Terror attacks not independent from incidents in our region: President Erdoğan

(Destabilization subcontractors? Who does that sound like?)

from Hurriyet Daily

Attacks perpetrated by terrorist organizations in Turkey are not independent from incidents happening in the region, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said after a gun attack at a nightclub in Istanbul on Jan. 1.

In a written statement, Erdoğan vowed that Turkey was “determined to do whatever is necessary in the region to maintain the security and peace of Turkish citizens.”

“We are aware that these attacks carried out by different terrorist organizations targeting our citizens are not independent from incidents happening in our region. We are determined to destroy the attacks and threats against our country from its root,” he said.

Those who are targeting Turkey’s peace and their subcontractors are aiming to destabilize our country, demoralize our people and create chaos,” he added.

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4 Responses

  1. Hey Willy:

    you might be interested in checking out the video footage I have posted
    Particularly interesting is the ‘dressed as Santa Claus” claim-which originated with a private news station in Turkey..

    but seems to have zero basis in reality

    and for some wonky reason my blog is not working for me at all and big chunks of it are missing at least as far as I can see..
    Not sure if google is screwin’ with it …


    • none of your links work. the sidebar is gone. can’t even highlight text. video is also gone and there is some “unsecured connection” message where a photo should be.

  2. Hey Willy
    yah, something happened- I actually had to delete that entire post- which is weird- cause all was well, links fine, videos working, and then some time later- the blog was a mess-

    I have to rework that post entirely and hope for the best on the second try

  3. Hi again Willy:

    ok both videos are up and working- I’m bothered by the fact that one private station in Turkey was the source for the santa claus claim- when it’s clear from video footage the shooter- in the act of shooting while entering the club is head to toe dressed in black

    It’s not possible that eye witnesses would have said the shooter was ‘santa’ and I’m thinking a message was delivered via the media that the ‘gift’ had been delivered- knowing the sender of said gift would understand

    yes, I am a firm believe that the media delivers messages to those in “the know” as well as us

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