About that AttendanceGate Conspiracy: Trump Is Right This Time

by Scott Creighton

Let me first start off by saying a president has more important things to worry about than turnout at his rallies or the attendance of his inauguration. But what do you expect from a guy who spent the last 12 years looking for validation through Nielsen ratings? He’s a carnival barker. Ticket sales are his life.

I heard a little about the AttendanceGate conspiracy yesterday evening when I accidentally turned on CNN for a minute. They showed the New York Times comparison photos of Trump’s inauguration on Friday verses one from Obama’s 2009 event. They frothed with pretend outrage over the fact that he dared bring it up while standing in front of the wall of stars at CIA headquarters.

Notice they didn’t use his 2012 pics? Not by accident.


They went on to provide “evidence” that Trump’s event was poorly attended and chastised Trump’s Press Secretary for coming out before the pompous press and scolding them for under-reporting The Donald’s box-office draw appeal.

It was too silly for words so I ignored it… til now.

Turns out the Times photo comparison isn’t totally dishonest. The photos were from the various inaugurations they claim to represent. Just at different times.

If you go to CNN’s Gigapixel 360 deg photo of the inauguration taken at the moment Trump started his inaugural address and you pan around to the crowd, then zoom in a bit… you see a very different turnout than the one presented in the photo above and it’s quite sad that CNN decided to jump on the Trump-bashing bandwagon on this one because the proof of the deception is right there on CNN’s own website… so it’s not like they would have had to work very hard to find it.

This guy took a screenshot but I suggest you follow the link to CNN’s own photo and judge for yourself.

click on image for larger view

The photographic evidence does make it clear that more attended Obama’s first inauguration than showed up for Trump’s. He was a lot more popular at the time and especially with the kinds of folks who could afford to take time off from work and travel to D.C. to attend. Lots of Trump’s supporters aren’t in a position to do that just now and that is in part thanks to former president Obama himself and the people he really works for.

But it makes you wonder why such a sophomoric trick like this was pulled in the first place.

Probably because they knew it would get under his skin a lot sooner than the truth of the matter would get to the people. They were counting on his reaction to be juvenile and self-absorbed and for the most part, that’s exactly what they got.

Needling. Baiting. Antagonizing. Like a pack of ants biting a grasshopper. This is the role of the press these days I suppose.

Its quite a dramatic turn from the role they took on during the Obama days when they served as his apologists while they loyally regurgitated for our consumption whatever ridiculous propaganda the White House was serving that day.

This latest stunt from the “free press” is pathetic and at least as embarrassing as Trump’s Press Secretary’s statement yesterday. Honestly, it’s like watching 6th graders squabbling in the lunchroom over which Pokemon characters are the most powerful. None of these people belong in the professions they ended up in but sycophancy has its rewards now doesn’t it?

But if you are one to be keeping score, truth is, the press was being deceptive with their comparison photos of the two events.

Trump, in his childish, self-absorbed, pouting little way, was right on this one.

Still, he should have been big enough to let it go. But he was right. For what that’s worth.

7 Responses

  1. Trump took a lot of ‘rude and untrue’ remarks from Hillliary’s campaign staff during the campaign. He never did stoop as low as she did. He deserves to have this one corrected. good find, Scott.

  2. And if he let it go what message would that send to the MSM; that they will be able to slip lies into the public discourse without always being caught out? He did the right thing to call them out and by doing so he fired up his supporters to find evidence to support him, which they did. Twitter is full of photos supporting him.
    Think of it as if the lies were wife beating, if you allow it to happen even one time you signal that once in a while it is ok. It is not ok ever, he is sending the same message.
    Keep in mind he has 13 million followers, if he fails to keep his promises to them they will eat him alive and the MSM will report on every bite, he knows that. I think he will do better than you expect, wait and see.

  3. Dude, the CNN one you use as “proof” is at a lower angle AND YOU CAN STILL SEE THE EMPTY WHITE SPACES.
    Like are you brainwashed or something? Trump is a liar.

    • (I am currently working on verifying if this is actually T. Tilton from 9/11 Blogger)

      I think you will find it harder over here to peddle your influence than it is at your site, 9/11 Blogger, Mr. Tilton. Do you guys let that disinfo asset Jon Gold continue to post his LIHOP bullshit on your website?

      Ah, I see you do.


      You want to know what irony is? A guy who helps run a site like 9/11 Blogger defending disinformation from the MSM outlet CNN by calling Trump a “liar”

      What do you care about this Mr. Tilton, as if I need to ask.

      Let me answer your questions for you.

      All you got to go genious is count the damn heads in the CNN photo per blocked off area and you can clearly see there are a LOT more folks in the CNN photo than in the other one. It’s not even close actually. In fact, in two of those sections, there is no one even standing on one side in the propaganda picture while in the CNN photo, you can see that isn’t the case.

      So angle doesn’t matter you disinfo troll.

      One more thing while I am at it. Take a look the history of my website and compare it to that of yours. I promise you, you will find a hundred times more articles explaining what Trump really is compared to yours. In fact, why don’t you link us to ONE SINGLE ARTICLE you have written on the subject. be my guest. I would like to read it.

      Knowing full well what Pres. Trump is, it doesn’t fucking matter if he’s “lying” in your opinion troll. It doesn’t really matter if he’s lying at all because you can see the truth with your own damn eyes can’t you?

      I wonder why you suddenly popped up over here today out of the blue like? I wonder why you are attacking everybody and generally being a troll on this thread.

      Oh wait, you’re a disinfo asset and this article was posted on Reddit’s “conspiracy” page and it started getting some attention.

      I’ll tell you what Mr. Limited Hangout. Why don’t you go on back your website that you deliberately destroyed and hangout with the other influence peddlers like Jon Gold and talk about your LIHOPy shit and leave real journalists alone.

      In other words, stop spamming up my website troll.

  4. Isn’t it about time the Nobel Prize Committee gave Trump a Peace Prize too, just to be fair? Every US President should have one as he starts his first term.

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