Brittany Herring Video: Don Lemon of CNN Should be Fired Immediately

by Scott Creighton

I’m not going to get very far into this Chicago race baiting op too much but I have too say that Don Lemon of CNN is a pretty disgusting individual. Not only did he get sloppy drunk on national television on New Year’s Eve and lament that he didn’t have a boyfriend, last night he “corrected” a guest who thought the torture video of the young disabled man from Chicago was “evil”. Lemon said it wasn’t “evil”… it was just some “young people with bad home training”

The four black assailants in the Brittany Herring video kidnapped and tortured a young white man while constantly screaming racial slurs and obscenities at him. “Trump” was mentioned more than a few times as was the phrase “fuck white people”. The victim was beaten, kicked and at one point, forced to drink out of a toilet. He was supposedly held captive for 48 hours. There are several other videos out there of the torture they inflicted on him. Brittany Herring posted one live on Facebook which got all the attention.

This level of abuse in the mind of Don Lemon is not “evil” but rather just some young people with bad upbringing. In contrast, in the case of Dylan Roof, Don Lemon said he was a “terrorist” and at one time referred to him as “the devil

I don’t know if this whole thing was staged or not. The timing seems pretty suspect to me with the Dylan Roof conviction just last week and his sentencing hearing taking place right now. Also, this young woman, Brittany Herring, also goes by another name, Brittany Covington. Covington could easily be her real name and “Herring” of course could be a reference to a “red herring” but I can’t be sure of all that.

What I can tell you at this point is Don Lemon of CNN needs to be fired. If you reversed the racial roles on this story and some white CNN anchor came out and made such a racially insensitive statement off the cuff during an interview with a guest exposing his biased nature, that white anchor would be long gone by now and I think, race baiting psyop or not, Don Lemon needs to be fired immediately.

Of course… CNN has no credibility anyway. Just last week they got busted for using a screenshot from a video game in one of their stories about Russian “hacking” so… I don’t expect anything more from them in the first place. More likely than not, Don will get a raise and start dating his boss.

3 Responses

  1. He needs to go. Racist garbage can w/ idiot comments this Guy has the mentality of the same people who tortured that white boy

  2. Fire lemon he is a racist LEMON. Who would hire this idiot his vocabulary consists of maybe 100 words about the same as them thugs who beat up that mentally challenged boy.

  3. Did Lemon’s remarks with regards to Blacks and rape victims also not demand for his firing? Your final assertion that if Lemon were White making these statements about Blacks would not necessarily be undermined. However, in we would have the White Lemon disparaging Whites. I don’t know if the other examples don’t warrant your demand, if you didn’t catch them or you didn’t find them as outrageous as the example you provided for whatever reason. Perhaps this is the last straw. I won’t speculate.

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