CNN Guest Suggests Your Constitutional Rights are a Threat to National Security and Should be Done Away With If You Make “wild statements”

by Scott Creighton

Just think for a minute about how scary that title is.

I have often written that the point of the American Gladio project that has been taking place here in the U.S. since the Aurora shooting is not about grabbing everyone’s guns but rather giving the establishment the ability to nullify anyone’s right to due process based on arbitrary decisions made in the back rooms of various law enforcement agencies. And with that determination, erase all of your constitutional rights as well.

Yes, they want to get certain types of weapons off the streets so to speak (what they call “assault” weapons and riot shotguns for instance) but they don’t wish to completely repeal the 2nd amendment to the constitution. Not for everyone at least.

Here we are in the last days of the Obama administration and we have our last (hopefully) example of an American Gladio mass casualty event, one which seems tailor made to fulfill their overall agenda.

The story of Esteban Santiago, as I wrote yesterday, fits their needs to a tee. It’s perfect in every way.

  1. A former military service member “goes crazy” after returning from combat duty
  2. he recites some “conspiracy theory” material to the FBI (according to them, no recording of interview mind you)
  3. he is therefore detained and handed over to the local police for evaluation (for saying things about the CIA and “ISIS”?)
  4. the gun he owns is confiscated (because he conveniently brought it with him to the FBI office… along with his newborn child ಠ_ಠ  )
  5. he is evaluated and released after only 4 days in psychiatric care
  6. his firearm is returned to him because “its the law” (same gun of course that he used later)
  7. month later he books a flight to Florida (no idea WHY he chose Florida) and sets out to shoot a bunch of people and then lay down on the ground peacefully so he could be arrested and handed BACK to the FBI where he “confesses” (again, no interview recordings allowed by FBI… so we have to take their word for that)
  8. so far there is no known motive for his actions (however we now know Florida has a bill coming to the state congress about allowing civilians to carry weapons in airports so that’s one hell of a coincidence isn’t it?)

I wrote that the story should shape up this way:

  1. They will argue that the due process needed to strip a citizen of his/her rights is what ultimately caused this event because of the time it takes to have a medical professional evaluate and determine the suspect’s mental stability and because of the time it takes a court system to rule on pending criminal charges which could end up making said suspect into a felon, both circumstances are how someone’s constitutional right to own a weapon can be voided.
  2. They will say had the FBI been allowed by law to add Esteban Santiago to a new list that would have prevented his ownership of a firearm due to the FBI’s evaluation of said subject, he would never have had his firearm returned to him and the people in Florida would still be alive.
  3. They will call for immediate congressional action to pass such a law.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what is happening.

Tom Fuentes is a frequent contributor on CNN. He is a former Assistant Director to the FBI.

Fuentes has said in three separate CNN interviews that the main problem law enforcement faces right now in cases like that of Esteban Santiago is the law itself and called this morning for congress to take action. And by “law” I mean… the constitution.

Yesterday, speaking with Wolf Blitzer, Fuentes laid out the exact “solution” to the “crisis” I detailed above (remember, the way they work is “create crisis… control the reaction… present solution“)

WB: “Is there more that needs to be done? Is this individual, should he have been on a “no fly” list for example? He went to the FBI in Alaska a few months ago, said he was hearing voices in his head, they were obviously worried about him, they took some steps but he got on a plane with a gun and ammunition in a checked bag.

TF: If someone goes into a law enforcement office… and this happens on an almost daily basis… everyday someone comes in, makes wild statements and the authorities think they have mental problems, now they can refer him to a mental institution, but they cant track him the rest of his life… and so the next step is they are not in a position to deny somebody, unless they are ajudged (sic) mentally ill in a formal process, if that doesn’t happen, then they are not going to be able to keep them from obtaining a weapon.” CNN

In another interview, Fuentes laid out the problem once again:

He hadn’t been adjudicated a felon and he hadn’t been adjudicated mentally ill,” former FBI assistant director and CNN senior law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes said. “So again, you know we have this situation where he slipped through the cracks.” CNN

And this morning I saw him give an interview where they spoke directly about getting congress to enact some sort of legal process by which they can fix the “crisis” of people “making wild statements” and not having their constitutional rights taken away willy-nilly by the Feds. That video interview is not up on CNN’s Youtube page yet or their website, but when it is, I will add it as an update.

But you see where he has been going with his spin since the inception of this mass casualty event.

Tom Fuentes went on CNN and on several occasions lamented the fact that law enforcement can’t separate you from your constitutional rights if they say you made some “wild statements”

That is exactly what what Tom Fuentes is saying.

No due process. No psychological evaluation and diagnosis from a mental health professional. No criminal act determining you are a felon.


Just let the FBI stick you on a list that nullifies your constitutional rights because THEY SAY you made some “wild statements”

Now, I don’t own firearms nor will I ever but I absolutely respect and defend your right to do so. But again, this is about much more than meets the eye. Because ultimately once one or two rights can be denied somebody, in the end ALL OF THEM can be denied to ANYBODY.

Constitutional rights are either indivisible to everyone or they are meaningless. And they will not stop at the Second Amendment.

Proof of that is right there in Fuentes’ statement about ‘wild comments”. What is “wild”? Who decides? Is that a not so veiled threat to citizens to watch what they say? Of course it is. So what does that mean for our First Amendment rights?

What about the right to due process?

Slippery slope right?

By all accounts, Esteban was a decent human being. He was a new father and veteran and worked full time in Alaska. You don’t get much more “responsible” than that here in the States.

Yet, on the word of the FBI alone, we have public figures lamenting the fact that an arbitrary decision was not made to strip the man of his constitutional rights, several of them in fact, all because of something… he said.

