Terror attack on Istanbul nightclub leaves 39 dead, 69 wounded

from Daily Sabah

An assailant dressed in a Santa Claus costume opened fire at a nightclub in Istanbul during New Year’s celebrations, killing 39 people and wounding 69, and escaped afterwards, Turkey’s Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said early Sunday.

Police have launched a province wide search operation for the perpetrator who managed to escape after the attack.

Soylu said that 15 of the attack’s victims were identified to be foreigners, five were Turkish citizens. Efforts continue to identify the remaining 18 bodies. The interior minister also mentioned that 69 people are in hospitals, receiving treatment.

“4 of those injured are in a critical condition. One of them is severely injured,” Soylu said.

A police officer was among the killed in the attack targeting the popular Reina nightclub in Istanbul’s Ortaköy district. More than one assailant may have been involved in the attack, sources said. Over 500 people were inside the club at the time.

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10 Responses

  1. Looks like letting the perp escape is now preferred to killing them during attack. This allows them to frame/take out even more people. Or maybe it’s getting harder/too time consuming to groom a patsy shooter?

  2. Still another COMPLETE HOAX by your homeyland/multinational crisis actor industry, abetted by MSM reportage of ‘eyewitnesses’ who can’t get their stories straight, and meanwhile the hired help mills around the staging area full of parked idle ambulances, not a single gravely injured person to be found.


  3. Yes it is a multinational industry herding the people with false events ‘justifying’ loss of freedoms. All nations now in on the deception.

  4. A peculiar character seems to have emerged out of the New Years shooting at the Reina nightclub in Istanbul.

    His story goes something like this:

    Jake Raak, a US citizen, says he was celebrating New Years at this nightclub with “a party of 9.”

    He was shot in his leg, played dead to avoid further hits, and while he is being transported on a gurney to the ambulance, tells the cameras that 7 others out of his group of 9 were also shot.

    Stays in hospital for a day and travels back to the US on the second day, after making a few more statements to the cameras at the Istanbul airport sitting on a wheelchair.

    There’s a lot that makes one go “hmmm?” about this Mr. Raak.

    In the first video below, you can watch him being wheeled in to an ambulance. He is a tall, well built man. He is wearing a very peculiar, almost ‘trying to look Muslim’ style facial hair.

    His speech, his posture or his facial expression do not really suggest he is in any kind of pain.

    He says “I got shot in the fuckin’ leg, man! These crazy people came in and started shooting everything.”, but when a reporter immediately asks him how many, he says he only saw one shooter. When he tells the cameras they were 9 and 7 others were shot, one does not get the impression that he is at all worried or concerned about the fate of his friends.

    His level of apparent emotion while saying “Got shot in the f’n leg, man” is more like someone who just stubbed his toe really badly… Not at all proportionate neither to his gunshot wound from what he specifies as an “AK47” at close range, nor to the presumed carnage that he is meant to be emerging from, moments after a “terrorist attack” that left scores of people dead and wounded. He has no blood on his leg, and has a shiny blue tinsel tied around his thigh, which looks like a pretend tourniquet.

    When people who find his behavior and words not so convincing, they dig into him a little and find out he is an ex marine who is the “principal” of a defense contractor.

    Reportedly, when asked about his seemingly light wound, he has explained it away by saying he was hit on his cell phone.

    He makes further statements at the airport. I will leave it up to you to interpret his words, his tone and his emotional state….

  5. In the video below, which is a compilation of videos and witness accounts, there is a part at the 2:20 mark with some footage shot from a hilltop location. The light flashes do not seem like gunshots, and are more likely to be disco lights continuing their flashing even after the presumed shooting starts. (that is, of course, provided that this video is indeed at the time of the actual shooting and not some generic shot of a nightclub from a distance)

    But if you put the volume up slightly, you can hear a pattern of gunshots that are so regular in their sequence that it almost sounds like a looped soundtrack to my very uneducated (for gunshots) ears. I am having trouble counting the shots in each cluster, but in general, it sounds like 3 consecutive bursts of 5 shots each with a slight pause between every burst, and then a longer pause, and repeat pattern.
    I would really appreciate if someone knowledgeable about and experienced with such guns (AK47s and Kalashnikoffs) could help me determine:

    1. Whether or not the rhythmic rat-a-tat-tat we hear are actual gunshots…
    2. And If they are, is this a regular pattern of shooting with such guns?
    Thanks in advance to anyone who’d care to answer.

    • I find it odd that it starts blurry and remains so. cell phone cameras wont do that. do they?

      • Judging by the with and the square aspect ratio of the video, it seems like it’s a cropped phone-cam, and they seem to be zooming in quite a bit. I am not sure how well a phone video can focus or stay in focus in such low light and at these zoom levels..

        In any case, it is the usual, isn’t it… When it comes to taking selfies and posting cat videos on Facebook, people shoot some amazing stuff… But when it comes to shooting eyewitness videos that could possibly expose something, they turn into drunken sailors shooting through a jar of vaseline, don’t they?

        On a side note (just because she appears right after the blurry hilltop shot ends in the video), there is this very peculiar witness who has been promoted as one of the very few long winded eyewitness reports in mainstream and alternative media alike. In fact, witness reports, even though there were upwards of 700 people in the building between guests and staff, are so few and far between that, a search for “reina görgü tanığı” (turkish for Reina eyewitness) in videos, returns pages and pages of this same woman telling her unconvincing story. Her behavior and the inconsistencies in her story make her highly suspect as a crisis actor.

