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  1. I think we can agree DeVos is unqualified as are most appointees but these asshats, especially Warren, are such hypocritical blowhards…eff em all…

    I wish I cared more about this recent episode of comedy central…but meh…

    abolish the department, along with about 75% of the others and be done with it…what a waste of time & expenditure…

    the clowns in this circus are no longer entertaining, it’s just plain sad…

    maybe take a cue from Ringling and fold up your tent…been a nice run but the show is over…

    • they’re all corrupt as shit. What is sad is the level of corruption DeVos threatens to attain makes Warren look progressive by comparison. Say what you will about Pocahontas, she hasn’t sold off much of the government to Big Business as of late… just SOLD OUT to ’em, which I admit seems like splitting hairs, but there is a difference.

      • I’m surprised Trump picked (or did he do the picking?) someone whose net worth ‘trumps’ what he claims he has. She is a glaring example of “pay to play.” I thought that was supposed to be a bad thing when others do it. The Michigan legislature seems to fear the DeVoses. Sounds like they put out a thin veneer of faux niceness, but don’t dare cross them.

        • It’s even worse. At least one GOP member there has admitted to his family he votes the way he’s paid to vote, not the way he thinks is right. Having once met this person and his family, I believe his family no matter how much he may deny it publicly. The DeVos family and their ilk would seem to be at least one of his paymasters.

        • It wasn’t his choice. She gave his campaign something 9 million bucks but her family have ponied up about 200 million to the republicans over the years so they told him it was time to show the family a little love with this appointment. Not to mention the fact that her brother literally runs and owns his own private mercenary army doesn’t hurt either I suppose.

  2. No, no, no, you’re being too hard on the billionaire DeVos. She’s trying, but must be stressed out, since a billion just ain’t what it used to be!

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