregulation will improve the quality of our service and products? LOL We will have to be careful what we eat or drink…. maybe buy home grown stuff…
    will new cars fall apart going 30 miles per hour?

  2. “Populist cover”.
    That’s a good one, all right, Scott. I saw it here first! And it’s perfect …

  3. You are right on this one Scott and it is pretty much a litmus test to see who is a useful idiot and not in the transparent alt media block.


    IRIS · · January 24, 2017

    Deep State Corridors: Trump Administration is Overt Reset Button

    Update: The reason why Trump has signed off any further participation in the TPP for the USA is simply because it was dead in the water anyway. there’s nothing unique about his EO.

    The word is spreading now about the real corridor rumors that the entire Trump administration will be actively used to wipe the deep state’s slate clean and to further secure the 2-party system in the USA (that’s what these elections were also about).

    Prior action plans that have failed to produce significant results and measures that have flopped or are entering their incorporated exit phases (TPP e.g.) (eventual construction of “the wall” with funds appropriated since 2001) will politically be translated into both victories and defeats on the account of Donald Trump’s administration – by design.

    The entire press spectrum will serve these occasions to the public as if it were spontaneous developments but in reality the complete course for the Trump administration has already been meticulously scripted during the past months of the presidential election campaigns.

    The deal that actually has been made with Donald Trump personally and that is now raging through the corridors of the incrementalist power structure like a mad wildfire is that Trump gets to significantly market and further monetize the ‘Trump’ brand on the international stage, straight from the White House, in return for free passes for the entire deep state complex.

    Loyalty to the NWO and zionist lobbies, i.e. brutal expansion of the theaters of war in the Middle East, is to be rewarded with very substantial business contracts for Trump inc.


    By the way, did you hear about Dave Hodges wanting the mainstream media to merge with the alt media?

  4. It looks more and more like Trump will play a “Rightbama” role in that his job is to get the more braindead tea partiers and related repub “radicals” on board with the neoliberal/globalist agenda, while separating and stranding the genuine ones on the outside, same as happened to the real left.

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