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  1. Nothing to worry about here … to be more low-brow than the NY Post you’d have to be a dachshund (No offense to K9s intended). Rate this rag as you would the U.K.’s Sun or defunct News of the World.
    (They can be good fun though with their corny cliche-addled headlines.)

  2. Russia quit being commie while the USA is being turned into that by the dumbocraps

    • Indeed. CPUSA has coopted the Democrat party. Since Russia stands as the latest example of Communism’s unworkabilty, it is now being demonized by the looney left. Another reason for their newfound love of Cuba.

      • Are you two for real?

      • so the democrats are far left? who do you think you’re kidding? why do you think we have obamacare instead of free/universal healthcare? do you think today’s democrats would or could support things like social security legislation or lbj’s “great society”? if anything, today’s democrats are yesterday’s republicans.

        the dems “newfound love of cuba” btw is nothing more than the powers-that-be attempting to bring cuba back into subjugation & remake them into an island casino/whorehouse for the wealthy — with united brand & others also chomping at the bit to make some profits there.

        the usa has been moving constantly to the right for several decades now — not the left. please stop spreading that poisonous bullshit.

    • sorry, but that’s a ridiculous comment; both republicans & democrats support fascism these days.

  3. Read Stanton Evans’ Blacklisted by History or Venona by Haynes and Klehr. “McCarthyism” is one of the lies we’ve been fed.

    • Indeed, Ernie. I second the reading suggestions.

    • Sounds like more McCarthyism-denial horsesheet straight from the JBS revisionist playbook. Reminds me of the holocaust-denial thing that was bandied about the other day. If you’re really suggesting that the Red Menace was/is real, then I’ve got some very high quality Super Male Vitality to sell you…premium shit!

      • is it at least a RED pill, lol?

        • Yes, Pardner, RED pills are available for a limited time only! They’re guaranteed to remove commie flouridation and egalitarianism from your precious bodily fluids or your money back!

      • Yeah, Ed, it’s fact-based so it’s very much like the Holocaust denial “thing.” Sorry if that makes you uncomfortable.

        • Ern, funny you mentioned it because the CIA guy hosting the Rush Limpbot show this morning also referred to your bullshit “fact-based” history source in his opening remarks. Funny coincidence, almost like you guys are using the same talking points…

          • imagine that. they’re spinning up some revisionism in light of the recent uptick in “New McCarthyism” talk. how predictable.

          • Eddie, tell us all about the Venona Project and how it does or does not support McCarthy’s claims. People willing to read and learn will find the facts in the Evans book surprising in light of the 70 years of bullshit peddled by the press.

            • Ern, I’m familiar with venona as well as Kim Philby’s cozy relationship with Jim Angleton. Of course the KGB had agents here in the US but it doesn’t make McCarthy right about anything. Do you really think it was KGB fluoridating our water supply? The problem with your revisionist history is that US Red Scare tactics predate the USSR. McCarthy wasn’t doing anything that Hoover hadn’t already been doing for like 100 years. The witch hunts had nothing to do with finding witches, stupid, they were designed to suppress lefties.

              • Eddie, once upon a time I would have accepted that. It’s what the media has peddled the whole time. Trouble is, there’s a whole lot left out and inaccurately portrayed. The books referenced make a very clear case. You don’t seem interested in anything which might challenge your current views. Perhaps others will be more open-minded.

                • it’s my experience when folks want others to be more open minded what they really want is to find some who are more gullible.

                  • No, Willy, I’m coming from the Prog Left. Evans’ book is serious reading. Give it a try. Or don’t. You won’t feel the same way about the subject.

                    • the same “progressive left” that is now spouting ridiculous Red Menace garbage about Putin and Russia? The same “progressive left” that has been bombing other countries non-stop? The same “progressive left” that backed fascist trade deals? The same “progressive left” that originated with Scoop Jackson? THAT “progressive left”?

                • Ern, I congratulate you on your efforts to sell a shitty product to a tough crowd. But perhaps you should take another BLAND Corporation training seminar on disinformation sales, because your argument is based on nothing but Bircher propaganda. My grandfather and McCarthy were good friends and I can say with certainty that they were both major league assholes. So if you’re still interested in that Supermale vitality or perhaps some extendalife, please send me your address for a free sample. Right now there’s a special offer on shipping to Appleton, Wisconsin and Langley, Virginia!

                  • Eddie, you seem over eager to attack the books without knowing what they say. Try saying Bircher 5 or 6 more times. That’ll make your case for you. Or add some substance to what you’ve already offered.

