FSA Terrorist and Kurdish Apologist Hang Out With Zionist in Israel: Terrorist Says Palestinians “living in paradise” and Wants Israel to Push Trump to War

by Scott Creighton

Issam Zeitoun (FSA terrorist), Sirwan Kajjo (Syrian land-grabbing Kurd) and Ksenia Svetlova (Zionist Union)

Issam Zeitoun (FSA terrorist), Sirwan Kajjo (Syrian land-grabbing Kurd) and Ksenia Svetlova (Zionist Union)

This past Tuesday at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a spokesman for FSA terrorists, Issam Zeitoun, attended yet another conference in Israel. He attended 3 last year in the course of a month trying to bolster support of the ultra-Zionist Likudniks in Tel Aviv. What he wants is a “safe zone” in southern Syria for his terrorist friends to be able to launch their terrorist attacks without fear of being attacked by the Syrian government.

Zeitoun was joined by a Kurdish propaganda expert, Sirwan Kajjo, who now lives in Washington (of course) and who works for Voice of America, the US military propaganda outlet. Hailing from Syria, Kajjo is a big proponent of the Greater Kurdistan project and claims he comes from “Western Kurdistan” or “Rojava”, not Syria. In this article he laments the fact that the vicious infighting among the various Kurdish terror factions are causing great harm to their ultimate goal (of ethnically cleansing parts of Syria and Turkey so they can bust off a piece for themselves to rule)

Also at the meeting was Zionist Union member Ksenia Svetlova. She serves as chair of Lobby for Strengthening Relations between the State of Israel and the Kurdish people. Though the Zionist Union appears on the surface to be a sort of “progressive center left” party trying to push for a negotiated peace with Palestine, it’s headed by Tzipi Livni and Isaac Herzog . We all know Tzipi Livni’s roll as state apologist and Foreign Minister during Operation Cast Lead (she was formerly a Likud party member until that name became a detriment to her political brand) and Isaac’s opposition to the Iran nuclear deal saying it would be a disaster for Israel. This is what passes for “center left” in Israel these days.

Ironically, the meeting of Zionists, terrorists and Kurdish thugs took place as the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace at the university.

Zeitoun was protested at the meeting by Palestinians who thought it was shameful for a Syrian Muslim to be so sycophantic to the current Israeli government. Issam responded in his usual way by telling them “You are living in a paradise compared to Syria,”

This is his standard reply to such charges. He often diminishes the suffering of the Palestinian people while making up lies about the suffering of the Syrian people at the hands of Bashar al-Assad.

Back in Aug. of 2016 Zeitoun said the same thing in an interview with something called Breitbart Jerusalem (as if we needed any more evidence that Breitbart is nothing more than a hasbara outlet)

Palestinians don’t even realize they live in paradise,” Zeitoun said. “Even Gaza is better than Syria ever was. We would love to have an enemy like Israel. Instead, the regime is raping girls in front of their parents or slaughtering children in front of their parents or killing with chemical weapons.”

On the other end of the spectrum, Zeitoun commented, in its wars against Hamas in Gaza, “Israel gives humanitarian ceasefires every day and sends in trucks with humanitarian aid.”…

Obama is responsible for killing one million people in Syria and Iraq. Doing nothing is a dangerous policy,” said Zeitoun. “When you see someone raping a little girl and you do nothing, you are helping the rapist.” Brietbart Jerusalem Aug. 12, 2016

Clearly Israel has yet to give up on their Greater Kurdistan project. It’s suffered major set backs as of late but the zealots are still determined to bust off a piece of Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran to form a major Middle East power player on behalf of US, British and Israeli “national interests”

Zeitoun is reported to be the “go-to” expert on all things Syria for Israeli media outlets. With lies like those he spouted for Breitbart Hasbara, you can understand why.

Well, lies and sort of half-truths. Obama is responsible for the decimation that has occurred in Syria… only its because he sent in Takfari and Salafist thugs under cover of the Free Syrian Army (“ISIS” and al-Qaeda (a.k.a. “al Nusra”)), not because he didn’t bomb the legitimate government of the country into the stone ages like he let Hillary Clinton do in Libya.

No folks, the Greater Kurdistan project is still rolling along as the neocons and the Zionists still want Assad regime changed and Erdogan to head out the door in Turkey right along with him. You can understand why when you take a look at recent statements coming from both leaders:

“They want to found a new state in northern Syria,” Erdogan said. “Let this be known; we will not allow the creation of such a state.”… Turkey’s leaders have previously called Rojava a “terror corridor.” Dec. 24, 2016

“Our mission, according to the constitution and laws, is to liberate every inch of the Syrian territory,” SANA quoted the president as telling several French reporters Sunday. “This is, undoubtedly, not a subject for debate,” Assad said. Jan. 9, 2017

With his Zionist son-in-law serving as his top advisor, Donald Trump is lining his cabinet with Israel apologists and sympathizers. His choice to server as ambassador to Israel wants to put the new U.S. embassy in East Jerusalem, which is currently considered Palestine by international law.

Trump said the right things about U.S. adventurism in the Middle East and even suggested we leave Syria the heck alone. But he also said he wanted to keep hands off Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as he now hires reactionary CEO-thugs in various Secretary positions who advocate privatization of everything including those “entitlement” programs Trump promised to leave alone (not a coincidence that Trump was the ONLY republican candidate too say such things and he won BECAUSE of that, not in spite of it)

The Zionist land-grabbers in Israel with their eyes on chunks of Palestine and Syria (Golan Heights for example) meeting with FSA terrorists and Kurdish land-grabbers this week implies someone over there understands what few here in the States do and that is The Donald promises to be a boon for All Things Israel. You can’t blame The Donald. He is crippled by his unwillingness to separate himself from his brand and his businesses which makes it a very simple thing for the Zionists with their extensive influence across the globe to pressure him into doing their bidding.

The FSA terrorist’s spokesman, Zeitoun, made it clear he was heading over to Israel these past few times in order to get them to put pressure on the Americans and the Russians to get this land-grabbing party started.

For those of you who were thinking the regime change demolition of Syria was over… it ain’t over. I wonder how many times the idea of big false flag attacks were brought up in that meeting between those three behind closed doors.

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  1. People must get paid BIG money to lie, cheat, LIE some more, cheer lead for wars, act blind when they see the mayhem and cuddle up next to their state sponsors of terrorism.

    Where’s the escape hatch, I want out.

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