A Little Info on the Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting

by Scott Creighton

Yesterday at 1pm, Esteban Santiago stepped out of a bathroom in the baggage claim area of an airport in Florida and started shooting people for no apparent reason. According to a key witness, he unloaded 3 clips of 9mm ammo at random people running for cover or lying on the floor. Five people died and several more were injured. As of this moment, Reuters is reporting there is no apparent motive.

Esteban was not saying anything while shooting and he laid down when he emptied his last clip and waited peacefully to be arrested. As of now, there is no explanation as to why he was in Florida.

At around the same time yesterday, the Director of National Intelligence released the latest and greatest report on the Russian hacking story. It was devoid of anything that even resembled evidence.

And now it has been brought to my attention that Florida is set to debate a bill in the state congress next week about allowing citizens to carry firearms in airports.

Esteban had been in the military for the past 8 years. He was just recently discharged in Aug. of 2016. He ended up in an FBI office in Nov. of 2016 saying the CIA was trying to force him to watch “ISIS” recruitment videos and was handed over to local law enforcement for a psychological evaluation the results of which have yet to be determined.

This plays perfectly into the hands of those who want us to attach the unconstitutional firearm ban to people placed on the arbitrary “no fly” list. In fact, it seems custom made for that purpose.

Many will say (or are already saying) that if there was such a provision in place, the FBI could have taken swift action to not only prevent him from buying a gun, but also they could have taken one away from him if he already owned one. All based on their unprofessional conclusion that he presented a danger due to his belief the CIA was messing with him. They could have put him on a “no fly” list and taken away his second amendment rights simply for the conversation he had with them in their offices.

Or more specifically… they could have done all of that for what they CLAIM he told them in their offices… since they don’t record interviews.

Does that remind anyone of the ultimate goal of the American Gladio project that has been taking place over the last couple of years?

Some have asked why this man came down to Florida to shoot the place up with no apparent motivation.

Someone left me a link in a Twitter comment to this:

“In a sad but ironic twist of fate, the Friday mass shooting at the Fort Lauderdale -Hollywood International Airport comes one week before Florida legislators planned to debate a new bill allow the carrying of firearms in airports.

The Tallahassee Democrat reported Tuesday that Republican State Senator Greg Steube had introduced SB 140 to the state senate Judiciary Committee, to be considered sometime next week. The bill would repeal existing gun bans on college campuses, in airport terminals, and in government meetings.” Mediaite

Florida just happens to be in the middle of the process to ban guns from airports. What an “ironic twist of fate” huh?

It would also appear that Ari Fleischer was at the airport at that particular moment. Fleischer runs a consulting firm these days. He live Tweeted the entire thing making sure he stayed on top of the narrative. Ari runs Fleischer Communications which is a media management and strategy firm.

So here are some bullet points about this event to keep in mind while chatting with friends.

  • A perfect case to promote their gun-grabbing agenda.
  • It stole the headlines from the evidence-free CIA “intelligence” report on Russian hacking.
  • A bill before the state congress hits the floor next week which argues citizens might just need guns in airports.
  • A media management consultant manages the media live during the event.
  • And they still don’t know what Esteban’s motive was.

Everyone got that so far?

Anyone read anything else? Let us know.

Please help keep AE up and running if you can.

Thank you all so much

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11 Responses

  1. He gave the ISIS finger! Thats whodunnit.

    Of course the scriptwriters can’t help themselves. Perhaps they have writers fatigue or are just bored and want to put easter eggs in stuff to be found. ISIS finger guy has a baby daughter. In the pic he is wearing this t-shirt.


    Do you get it? He is disturbed. “Dont make me live in Asylum, I live a lie”

  2. Connecting some dots: Early eyewitness reports described the gunman as “middle eastern looking”. Later, the gunman was named as Esteban Santiago and described as being of Puerto Rican descent. Coincidentally, the surname Santiago derives from the Hebrew name Jacob. It is worth noting that Puerto Rico has the largest and richest Jewish community in the Caribbean. Reportedly, several 9/11 suspects of Israeli descent were residing in the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood, FL area.

  3. I imagine a lawyer somewhere is already hard at work on Esteban’s Stand-yer-ground defense.

  4. Reportedly, Santiago boarded a Delta Airlines flight in Anchorage, that headed to Minneapolis then to Ft. Lauderdale. Was the final destination to Tel Aviv?
    Some background on Santiago in Alaska: He worked for a security company called Signal 88.

  5. Given all the current insanity I am as inclined to believe the CIA was attempting to brainwash him as I am to believe he was/is out of his mind. Is he an ISIS recruit, doesn’t seem likely, to me by the way.

    • that is a distinct possibility. another is that the guy went to the FBI because the CIA was trying to handle him, to set him up and the FBI handed him over to the local police to have him called “crazy” and locked away. Its possible someone picked him up, substituted a look-alike shooter and switched them out after the event.

  6. Waahh my head hurts…
    Where’s Big Daddy to make it all go away…
    ( mebbe that’s their secret strategy — a collective Deth-Wish

  7. I am wondering if he screwed his handlers by tossing his gun and laying spread eagled awaiting arrest. That’s very odd.

    Also, didn’t know about the pending FL gun law changes. I was thinking more about the move to disarm veterans and/or mentally disturbed people. Even I wonder how he got his guns back after going to the FBI. Especially so quickly. Maybe it’s Alaska, but I’ve heard plenty of stories of how long cops drag their feet in returning seized weapons.

  8. I think there may be a clue here that he was “handled”:


    Review his DV history. Prosecutors and police rarely decline to charge clear cut cases or violations of probation (there is federal “reward” money for pursuing DV cases even in state courts). While Alaska is not exactly enlightned on DV issues, this was Anchorage. It appears there was pressure from somewhere not to charge him and instead leave him running free and crazy.

  9. One obvious question to ask is, if the guy just wanted to open fire on the unsecured part of an airport, why not just save yourself a ticket and the hassle of checking your gun and open fire at the Anchorage International Airport? It’s a big airport, I’ve been there many times. (It’s a major stop between Japanese and European flights over the North Pole)

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