So What Was the “Woman’s March” Really About? Catharsis

by Scott Creighton

Are you kidding?

Across the country yesterday millions of people got together and marched in solidarity to oppose the new president, Donald Trump, who hadn’t even been their new president for a full day by time they started out on the streets.

Trump had done a few noteworthy things which could have motivated them… but that wasn’t why they were there.

His reactionary cabinet of billionaires and Ayn Rand fanatics should have been enough  to motivate anyone to get out on the streets and demand a recall, I’ll give em that much. But truth be told, after listening to endless hours of “woman on the street” testimony filmed at the rallies, I doubt if half of those attending could name 5 Trump appointees much less explain what the word “reactionary” means.

The two executive orders he signed the day before right after taking office could have motivated them. One deregulated ObamaCare so Big Insurance could make even more money off it while the other will make it harder for poor, working class families to buy homes. But I didn’t hear a single protester list those actions as a reason they were there. And in fact, these marches were planned LONG before The Donald was allowed to sign anything in the Oval Office.

So why were they there? Why were they protesting the actions of a president who hadn’t done a single thing they opposed as of yet (at least not one they were aware of)?

Some say it was more about Hillary Clinton losing the election than anything else. Madonna said in her appearance at one of the marches that “good didn’t win” the election and that is a theme we see over and over again in the reporting on these events.

It’s also extremely weak in terms of a motive considering the history of Hillary’s criminal behavior and corruption.

There were many signs that seemed to suggest at least part of the protesters were there because they felt their identity politician had been cheated out of the election (by the FBI or the Russians or whomever). This is exemplified by Madonna’s statement that “good” didn’t win meaning the Hillary supporters are “good” and the Trump voters are… something else? Identity politics.

Adding to that conclusion is the fact that many of the groups who sponsored the protest are actually financed in part by George Soros who was a huge supporter of Clinton’s candidacy throughout her campaign.

The protest was also a global event, with many nations hosting some sort of “solidarity” marches. Interestingly, the largest of which were held in the 5 Eyes nations, westernized countries who share intelligence on their own citizens with each other. Many of these countries will be facing their own elections soon enough and the threat of populism running amuck may have been enough for their own deep state actors to run some color revolution protest rehearsals.

Frankly I find it hard to believe that some women in Australia were moved to protest because Donald Trump said he could screw anyone he wanted to 12 years ago or because he got into a spat with a “Gold Star” family here in the states. They got their own problems in Australia.

Interestingly, CNN was running with a story this morning about Iranians chanting “death to America” as Trump took office. I found that kind of odd, so I looked it up. No, no “death to America women’s march” in Tehran. CNN is just dusting off the same old Iranian regime change propaganda they’ve been spouting for years.

However, I did find these:

CNN doing Hasbara’s bidding here in the US. At least some things never change.

When I think about the size of the protests here in the states I have to wonder about what really drove folks out in the streets. By all accounts (even on Fox News) the protests were large. Extremely large when you consider they were protesting a president who had been in office a total of 20 hours when they got started.

Some say they were there for Hillary others say it is to support reproductive right while still others say they want a more inclusive country and don’t want walls blocking off Mexicans or Muslims being banned from entering the country. Some were there supporting the LGBT community, some condemning the rise of the US prison state.

This hog-podge of causes could lend support to the notion that the invisible hand of Soros had more to do with the turnout than anything else. Since he has influence on so many activist groups, it makes sense he could push their leadership to mobilize their members to get out on the streets with their own agendas motivating them to do so.

That makes sense.

But I think there is something fundamentally uniting each of these so-called “opposition groups” that goes much deeper than even George Soros’ bottomless pockets of cash for identity politics organizations or the deep state of the CIA and all their influence peddlers they pay to stir up trouble across the globe.

Something deeper than any of that drove that myriad of folks out onto the streets yesterday. Something primal perhaps rooted in their way down deep in their collective DNA.


President Obama was the left-cover president the masters of the universe needed to normalize the Project for a New American Century’s new world order. They needed him to silence the left while they continued the neoliberal economic policies of Bush and Clinton before him and they needed silence from the “moral left” as Obama turned the two wars of his predecessor into 7. They needed complacent complicity from the fawning left as Obama killed thousands of civilians with his drone strikes in countries we have no business being involved in. They needed the left to shut up as Obama refused to prosecute war criminals from the Bush days. They needed them to accept without question his decision to “look forward and not backward” when he refused to prosecute a single bankster for deliberately crippling the US economy back in 2008. They needed him to provide left cover for all the neoliberal reactionary economic policies he quietly imposed on the citizens of this country as his fan base sat on their hands and did nothing for eight, long, years.

