CNN Guest Suggests Your Constitutional Rights are a Threat to National Security and Should be Done Away With If You Make “wild statements”

by Scott Creighton

Just think for a minute about how scary that title is.

I have often written that the point of the American Gladio project that has been taking place here in the U.S. since the Aurora shooting is not about grabbing everyone’s guns but rather giving the establishment the ability to nullify anyone’s right to due process based on arbitrary decisions made in the back rooms of various law enforcement agencies. And with that determination, erase all of your constitutional rights as well.

Yes, they want to get certain types of weapons off the streets so to speak (what they call “assault” weapons and riot shotguns for instance) but they don’t wish to completely repeal the 2nd amendment to the constitution. Not for everyone at least.

Here we are in the last days of the Obama administration and we have our last (hopefully) example of an American Gladio mass casualty event, one which seems tailor made to fulfill their overall agenda.

The story of Esteban Santiago, as I wrote yesterday, fits their needs to a tee. It’s perfect in every way.

  1. A former military service member “goes crazy” after returning from combat duty
  2. he recites some “conspiracy theory” material to the FBI (according to them, no recording of interview mind you)
  3. he is therefore detained and handed over to the local police for evaluation (for saying things about the CIA and “ISIS”?)
  4. the gun he owns is confiscated (because he conveniently brought it with him to the FBI office… along with his newborn child ಠ_ಠ  )
  5. he is evaluated and released after only 4 days in psychiatric care
  6. his firearm is returned to him because “its the law” (same gun of course that he used later)
  7. month later he books a flight to Florida (no idea WHY he chose Florida) and sets out to shoot a bunch of people and then lay down on the ground peacefully so he could be arrested and handed BACK to the FBI where he “confesses” (again, no interview recordings allowed by FBI… so we have to take their word for that)
  8. so far there is no known motive for his actions (however we now know Florida has a bill coming to the state congress about allowing civilians to carry weapons in airports so that’s one hell of a coincidence isn’t it?)

I wrote that the story should shape up this way:

  1. They will argue that the due process needed to strip a citizen of his/her rights is what ultimately caused this event because of the time it takes to have a medical professional evaluate and determine the suspect’s mental stability and because of the time it takes a court system to rule on pending criminal charges which could end up making said suspect into a felon, both circumstances are how someone’s constitutional right to own a weapon can be voided.
  2. They will say had the FBI been allowed by law to add Esteban Santiago to a new list that would have prevented his ownership of a firearm due to the FBI’s evaluation of said subject, he would never have had his firearm returned to him and the people in Florida would still be alive.
  3. They will call for immediate congressional action to pass such a law.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what is happening.

Tom Fuentes is a frequent contributor on CNN. He is a former Assistant Director to the FBI.

Fuentes has said in three separate CNN interviews that the main problem law enforcement faces right now in cases like that of Esteban Santiago is the law itself and called this morning for congress to take action. And by “law” I mean… the constitution.

Yesterday, speaking with Wolf Blitzer, Fuentes laid out the exact “solution” to the “crisis” I detailed above (remember, the way they work is “create crisis… control the reaction… present solution“)

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