                    • Bircher, Bircher, Bircher, Bircher, Bircher, John Motherfucking Bircher.

    • Yeah, Ann Coulter wrote the blurb for that book.

      I’ll pass.

      • Jag, I’d say read the first 2 chapters and then ask yourself if the Coulter endorsement is still such an issue. The MSM will, of course, ignore/ridicule the thesis. It gets a pretty regular and sustained work out which is telling.

        • I don’t need to read any of it. The premise is absurd.

          If you’re one that sees reds under the beds, it won’t seem so.

          • Based on what you currently know. Oh well. Are you comforted when what you know is endlessly repeated by the MSM? I had thought most of us had begun to grasp the unreliability of the MSM narratives.

            • But Ern, if secret commie agents are everywhere amongst us how do we know you’re not a pinko infiltrator that’s just pretending to be a good patriotic American? Please forgive my paranoia but I suggest you recite the Pledge of allegiance for us with your hand on the good book. That way we can be sure you’re not a Red!

              • Eddie, sorry to have panicked you by suggesting that people look at a couple of books. Your “familiarity” with the work Haynes, Klehr, and Evans seems to consist of a deep-seated fear that the public read on their own and, God forbid, question the “McCarthyism” narrative that is so “essential” to our understanding of our own history. Keep clownin. Everyone is special.

                • So you’re refusing to take the Pledge of allegiance? Uh, oh. I’m beginning to suspect you might be part of the vast commie conspiracy to turn our great country pink. I hope that when you’re subpoenaed by the un-American Activities Committee that you’ll see fit to swear allegiance before god and country!

                  • Eddie, here are a couple of quotes from the 1997 Moynihan Report:
                    “A significant Communist conspiracy was in place in Washington, New York, & Hollywood”

                    “There was proof of a serious attack on American security by the Soviet Union, with considerable assistance from an enemy within”

                    “The US Government possessed information which the American public desperately needed to know” (Moynihan Report, Appendix 7)

                    • Well Ern, I’ll admit it occurred to me while I was splitting wood this morning that you and the CIA were right all along about Commie infiltration. I was wrong to suspect you were a Red agitator. I see clearly now that we’ve been fed a big load of hooey all these years and that the commies won the cold war despite our best efforts to outspend them. Now I see the true extent of the vast commie subversion conspiracy. They destroyed our productive agricultural lands with big box stores and ticky tacky houses and carcinogenic pesticides. While Hollywood corrupted our youth with Red mind control programs such as Baywatch (Hasslehof, you’re not fooling me twice!). Thank you for exposing this evil empire.

                    • “have you no sense of decency sir?” — just as valid a question today for anyone pushing this kind of hysteria. but one might also ask “have you no common sense?”; the fact is, communism never enjoyed any kind of widespread/popular support in the u.s.. any assertions of a “significant communist conspiracy” in this country are utter nonsense.

                • Soviet archives and Venona papers confirmed that McCarthy was onto something. We know now that Rosenbergs (or at least one of them) were guilty. The left and particularly its Jewish contingent were the most threatened by McCarthy. THat’s what they pulled the plug from him.

                  • the only thing mccarthy was onto was his next bottle & the next rung of a political career built on fear-mongering and red-baiting. were there communists in mccarthy’s day? absolutely. were there kgb agents working in the states? absolutely. and we all know about the rosenbergs. but the idea of a “vast communist conspiracy” in the usa was bunk.

                    it’s no surprise that many jews were threatened by mccarthy; many jews were at least left-leaning in those days. and there’s also the fact that anti-semitism was more common & out in the open — which is why many jews changed their names to sound more anglo.

                    the thing i find most disturbing about this recent “red menace” thing is that it allows fascism to continue to grow unimpeded. but that’s why politicians on the right describe obama as “far left”, isn’t it?

            • Based on the fact that there is and never was a ‘vast communist conspiracy’. That is western capitalist cant.

              It serves more than one purpose. It frightens the population and it helps keep labour down and big business in power.

              You sir, are a useful idiot of oligarchs.

  4. Willy, what I should have said was, when I came across Evans’ book, Blacklisted by History, I was a on the Left. That book was one of the ones which demonstrated the depth of the media/education problem.

    • Do you see communism/socialism/Marxism/leftism as a thing/ideology that needs to be fought?

      Or are these things just strands of political thought that in any democracy should be accepted as valid opinions?

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