That’s what they needed and that is what they got.

Of course, with that comes a certain regret, shame and self-loathing from the fake left which built itself over the years into a kind of silent, unrequited rage in many of them.

Their natural instincts have been repressed for a long time. They see events unfolding that pull them from their moral centers out into the streets to demand satisfaction and yet, they moved not one inch to satisfy the better angels of their nature. And did that simply because… Obama was their man.

Imagine the anguish they carried all that time, unable to even speak of it even among themselves. It must have been something akin to being imprisoned all that time.

I say “imagine what it’s like” because… I don’t know what they are feeling, what they have been feeling all this time. I am a leftist and proud to be one. I still have a soul and a moral center and I (like a few others) have been able to maintain mine throughout the Obama presidency. I held his predecessor accountable back in the Cheney days and I continued to do the same thing during the ObamaGod years. And for that, I received a fair amount of hate-filled diatribes from various sources over the years. But I did it and I’m glad I did.

When asked by a lefty I once knew if “I wanted to be right or did I want to have friends” I made the right choice. Not the easy one, but the right one.

And it certainly wasn’t easy being on the left and reporting on Obama’s behavior over the last 8 years in the way I have, I will tell you that.

But the job comes with a certain perk and that is… I don’t have the slightest clue what these repressed, desperately seeking validation leftists are feeling right now. Not a clue. Because I never abandoned by personal belief system in exchange for the rightness of being on the Obama-train with all the rest.

I never forced the better angels of my nature to sit in the corner and shut up because a Democrat was in office.

And because of that, I didn’t have to get up early yesterday and take a bus or a train to a drizzly damp city sidewalk and stand around with a bunch of manic protesters who didn’t really even have a clue as to why they were there, but they were there just the same and motivated to be there like they have never been motivated in their lives to do anything.

Yesterday was a cathartic act for an entire population forced to exile the best parts of themselves for political expediency. It was inevitable. Bound to happen. Written in stone since the first day of Obama’s left-cover presidency and the fact that they didn’t even wait for the ink to be dry on Trump’s first reactionary executive order makes that crystal clear.

It was group therapy, if you will.

Again, I’m not knocking it. It’s good too see some folks out on the streets protesting something, even if they don’t really know why they are there.

In 2008 I lost friends by telling them we should work to elect McCain because if we don’t, the anti-globalization movement and the anti-war movement were going to be shelved for at least 4 years.

In 2012 I said the same thing about electing Romney.

And in 2016 I wrote that the LAST THING we needed as a country was four more years of left-cover politics keeping the left immobile and further crippling what remained of their moral centers.

So here we are and less than 24 hours after he takes the oath of office, the fake left rushes out into the streets to protest… something… to do with Donald J. Trump.

I argue it could have been anybody. They results would have been the same.

It didn’t matter what he did with his two executive orders the day before or how incredibly unqualified most of his cabinet picks are.

It didn’t even really matter that Hillary Clinton lost the election.

Most leftist understand deep down just how corrupt, criminal and detestable she was as a candidate. Hell, the only reasons most voted for her was she wasn’t Donald Trump and she just happened to have a vagina. And that’s it. My guess is, Carly Fiorina or Condi Rice would have destroyed Hillary Clinton… for the same reasons.

In the wake of the moral torture that was the fake-left presidency of Barack Obama, the “progressives” of the left needed a release in the worst kind of way.

His extended presidency and his continual betrayal of the “CHANGE” he promised the left ate at their souls like an addiction erodes the confidence of the addict. In secret and shrouded by shame.

Like miners released from their confinement after a cave in, the left danced out into the light yesterday reborn and with a new lease on life. And in that sense you have to kind of envy them. The best meal a prisoner ever eats is the first he has upon release. It doesn’t matter what it is.

Yesterday millions of Americans roared out into the street to taste freedom, real freedom, for the first time in eight years. It doesn’t really matter why they were there. It doesn’t matter if Fox News says they didn’t have a shared message. They’re too shallow over there to see what was happening anyway.

