The Trumpening: Trump prepares to slash federal budget by $10.5 trillion over next decade

(Meanwhile the fake Dems are focused entirely on whether or not Donald Trump was mean to “hero” John Lewis and the threat posed by the Red Menace of Vladamir Putin. Brilliant isn’t it?)

by Niles Niemuth from the WSWS

The Trump transition team is developing a federal budget based on a blueprint drawn up by the right-wing Heritage Foundation that will slash $10.5 trillion from government spending over the next decade, according to a report Thursday in the Hill.

The main budget priorities of the Trump administration are to be published within 45 days of the inauguration and the full budget proposal is expected sometime in April.

According to the Hill, the Trump administration’s budget proposal is being drawn up by Russ Vought and John Gray, former Heritage Foundation employees and one-time aides to Vice President Mike Pence. Vought was also the executive direction of the Republican Study Group, which has proposed similar cuts in recent years, while Gray served as an aide to Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan when he led the House Budget Committee.

The implementation of the reported budget cuts would mark a massive escalation in the social counterrevolution and attack on the living standards of the working class carried out by the Democrats and the Obama administration over the last eight years.

Among the “dramatic” reductions that are being prepared are significant cuts to funding for the Commerce Department and the Department of Energy, with programs currently under their jurisdiction either eliminated entirely or transferred to other departments (Morning Joe was talking about transferring part of the Department of Energy to Defense just yesterday morning).

Other federal departments that will reportedly be significantly impacted by cuts and program elimination include the Department of Transportation, Justice Department and State Department.

Under the Heritage Foundation plan, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which oversees the operations of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and National Public Radio (NPR), would be entirely privatized. While the CPB still relies on the federal government for a portion of its funding, it has increasingly relied on donations from large corporate sponsors and from the wealthy.

The Heritage Foundation’s budget blueprint is a litany of attacks on benefits and social programs which benefit the poor, as well as an assault on scientific research.

Under the guise of “reducing fraud,” the foundation calls for new restrictions on the Earned Income Tax Credit, which benefits millions of single mothers and low-wage workers. Other reactionary measures under consideration are new work requirements for adult Food Stamp recipients and eliminating Social Security payments for disabled children

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14 Responses

  1. big surprise.
    DePopulation is The Agenda.
    us ” use-less eaters ” have got to go.

    BUT LET’S REALLY GO/git outta here!
    Massive boat-Lift to a courageous nearby island of decent people & govt–bring a bill-yun worth of Agroecology/solar water wind/ equipment tools. Cuba become a shining model of true society/economy. ( preventing the corporate invasion there !)


  2. Despite Trump being a neoliberal, the inveighing against him has become so ubiquitous (and often so absurd) that I ignore most of it while I wait to see what Trump actually does.

    I have no optimism regarding Trump (on the contrary), but on the other hand, so many people are shouting “The end is near!” that I now focus on what happens, not on what people think might happen, or could happen, or should happen.

    Regarding the privatization of PBS, this would be no loss. PBS would simply lose its fake leftist veneer, making its bullshit undeniable.

    PBS has been a neoliberal propaganda tool since the early 1990s. Its purpose is to fill the heads of “sophisticated” progressives with the same neoliberal lies as are spread by the regular corporate media outlets. Lies such as, “The U.S. government can’t spend money it doesn’t have, or “Social Security is insolvent.”

  3. the cartoon called trumf is the same as the whiggah/ cliton one.
    Rulers put the words on the screen to read.
    “wait to see what it does…” LOL
    The Central Intell Program is Death

  4. Trump pledged innumerable times not to touch ss, medicare and medicaid. If he goes back on that pledge he will set off a firestorm of discontent among his voter base so I think those programs will continue as they are. If he goes forward with his building programs he will create quite a number of good paying jobs and if he builds the wall, ships out criminal illegals and ups the staffing for border patrol he will create jobs, reduce crime and cut into drug trafficking. Will he implement these programs? I think he will and that is a lot more thank we have gotten from the last few figures in his job. Wait and see what he does before you hang him out to dry.

    • “Wait and see what he does before you hang him out to dry.”

      You know. they told me the exact same thing about what I was saying about Obama back in late 2008 early 2009. do you really think a man who made his billions as a developer is going to round up all the cheap labor and ship them to Mexico? really?

  5. I feel we need to wait and see what he does.
    A country full of angry people would not be good for the establishment.
    and it may come to that.

    • do you not remember Occupy Wall Street? there were literally tons of angry people everywhere you looked. How bad for the establishment was that. And don’t forget, they PLANNED for the demolition of the economy… they did it SO THAT President “CHANGE” would be ushered into office without a peep of opposition from real leftists who knew right off the bat what he was and who he really represented.

      Do you think for a minute they would let a real populist run this country? Where is Bernie Sanders? Cynthia McKinney? Dennis Kucinich? Where are they now? What? You think the power of the Trump mob was too much for the masters of the universe to handle? Really?

      What happened to JFK when he leaned too far to the left? Or his brother for that matter when he simply threatened to win the White House? How about MLK when he decided to put his full attention on the poor in this country as opposed to civil rights? Where did that leave him?

      Trump is a soulless silver-spooner who is now surrounding himself with neoliberal Zealots, greedy billionaires and retired generals. He’s a showman with a billion-dollar family business to worry about. He will be no better than Obama and quite frankly, I expect him to be worse in many ways than Hillary even. Hopefully folks will stop making excuses for him long before the left stopped apologizing for Obama (which never really happened actually)

      But you believe what you want for as long as you can. I don’t give it 100 days before the bloom is off this populist rose.

      • For quite some time, it has seemed to me that everywhere but the US is ready to explode and eradicate this neoliberal disease because most people on this planet have made it clear that they are absolutely sick of it.

        But unfortunately for them, America is the core of the machine. Any progress they made is always overturned because of the US military and economic might (just ask Egypt, for example). That’s why Americans have to be left as powerless as possible at all times.

      • It took less than one day to produce an executive order to scale back parts of the Affordable Care Act. No idea at this point whether this is negative, positive or meaningless.

      • I’m with you Scott. This is shaping up to be much worse. People whining about how the whole media and establishment are against him, so that means he’s not an insider never sat well with me. It seemed to drive a lot of angry, disaffected people right into his arms.

        And while many on the left-lite are calling him a puppet for Putin, it seems like he’s going to be a good little wind-up toy for the venal scum like McConnell and Ryan. If he doesn’t, then they have creepy Pence to fall back on.

    • It would be great if it did, wouldn’t it, Jan?

      But I’m really not too sure either way. In addition to what Scott said, so much of the worst shit around here is constantly being normalized. And I’m worried that people will continually miss the root of the issues because they are too busy blaming Trump for everything. The masters of the universe have found an immensely useful hate magnet. He gets all the blame while they are free to do whatever they wish.

      Any way you look at, things are going to get even uglier. Makes me want to watch Snowpiercer again 😦

      • You may be very perceptive.

      • Hello Greenmon
        yes it would be the event of the century.
        And Scott is right………. even if Trump did have good intentions during his campaign, the puppet master has given him orders.
        I don’t think Trump even wanted to be President….. he got involved and couldn’t get out

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