Eclipseus Unbound (the movie?)

by Scott Creighton

All hail Hypnotoad the Merciful!

Praise him… PRAISE HIM!!! do it now

As some of you know, about two and a half years ago I started writing a little series called Eclipseus Bound. It’s about being poor and disabled and trying to keep my little ’91 Mitsubishi Eclipse on the road, which is no small feat.

I have done two head gasket jobs on it since then along with a shaved head, new timing belts, new water pump, new distributor, a new valve cover gasket and a new fuel pump which I had to have someone else do since I didn’t want to mess that much with stuff that might go “boom”

And in the end, the little green monster sat there for four months as I tried not to look at it when I went outside or came back in. It was depressing.

A couple days ago I got sick of giving up on it and decided I would tinker with it until I could at least figure out what the problem was, even if I couldn’t afford to fix it.

There’s a life lesson in here someplace.

Thanks to Steve across the street for his help and for Jan10 who dropped herself into the driver’s seat, huddled from the sun under a piece of cardboard and did her best to start the thing when I grumpily gave her the signal.

(For the record, the video was shaky and so I let Youtube “fix it” and they did but when they did, the caption is now shaky while the rest is just fine. Sorry bout that.)

It’s been a long hard road to this point. And in the end, it was an accident that fixed it. Steve wanted me to turn the fan off so he could try to figure out where that shorting out sound was coming from so I pulled the paper clip out of the fan connection to the temp sensor and suddenly the shorting out sound was gone and the car cranked up on the very next try.

“Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good” is my mantra.

Don’t mention the hair. Let us never speak about the hair…

If you want to read the first installment of the Eclipseus story, check it out here. The whole saga can be found here.

3 Responses

  1. “Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good” is a great mantra. That’s how it goes, sometimes. The best thing for the garden is the footsteps of the gardener.

    I kept my ’86 Mitsubishi/Dodge Colt/Mirage going far longer than anyone else would have. It had a habit of stalling on the freeway on a gentle upgrade. I never did understand why, but I found that if I took the air cleaner off and put it back on, the car would start right up and I’d have no problem until a year or so later when it would stall again.

  2. Ordinarily in this context a “shaved head ” is concerning the removal of a small amount of metal in order to insure a proper fit between the block of the engine and the head which contains the valves but perhaps “block head” is referring to something else entirely. ( Tonge firmly planted in cheek) Well done! Perseverance always wins if you have the time!

  3. I had a similar experience when I used hot melt glue to plug a vacuum port on my Belvedere. I drove it without incident until the summer came, it got hot, and the glue melted. Luckily I had a friend who found the problem in about 30 seconds. I never would’ve figured it out. Now most of the rudimentary automotive skills I learned on that thing are useless.

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