This seems to be the final act in the endgame of the American Gladio project and as you can see, it appears custom made to fit the bill.

Hopefully we still have folks in congress who understand and admire our constitutional rights and like them just as they are. Hopefully they watch things like that fascist apologist on CNN and are just as repulsed by his words as I am. As you are.


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Thank you all so much

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16 Responses

  1. Exclusive: Israel’s parliamentary plot against UK politicians

    Forget the ‘Gunpowder Plot,’ this is the real thing.

    And more, from “Middle East Eye”

    REVEALED: Secret tapes expose Israeli influence over UK Conservative Party

    LONDON – A senior political officer at the Israeli Embassy in London has been secretly filmed talking about how he would like to “take down” UK foreign office minister Alan Duncan, a vocal opponent of illegal Israeli settlement building in the West Bank.

    He said Duncan, who is one of the few Conservative ministers to speak out over settlements, was causing “a lot of problems”. He also called Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary, “an idiot”.

    In a separate conversation with the embassy staffer, Crispin Blunt, the chairman of the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, was described as being “on the hit list” for his views which were “strongly pro-Arab rather than pro-Israel”.

    P.S. It would be fairly easy to confiscate our weapons. All they’d have to do is to proclaim that personnel weapons, for ‘security’ sake, have to be turned in, and you’ll get a receipt, which can be used to allow one to pay their utility bill.
    Naturally, this would be voluntary, but if you don’t turn the guns in, you won’t have lights or heat or AC.

    • The Zionists have owned the UK parliament since about 1902. There are hardly any MPs left that don’t belong to either the Conservative Friends of Israel or the Labour Friends of Israel. Common sense would seem to dictate having at least some token opposition, and thus allowing the government to have at least a claim of legitimacy.

    • Look over here. Look over here. Forget about what’s happening in your own country. Look over here.

  2. Manufactured crisis…a gun grab AND more erosion of Constitutional protections in one fell swoop.. how convenient…

    On Sun, Jan 8, 2017 at 7:55 AM, American Everyman wrote:

    > willyloman posted: “by Scott Creighton Just think for a minute about how > scary that title is. I have often written that the point of the American > Gladio project that has been taking place here in the U.S. since the Aurora > shooting is not about grabbing everyone’s guns ” >

  3. Who bought the airline ticket? Was it paid for in cash by a ‘sharp-dressed’ man? And was it one-way or a round-trip?

    • According to the “story” it was a one way ticket. Well that is the story after they botched the whole coming from Canada on AirCanada angle. You see, he would have had to have a passport if flying from Canada. Terminal 2 is small. It only handles AirCanada and Delta.

      So we are to believe, ISIS Finger guy buys a one-way ticket, no baggage except a handgun and ammo (one 9mm handgun and 3 8 round magazines). He checked the gun with TSA. And there is no CCTV footage at Anchorage, Minneapolis, or FLL Terminal 2.

      There is a witness (Lea) who said ISIS Finger guy was three rows in front of him on the Minneapolis inbound flight. He just happens to be the same guy who was able to take a cell phone picture of the 9mm handgun. Not much crime scene protection going on there.

      He also had an active duty ID card after being discharged? Nope. You have to turn that in during out processing. And he moved to Alaska to work full time as a security guard. With a history of domestic abuse? Nope, a simple background would have prevented him from getting a job in security.

      Senator Nelson is the first guy to name Estaban Santiago as the shooter, on MSNBC.

      And later that day…with a reminder

      There was no shooting. Gladio? Give me a break.

  4. I tried to comment on Putin being part of the NWO as opposed to being against it here many times. But you guys took away my right to comment because you think those are wild comments. Slippery slope. Fucking hypocrites!

  5. Article link @ bottom …. MFn CNN Caught LYING Again 😎 ✈AIR CANADA Says CNN is LIARS !!!!! Ain’t No Santiago AIN’T NOBODY CHECKED NO GUN , GOING TO Ft. Lauderdale👉HOLLYWOOD Flaw’rida 😆 BUSTED AGAIN! Quote: ” Canadian Embassy spokeswoman Christine Constantin said in an email to The Associated Press that the suspect did not travel from Canada and was not on an Air Canada flight. She said the suspect has no connection to Canada.” SEE TORONTO STAR article:

  6. Alaska Air charges $1,200 dollars for a one-way to Ft Lauderdale. That’s serious money for a security guard, especially right after the Christmas shopping season.

    Anyone noticed how Esteban’s face now has an official Allahu Akbar beard?

  7. Here’s another one that flew under the airport shooting story….another example of problem/reacion/solution. A crime ridden election between two generaly dispised candidates naturaly ends with a national disgust. The reaction is manipulated to avoid investigating the criminals within the gates….the Russians did it! The solution is have the Department of Homeland Security entrusted with the power to oversee the fairness of our elections. What could possibly go wrong with that solution?

    • Did anyone else catch the final paragraph of this article:
      “Kemp has appealed to President-elect Donald Trump to investigate “failed cyberattacks” on the Georgia secretary of state’s network that traced to the Department of Homeland Security, calling the department’s technical explanations insufficient.”

      Why would the DHS cyberattack the Georgia secretary of state?

  8. hey citizens lol…best read the Writing on the Wall.
    trumf-militar/diktat was engineered.
    all of us who protest are ” false-news terrier pups”.

    Question? can moi pick my concentration camp? lol

    Git outta dodge slaves

  9. sure, THEY will be the judge of “wild”. How about conservatives (who aren’t mentally ill hypocritical liberal intolerant haters) be the ones in charge of judging that?

  10. How fitting: You are OBSOLETE Mr. WordPress !

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