Don’t Worry Starbucks, Obama’s “moderate” Terrorists WILL be Allowed Into The Country So they Can Work 4 U on the Cheap

by Scott Creighton

What Big Business wants, Big Business gets in the One Party System of America.

The Department of Homeland Security is planning to make exceptions to President Donald Trump’s executive order on refugees and certain foreign nationals, including by allowing 872 “refugees” into the U.S. this week.

Legal permanent residents, dual nationals and Iraqis who worked for the U.S. government will be exempt from the ban on travelers from certain countries, officials said. They made the announcement on Tuesday…

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly announced on Sunday that waivers would be provided on a case-by-case basis to legal permanent residents, or green card holders.

On Tuesday, he and other DHS officials announced additional exceptions to the order. Iraqi nationals will now be eligible for entry using Special Immigrant Visas, which are granted to people who worked for or on behalf of the U.S. government in Iraq, officials said.” Elise Folley

Yep. The Special Immigrant Visas will be honored for those “moderate” terrorists who served our “national interests” in Iraq and elsewhere. So says the head of the Department of Homeland Security.

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Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ What You’re Not Being Told

from Storm Clouds Gathering

Starbucks to Hire 10,000 of Obama’s “moderate” Terrorists Starting Right Here in the U.S.

by Scott Creighton

You’re damn right you should #boycottStarbucks

Promised an easy pass into the country, a job waiting for them and a new life, Obama’s “moderate” terrorists are starting to look to retirement, to cash in on those promises.

Trump meanwhile seems to be sending a direct message to them and the new recruits being cultivated in places across the Middle East: there’s no vacancy at the inn.

The fake left and the dishonest neoliberal media that coddles them are all in an uproar as Trump’s executive order is slowly exposing the truth about many of these military aged men and their families looking to gain entry into the country without so much as a peek into their recent past.

As I have stated many times in the last few days, this is what Trump is trying to do, prevent these “moderate” animals from entering the country after they served a couple years launching mortar rounds into farmer’s markets in places like Libya, Syria and Iraq.

Few believed me at first, but more and more establishment and military insiders are speaking out and speaking up, not for families displaced by our “moderate” terrorists, but for the “moderate” terrorists themselves.

The other day Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced they would start hiring 10,000 of these “refugee’ ‘moderate’ terrorists all across the globe and that they would start right here in the Shining City on the Hill.

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An Open Letter to Keith Olbermann from a Real Liberal: You Sir Are A Whore Who Speaks for No One

by Scott Creighton

I have to apologize to the people of the world, and Syria/Libya/Iraq in particular, for Keith Olbermann’s extremely insensitive and self-serving apology to the world.


Dear Keith;

What a vain, desperate little man you are to try to pretend to speak for any American any more.

Your words serve the interests of the same neocons and war-mongers you once called out and exposed and I guess that is what 7 years in exile will do to the moral center of a self-centered moralist.

What’s wrong Keith? You don’t get as many groupies and back-stage perks covering Major League Baseball?

There was a time when I waited to watch your 10 minute rants at the end of your show back in the Bush/Cheney days when you spoke a little truth ABOUT power and gave voice to a reasoned rational majority who wanted no more wars for profit and lies and hoped we would eventually live too see the day when criminals like Bush and Cheney and all the other neocons who aided and abetted their treason would see the inside of a prison cell, if not the bleak side of a firing squad.

I noticed today, after being almost completely silent during the 8 long years of Obama/Clinton criminality, you are trying, once again, to strike that, very profitable, angry self-righteous tone as you rant on and on about President Trump.

Might I point out that Trump is not Cheney or Bush and at this point and he has not lied and bombed and killed and maimed like President Obama and Sec. Clinton did all those years when you seem to have lost that condescending, self-satisfied voice of yours.

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Wanna Know Why Trump Didn’t Tell Sec. Mattis and Lawmakers About His Travel Ban Order?

by Scott Creighton

On Morning Joe just now, they spent the first 10 minutes of the show with Jonathan Turley listening to him explain how Acting Attorney General Janet Yates was wrong and out of line yesterday evening when she ordered Justice Department lawyers to refuse to defend Trump’s new travel ban restrictions when they come to court for challenges. Turley explained how he couldn’t understand her decision since the ban is certainly supported constitutionally and the 1952 law expressly gives the president a lot of leeway in determining who can and who cannot come into the country if he perceives our nation interests are threatened. Turley’s position on this is not extraordinary. Most legal scholars agree that Trump’s executive order will hold up in federal court on both constitutional and legal grounds.