If Soros pushed his for-profit “activists” out into the street to suit his needs… if the Five Eyes were running dress rehearsals for color revolution yet to come across the globe… all that is well and good… and most likely in my opinion.

But none of it matters.

I submit to you that it doesn’t really matter why a slave is released from captivity. The important thing is that they are released and that they will find their own way in time.

Let em enjoy the sunlight for a day or two. The sordid business of rebellion can wait.

We’ve waited for eight years to welcome them back. What’s another week in the grand scheme of things?

So welcome back America’s left. As Fletcher Gull might say, tomorrow we begin with level flight.

25 Responses

  1. wow
    your thought process is amazing! what you have said makes so much sense…..
    welcome back lefties!

  2. I am struck by the peacefulness and size of the march. Thank goodness it wasn’t like the hired thug march in parts of DC the day before. They weren’t troublemakers, which makes me feel hopeful.

  3. Great analysis Scott. I really appreciate that you have stuck with your principles throughout the Obama years. Your posts have helped those of us who share your views realize we’re not crazy. You may not get much thanks for it but it’s important work.

  4. I so appreciate your blog Scott, and continue to learn so much and validate that I’m not alone, nor crazy in my beliefs. Great article.

  5. The best analysis I’ve read on the women’s march and very heartfelt I fell like I’ve lost friends over this election more than any other

    • You’ve lost friends over the election? Did you vote for Trump? It’s really obvious why people aren’t going to listen to excuses from a sexual predator con man who has been confirmed as a Russian asset.
      If you don’t see this as a problem you have deeper issues than this election.

  6. I believe a major element of the march’s success was learned ignorance. Not ignorance of their respective causes but of the truth. Several of my relatives and friends marched, all were very sincere, all fearing Trump’s election will end women’s rights to reproductive services, support for gays/etc. My sister yesterday evening commented on how few people were at the inauguration, when I told her the photos she saw were taken early in the day she dismissed me. The MSM has a strong hold and most of the liberal left still believe HC was an OK candidate. Trump has to gain control of the media and he has to hang HC high for her crimes to open these people’s eyes. Can he do that, maybe. But to think the marches show a reawakening of the liberal left is to miss the truth behind the marches, they still believe the MSM, they are pawns, not activists.

    • That’s because you’ve fallen for fringe alt-right woo. If the majority of people reject what you believe are facts, perhaps you need to double check the source of your facts?

    • “Learned Ignorance”… i need to think about that.
      Seems to me that something very very fundamental is changing in the thought processes of human beings. There doesn’t seem to be an anchoring point in reality. How do you explain people willing to believe something so blatantly false. Not just willing but wanting.
      Maybe it’s from a post-christian mindset that we’re finally reaping this culturally suicidal mindset. Not sure how it plays out, but it’s actually terrifying to see insanity masquerading as the appearance of logic and reason.

      • ” How do you explain people willing to believe something so blatantly false. Not just willing but wanting.”

        I agree this is a serious issue. Alt-right propaganda panders to people who want to believe mysterious forces are to blame for their bad fortune, because it’s easier to blame the NWO or Jews, than to do the work of understanding how things work.

        The intelligence that Trump had help getting elected has been confirmed by many credible sources. The intelligence that Russia has been cultivating Trump as an asset for years has also bee confirmed by many sources Yet, people want to dismiss this as fake news produced by the NWO.

        Then they contradict themselves because Trump getting elected is proof there is no NWO controlling everything…otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten elected.

        You’re welcome.

      • I agree, it almost as if they are afraid that if they accept evidence in perceived conflict with an MSM “truth” the rabbit hole will appear and then… I showed some friends maps of Russia surrounded by US/NATO troops/bases and asked who here is really the aggressor, she said it could not be true and was genuinely frightened.

  7. “President Obama was the left-cover president the masters of the universe needed to normalize the Project for a New American Century’s new world order.”

    Sorry you need help, mainly with you critical thinking skills.
    There is no evidence for “masters of the universe”.
    There is no “new world order”.
    This is paranoid alt-right garbage someone put in your head.
    Think hard: remember anyone who tried to convince you of “agents” and “shills” out to get you?” How many of those people are still active in the “cause” they pretended to care so much about?
    All they were doing were recruited people like you to front their alt-right bs so they could claim it was “grass roots”.

    Take trutherism which seems to have gotten you started off. how many of those people screaming about “agents” because “OMG we’re going to war with Iran any day now” are still pushing trutherism?

