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  1. It’s not fake if it’s true,bro.

    • (I am currently working on verifying if this is actually T. Tilton from 9/11 Blogger)

      I think you will find it harder over here to peddle your influence than it is at your site, 9/11 Blogger, Mr. Tilton. Do you guys let that disinfo asset Jon Gold continue to post his LIHOP bullshit on your website?

      Ah, I see you do.


      You want to know what irony is? A guy who helps run a site like 9/11 Blogger defending disinformation from the MSM outlet CNN by calling Trump a “liar”

      What do you care about this Mr. Tilton, as if I need to ask.

      Let me answer your questions for you.

      All you got to go genious is count the damn heads in the CNN photo per blocked off area and you can clearly see there are a LOT more folks in the CNN photo than in the other one. It’s not even close actually. In fact, in two of those sections, there is no one even standing on one side in the propaganda picture while in the CNN photo, you can see that isn’t the case.

      So angle doesn’t matter you disinfo troll.

      One more thing while I am at it. Take a look the history of my website and compare it to that of yours. I promise you, you will find a hundred times more articles explaining what Trump really is compared to yours. In fact, why don’t you link us to ONE SINGLE ARTICLE you have written on the subject. be my guest. I would like to read it.

      Knowing full well what Pres. Trump is, it doesn’t fucking matter if he’s “lying” in your opinion troll. It doesn’t really matter if he’s lying at all because you can see the truth with your own damn eyes can’t you?

      I wonder why you suddenly popped up over here today out of the blue like? I wonder why you are attacking everybody and generally being a troll on this thread.

      Oh wait, you’re a disinfo asset and this article was posted on Reddit’s “conspiracy” page and it started getting some attention.

      I’ll tell you what Mr. Limited Hangout. Why don’t you go on back your website that you deliberately destroyed and hangout with the other influence peddlers like Jon Gold and talk about your LIHOPy shit and leave real journalists alone.

      In other words, stop spamming up my website troll.

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