America’s Lynch Mob ‘Democracy’

by Finian Cunningham, Strategic Culture

The dark, infamous days of American lynch-mob rule and burning witches at stakes are back as never before. But not in backwater enclaves of benighted bigotry. Oh no, the modern lynch mobs are running amok in Washington’s seat of government, across prime TV and on the editorial pages of its supposed finest newspapers.

It is the effete, self-regarding ruling US elite who are acting like a murderous rabble. The hate-figures are Russian leader Vladimir Putin and incoming president Donald Trump. Both are being lined up to be lynched, one as a foreign enemy, the other as a traitor.

Lynch mob blood-lust is a mere finger pointed, the baying of deranged crowds and the stringing up of some unfortunate from the nearest tree without pause for a fair trial. «Guilty!» shouted with red-faced thunder is all that’s needed. And anyone who dares to question the madding crowd is liable to meet the same grim fate.

Public opinion in the US is being stampeded to accept as unquestioned fact that Russia «attacked American democracy» as Senators like John McCain are claiming on prime time television. Furthermore, Russian President Vladimir Putin is accused of being the mastermind behind the alleged cyber attacks, which supposedly subverted the US presidential election in favor of Republican candidate Donald Trump.

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2 Responses

  1. Anything to keep the people and the corrupt MSM asking about Hillary’s treasonous activity of selling access to her Top Secret SD emails for a donation to the Clinton Global Initiative slush fund.
    Gotta keep her ready for 2020!

    Corruption and politics are bedfellows, don’t like it, but that’s the facts. But Hillary took corruption to new lows when she sold out the American people for a few hundred million.

  2. I wonder if this anti Russian propaganda was scheduled to go thru if Hillary won. Maybe it was supposed to be rigged like trump predicted but when he won they had all these plans laid out and just decided to run with it half assedly in reverse – saying they hacked in favor of trump rather the Hillary. It just sounds like ulterior motives are behind this, which Russia is likely in on as well (war – or the threat thereof – equals money). They probably have some new draconian measures laid out for future voting too. Idk I just think they were invested in certain changes and the trump win caught them off guard. This may also explain dhs washing their hands of the bogus report they were forced to put out.

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