    Almost zero, right? That’s because they were liars and it was a scam.Cuz if you were really a threat to this nonexistent NWO, this blog would have been pulled a long time ago.

    You’re welcome.

    • lol
      This blog gets a lot of trolls…. like you.
      your comments are so obvious that they are funny!
      thanks for the laugh…..

    • (I am currently working on verifying if this is actually T. Tilton from 9/11 Blogger)

      I think you will find it harder over here to peddle your influence than it is at your site, 9/11 Blogger, Mr. Tilton. Do you guys let that disinfo asset Jon Gold continue to post his LIHOP bullshit on your website?

      Ah, I see you do.

      You want to know what irony is? A guy who helps run a site like 9/11 Blogger defending disinformation from the MSM outlet CNN by calling Trump a “liar”

      What do you care about this Mr. Tilton, as if I need to ask.

      Let me answer your questions for you.

      All you got to go genious is count the damn heads in the CNN photo per blocked off area and you can clearly see there are a LOT more folks in the CNN photo than in the other one. It’s not even close actually. In fact, in two of those sections, there is no one even standing on one side in the propaganda picture while in the CNN photo, you can see that isn’t the case.

      So angle doesn’t matter you disinfo troll.

      One more thing while I am at it. Take a look the history of my website and compare it to that of yours. I promise you, you will find a hundred times more articles explaining what Trump really is compared to yours. In fact, why don’t you link us to ONE SINGLE ARTICLE you have written on the subject. be my guest. I would like to read it.

      Knowing full well what Pres. Trump is, it doesn’t fucking matter if he’s “lying” in your opinion troll. It doesn’t really matter if he’s lying at all because you can see the truth with your own damn eyes can’t you?

      I wonder why you suddenly popped up over here today out of the blue like? I wonder why you are attacking everybody and generally being a troll on this thread.

      Oh wait, you’re a disinfo asset and this article was posted on Reddit’s “conspiracy” page and it started getting some attention.

      I’ll tell you what Mr. Limited Hangout. Why don’t you go on back your website that you deliberately destroyed and hangout with the other influence peddlers like Jon Gold and talk about your LIHOPy shit and leave real journalists alone.

      In other words, stop spamming up my website troll.

      • i imagine you’re right; what are the odds of two idiot trolls both being called t.tilton?
        i’m amazed by the bullshit that pops up out of nowhere after you post certain articles. and it’s always interesting to see which ones the trolls go after — they seem somewhat selective. anyway, i’ll be surprised if we see much of t.tilton after these posts — on to other troll-y things, ya know.

        • he probably trolls the reddit feed and I was on the front page of the conspiracy page for a while before it was voted down so, my guess is he came from there.

    • Now this is good rich arrogant trollery! Here we have our “better” instructing us

      “There is no evidence for “masters of the universe”.
      There is no “new world order”.

      while only a few posts earlier saying

      “It’s really obvious why people aren’t going to listen to excuses from a sexual predator con man who has been confirmed as a Russian asset.”

      Hmmm, smacks of hidden conspiracies and controllers to me. Anyhoo, the UK pedo scandal has kind of settled this issue once and for all. Our troll must not get out of the country much.

      And finally the ultimate in stupid phoning-it-in trollery with this classic BS argument by majority:

      “If the majority of people reject what you believe are facts, perhaps you need to double check the source of your facts?”

      It’s really quite entertaining to see a troll of this “stature” becoming completely unhinged and losing it so publicly and completely.

    • What the fuck are you babbling about? Do you get paid by the word?

    • t.tilton, where are you? scott’s written several articles since your last post & i just don’t know what to think of them without your input. please come back & tell me what to think — please! i know you’ll reassure me re the single bullet killing jfk & the twin towers being brought down by 19 saudis. please assure me again that there is no nwo — i know your meetings with the pope & the queen have informed you far better than anyone on this page.

  8. Thank you for this remarkable insight and empathy for those left-leaning people who suppressed themselves during the Obama years, Scott.

    You prove once again you rock!

  9. There’s one issue that hasn’t been mentioned yet that probably drove many of these people onto the streets. That’s religious fervor.

    What religion am I referring to? The religion of Man-made Global Warming, AGW. I bet more than 95% of those fake-left protestors are fervent supporters of this religion. If ever there was a case of “learned ignorance” (= brainwashing), then AGW would be it.

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