Jerusalem Truck Attack: Right On Time, “ISIS” Helps Transform Israel from Perps to Victims (truck attack video)

by Scott Creighton

Perfect timing for Israel, right?

… and along comes this man from East Jerusalem (of course) to perpetrate a copycat truck attack on a crowd of Israeli soldiers who seem to be standing around waiting to file onto a bus… for no apparent reason (why were they kept from boarding the bus?)… instantly transforming Israel from perpetrator to victim.

Four Israeli soldiers were reportedly killed (martyred?) including 3 new recruits. Two of those killed had U.S. ties reportedly.

All that and Bibi says “Oh look! It’s “ISIS”!”


The assailant was killed at the scene and the Israeli government has refused to hand his body over to his family for burial. Maybe they don’t want an autopsy done by someone trying to figure out if he was actually killed before the attack.

The Israeli government has also arrested the family of the man. I suppose they don’t want them talking to the press about him. Not only that, but they ordered his family home to be destroyed, thus erasing any other evidence that might be present.

“Israeli media said his Security Cabinet decided to destroy the attacker’s home and withhold the release of his body… She said police had arrested the attacker’s parents, wife and two brothers.” New York Times

The assailant is reportedly Salafist which led Bibi to claim the attack was “inspired by “ISIS””

“Relatives and neighbors said Qunbar, a father of four, espoused an ultra-conservative version of Islam, known as Salafism, and had no known ties to militant groups” New York Times

Salafism is the far-right, neoliberal version of Islam who basically hate the socialist aspect of the religion and serve as our hired terrorists in various regime change projects across the Middle East and Africa.

For some unknown reason ( ಠ_ಠ  ) “ISIS” doesn’t seem interested in attacking Israel, supposedly the main target of Arab anger in the Middle East. Go figure.


Of course…. the bus was parked directly in front of a security camera. The bus all those Israeli soldiers were standing next to as if they had been told to wait there… for something. The Israeli government released the video to the public immediately.

The timing of this couldn’t be more suspect. The fact that Israel has been PROVEN to have been providing AID AND COMFORT to “ISIS” and that the mercenary regime change contractors essentially WORK FOR ISRAEL is also something that cannot be ignored. Couple that with their arresting his family members and destroying his family home to cover any tracks and one has to wonder if someone in the deep state of Israel didn’t arrange that particular “educational trip” to the border of East Jerusalem, order them to hang around next to the bus on the side of the road and then send one of their Syrian destabilization contractors over to pay em a little visit.

Is it possible? yes. Is it likely? Well, someone sent the USS Liberty into dangerous waters to meet up with some Israeli jets painted black one day, so I guess just about anything is possible when it comes to desperate deep state actors, is it not?

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10 Responses

  1. This looks like a fake film. Can you Photoshop a moving film? It looks phony to me.

    • could be CGI. yeah, one of the fake ISIS videos, the burning man in cage video, featured CGI flames on an actor. So yeah, could be. Or it could be they sent a contractor over and sacrificed a couple soldiers for the greater good. hard too say with that video. looks pretty real to me. but it could be fabricated.

    • The Moving Picture Company reportedly did the CGI for the crowd scenes in the Charlie Hebdo hoax, so it could well be CGI. If so, expect a lot more of this.

  2. Regardless of whether it’s fake or real footage, I don’t expect this to be a morale booster for the IDF or its’ prospective recruits. For those guys to be set up like bowling pins without any apparent security, doesn’t make their leadership look very good.

  3. Absolute fake !!!!

  4. All that and Bibi says “Oh look! It’s “ISIS”!”

    Did he post a Facebook or Instagram photo with him and the ISIS finger sign? Thats how you know.

    Its not even a good fake. The truck plows right through a pole and the sign on top of the pole doesn’t even move.

    I’ve said it before, these videos are easily debunked. Just download and look frame by frame on quicktime. Just like that stupid video of ISIS Finger guy in FLL. He gets a quick shave in the middle of the shooting spree and the security camera automatically pixelates the supposed shooting victim in the lower left of the frame towards the end of the clip.

    I don’t know maybe the guys who run Gladio ops have hired ISIS freedom fighters for their operations. Yeah, thats it.

    Scott. Do me and you both a favor. Download the video and watch frame by frame on quicktime. And if you still think its real, or even possibly real, I will leave you alone and never post another comment on your blog.

    • curious. does it really matter one way or the other to you if it was fabricated or real? If it was real it was certainly not “ISIS” who ordered it or facilitated it and it certainly wasn’t timed to help “ISIS” in anyway as it seems custom made to help the Israeli propaganda industry and even Bibi himself… so by demanding that it was staged (like some of these events of the past… but not ALL of them) … who benefits from that? just curious.

  5. Not at all real. And yes, very convenient timing. They really don’t have any new tricks. So pathetic, yet the masses will consume it as fact. Their teevee declares it real and that’s enough proof for most.

  6. If and that’s a BIG if, it was an ISISI thug, maybe it was one of the wounded ISIS terrorists that Israel gave medical care to in one of those IDF Golan Heights field hospitals set up to treat wounded ISIS terrorists that had been wounded while doing their job of killing and terrorizing Syrian civilians.

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