        (there are most certainly many confirmed deaths, and I am not suggesting anything like a complete hoax. I believe fake witnesses are always promoted to build the narrative, push real witnesses away or burry them on page 10 of a google search, and many other benefits from having a fully controllable popular witness, etc.)

        Her story is:

        • Her back was turned to where the gunmen entered and started shooting
        • Her husband told her not to be scared, pushed her down to the floor and covered her with his body.
        • Says there were 2 shooters with automatic weapons, and 2 or 3 people with hand guns. But says she did not see anything
        • Her husband, while laying on top of her, took three shots on his back, hip, and leg. She says he had a big hole on his back
        • There were people getting shot and falling on them, she was covered with dead and wounded people (unquantified)
        • She fainted briefly. when she came to, she called her mom, told her they were shot… Reporter asks “you made a phone call in that situation?” and she laughs
        • Swat team came in and told them they can slowly leave. They pushed aside the bodies and made their way upstairs to street level.
        • Says her husband then walked too her to an ambulance. Then she appears to realize that did not really make sense considering he was shot in three places, she nervously says “He was still standing then, and as soon as he delivered his wife to an ambulance, he threw himself in to a gurney and fainted.
        • She finishes off by saying “Thanks to him, we are both alive”… Which is only a few minutes after having told the reporter that the husband is in surgery… Without any signs of concern for his life or well being…

        Throughout her first interview (video below), which is a few hours after the shooting, she certainly does not display any signs mental trauma for having lived through a mass shooting in close quarters where she laid under her bleeding husband and dead bodies… Her New Years Eve make up seems intact, she has no visible blemishes, blood stains or anything else that would suggest that she went through what she said she did… I feel this is very easy to observe even when one does not understand the language.

        And… This whole thing comes fully loaded with the handler on her right, listening to her every word with a watchful ear and nervous eyes.

        I don’t know, Scott… Maybe I am reading too much into it. Maybe this woman hated her husband and secretly wants him dead… All I know is that she does not seem real.

        This thing is a false flag alright and reeks of glad for sure… But, by whom on whom against whom???

        What I am trying to assess is whether or not the intelligence operation (US UK Russia and/or Israel, nato, etc) who orchestrated this attack actually have this level of ground support affording them trained Turkish crisis actors, the cooperation of the local police, Turkish intelligence, press and politicians in NOT asking the questions that need to be asked… This would elevate the event to a whole new level, attach it to a much larger operation than run of the mill destabilization terror attack, and would also heavily indicate the complicity or even cooperation of the Turkish government and law enforcement.

        • here’s one thing to consider. first of all, I think it does us a disservice when everyone jumps on the “fake event” “no real victims” bandwagon right off the bat. Sure, they stage events like this in certain circumstances. Sandy Hook, the DC Naval building shooting and Charlie Hebdo were all probably examples of staged/produced events. But using conclusions from previous events as the starting point for all of them is simply irresponsible and constitutes a dereliction of duty in reporting in my belief just as much as the when the MSM does the same thing with regard to the constantly changing official stories.

          Paying attention to the detail is important, as your comment makes clear. Yes, the behavior and the story are odd, but completely AT ODDS with some cases.

          He walked her to the ambulance and collapsed? Seems hard to believe with 3 gunshot wounds but it’s still entirely possible. Adrenaline and shock factor in, of course, as does his desire to make sure she was safe. I don’t know how many times police officers reported shooting a suspect multiple times only to have them continue along as if nothing happened. Soldiers report being shot and continuing with their mission in spite of their wounds. It happens. Not often, but it is still possible.

          As to her behavior… harder to explain, but again, it’s possible she is telling the truth. Notice, she tells a story that is a departure from the official one, and in that aspect, gains a bit of credibility in my book. According to your account (I have yet to see it) she talked about as many as four assailants, which, in my understanding of the attack, is about 3 more than the official story. So if it was scripted, they would have to have deliberately included that into her monologue in order to add diversity and therefore believably to her account, which honestly, I don’t think they are that capable of scripting.

          Plus, yes, they send handlers to coach and manage witnesses in the aftermath of these events. The FBI is famous for it. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, it just means they want to make sure there is ONE version of truth getting out there, their version.

          So, yeah, it could have been staged. But I tend to think not. More likely it was a mass casualty event perpetrated by Gladio type forces dedicated to undermining the left-leaning Erdogan government especially now since he is moving even closer to ties with Russia.

          As to your last statement, yes, Gladio did and does involve local law enforcement and you might note, Erdogan and the Turkish government just this week fired some 3,000 police officers for what they claim was their ties to outside forces like NATO and the Gulenists. So yeah, the Turkish police forces, some of them, were undoubtedly part of the new Gladio ops in that country.

  6. All fair points, Scott. Thank you for your reply.

    Just to reiterate, like you, I don’t believe these “attacks” are always 100% staged and fake as many out there prefer to believe. Which, as i had said in a previous post, is very difficult to accomplish in a place like Turkey where the society is close knit and sticky, live with huge extended families, and most people are deeply rooted in their hometowns, neighborhoods, work places, etc. i will try to follow up on Raak and this woman.

    And, on the issue of having local support from infiltrated Gulen agents and Gladio operatives… I can’t disagree with that, at least for the planning and operation perspectives. Think any well organized secret group could pull off an attack like this. But, when it comes to post-event manhunt, information and evidence cover up, narrative building, media and perception management, I still feel it is quite difficult to get away with something like that in a high tension nation like Turkey, where everyone is on alert at all times these days. Naturally, I could be wrong.

    Thanks again, Scott.

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