Of course, right after he was finished, Joe went off on Trump’s use of the word “betrayed” in his statement about how the administration felt about Yates’ move yesterday and explained that as the reason to fire her and replace her with Dana Boente last night. Scarborough’s position was that the use of the word “betrayed” meant Trump and his “young” advisors were acting as autocrats and they should “take that to Venezuela”

Then he went off for 10 whole minutes about how Trump actually betrayed his new cabinet picks by not informing them of this order prior to Trump signing it and it’s release. He was especially incensed by Trump’s team not informing Sec. Mattis about the order and went on and on about how Trump’s new cabinet picks should basically resign because of this “betrayal”

That, by the way, is EXACTLY what Eliot A. Cohen said in his op-ed type article on Jan. 29th… the same article I mentioned yesterday in an article I wrote about the fake left standing with a neocon PNAC war-mongering war-criminal, Eliot A. Cohen. I guess now we know who else reads and stands with neocon war-mongers, don’t we Joe?

Scarborough went on and on about how Sec. Mattis and all the other military figures in Trump’s cabinet were “heroes” and they deserved better treatment from the administration. Joe’s self-righteous indignation was nearly as profound as Ashton Kutcher’s at the opening of the SAG awards on Sunday.

If it’s true and Trump and his close team didn’t inform Sec. Mattis about this order prior to signing it, would you like to know why? I’ll tell you why:

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Over “Muslim Ban”, Fake Left RISES UP Against Trump to Stand with PNAC Neocon War-Criminals like Eliot A. Cohen

by Scott Creighton


Being a former actor (from way back when) I stopped channel surfing for minute when I happened to land on the SAG Awards last night. It had just started and Ashton Kutcher was doing some “because I’m an actor” intro monologue from backstage. After that he strolled onstage and said something about airports and our CIA’s destabilization contractors being welcome in “MY AMERICA!!!” with all the self-righteous indignation he could muster.

I changed the channel and still have no idea who won what… and care even less than I did before I happened to land on their show.

That;s what ignorant actors injecting themselves into political discourse does for me. I don’t know about your feelings on the subject.

Turns out, I have already expressed a number of times, I don’t like Trump much. He’s as much of a neocon fascist as the rest of them. You can certainly review my work on the subject going back a year and a half if you need confirmation on the subject.

But as I have also pointed out here and here, the fake left and the complicit media are presenting this executive order of the president’s as something that it is not. And they are doing so in a highly inflammatory way without giving any consideration to the consequences. Mr. Kutcher’s effort last night is a prime example but it is not the only one.


Yesterday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the fake progressive leader of the New New Dems (who backed warmonger Killary and voted for idiot Ben Carson the other day), went before a crowd at an airport and did that little “megaphoning” trick the infiltrators used in the Occupy movement way back when to get out her own self-righteous indignation message to the gathered gullible masses who were protesting.

She lied to them and told them Trump was banning Muslims and what he was doing was “illegal”. It’s not illegal. The president has a lot of control over the borders and can prohibit anyone from entering the country if it preserves our “national interests” and if you don’t believe me, just watch Jonathan Turley’s CNN appearance.

Unfortunately, one cannot easily explain away Warren’s mistake when it comes to getting it wrong on this one by saying she ignorant like the Hollywood self-important actor-class is. She’s just a lying opportunist.

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European experts ask Trump to back new independent inquiry into MH17 crash

from RT

A group of European journalists and aviation experts has sent an open letter to Donald Trump asking him to back a new UN-run investigation into the 2014 crash of Flight MH17. The current Dutch-led inquiry is “neither independent nor convincing,” they said.

The open letter, signed by 25 journalists, former civil aviation pilots and researchers from Germany, the Netherlands and Australia, was posted on the website of Joost Niemoller – a Dutch journalist who publicly challenged the current investigation into the ill-fated Flight MH17, which was downed over Ukraine in July 2014…

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