Dear Self-Proclaimed “Progressives”: as Apologists for the Neocon-Neoliberal Empire, You Are as Evil as the Empire You’ve Enabled

by Charles Hugh Smith, from Of Two Minds

Dear Self-Proclaimed “Progressive”: I love you, man, but it has become necessary to intervene in your self-destruction. Your ideological blinders and apologies for the Establishment’s Neocon-Neoliberal Empire are not just destroying your credibility, they’re destroying the nation and everywhere the Empire intervenes.

While you squandered your political capital defending zero-cost causes like “safe spaces on college campuses,” the Empire was busy killing, maiming and making refugees of women and children in Syria. President Obama and his Neocon crew (former Secretary Hillary Clinton included) aren’t fools; they rely on drones and proxy armies to do their dirty work.

Neoliberalism is the Establishment’s core ideology, and by supporting Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, you furthered, defended and rationalized the Empire’s neoliberal expansion and exploitation. Neoliberalism’s Big Lie is transforming everything into a market makes everyone richer.

The dirty little secret of Neoliberalism is that the markets it creates are rigged in favor of Elitist cronies. If you can set aside your “progressive” blinders for a moment (Bill and Barack could do no wrong for 16 long years of neoliberal exploitation), you might learn that the Presidents and party you supported ushered in the era of neoliberal pillage as public-private partnerships, Philanthro-Capitalism, and rigged markets that enriched the elitist Establishment you defend at the expense of the bottom 95% non-elites.

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2 Responses

  1. what a perfect analysis by another great thinking every-man
    Charles Hugh Smith !
    Face up to it Folks…the Killers–Kapital cia pentagon Financial-ism etc
    and we the sheeple are Deadly & Doomed.
    The Sooner, the Better from a Gaia perspective.
    Just too much of us malignant parasites spewing toxic gases / weaponry/ enslavement…VOTE FOR EXTINCTION.
    mebbe the “elite” DePopulation agenda is Right on Track.

    The Sept Eleven monsters may be preparing a false-flag massacre
    Jan 20. Pretext for policestate/military Lockdown.
    That is the trumf brand after all.
    I’m going anyway

  2. Well said by CHM. But will he take a similar prescription with his fellow ‘Libertarians’ and the like on the freedom loving right?

    They’re as bad as each other.

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