Obama’s Russian Sanctions Have Nothing to Do With Hacking: It’s About Syria, Not the FBI’s “Grizzly Lie” Report

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Putin refuses to retaliate against Obama’s bullshit instigation attempt.

Obama’s “Grizzly Lie” report is indeed a grizzly step toward total war across the Middle East and perhaps the entire world.

Since Russia and Syria were finally able to oust Obama’s “moderate” terrorists from Aleppo and liberate the city from it’s 5-year-long regime change siege, the Russian ambassador to Turkey has been murdered in cold blood, a Russian plane on route to Syria has mysteriously crashed into the Black Sea and now… President Peace Prize has evicted 35 Russian diplomats from U.S. soil and imposed some meaningless sanctions on a number of other Russian agencies and individuals. The claims are that we had nothing to do with the first two incidents and Obama’s actions against Russia are as “retaliation” against their supposed efforts at influencing our elections here in the states.

Of course, our intelligence agencies can’t very well take credit for killing ambassadors anymore than they can admit downing planes (Flight MH17 comes to mind). Wars have started for less and CIA Directors have been fired for meddling like this in the past (Bay of Pigs?). Not very often, but it has been done.

By the same token, President Obama can’t be seen as punishing Russia for driving al-Qaeda from eastern Aleppo. There’s that whole “providing aid and comfort” law to think about.

But the truth is there if you read a little between the lines… or if you just bother to actually read the lines instead of just listening to the lying talking heads giving their spin jobs on the MSM.

Mr. Obama said, and added that the United States acted after “repeated private and public warnings that we have issued to the Russian government, and are a necessary and appropriate response to efforts to harm U.S. interests in violation of established international norms of behavior.” New York Times

The expulsion of the 35 RussiansIt was unclear if they were involved in the hacking.”

closing of two waterfront estatesofficials declined to say whether they were specifically used in the election-related hacks.” New York Times

If they say it’s “unclear” if those expelled from the U.S. were involved in the hacking, that’s spinspeak for “they were not involved in the hacking

There have been no warnings coming from the United States to Russia about staying out of our election process. The warnings President Obama is speaking of were regarding staying out of Syria and out of the way of our “national interests” over there.

Like the president, the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, avoided getting his message muddied up in spinspeak as well. He made it quite clear yesterday that the sanctions and expulsions had nothing to do with hacking and everything to do with Russia interfering with our “national interests” abroad.

Russia does not share America’s interests. In fact, it has consistently sought to undermine them, sowing dangerous instability around the world. While today’s action by the administration is overdue, it is an appropriate way to end eight years of failed policy with Russia” Mediaite

Off the top of my head I imagine Ryan was speaking about Syria, Ukraine and BRICS but there could be other examples.

In Syria, Russia helped stop our regime change operation that intended to bring along with it the Qatar-Turkey pipeline and the creation of the western quarter of Greater Kurdistan.

In Ukraine our regime change operation took place immediately after the Ukrainian people decided they wanted no part of the European Union and the new IMF loans that came along with the deal.

And in regards to the BRICS nations… well, that speaks for itself.

And there are the interests of our neoliberal and Likudnik friends in London and Tel Aviv to think about as well.

These are the “national interests” Paul Ryan and President Obama speak of. They wont specify what they are because Americans are not likely to want to charge into global war over oil and banking hegemony since it’s their loved ones who will be fighting it, not Ryan’s or Obama’s. In fact, Sec. Kerry just lamented recently that it’s a “problem” that Americans are getting tired of sending their kids off to fight and die in these wars. You think I’m kidding?

And a lot of Americans don’t believe we should be fighting and sending young Americans over to die in another country. That’s the problem.” Sec. of State John Kerry

That’s the problem. We’re tired of sending our children to fight and die in other countries for the lies of corrupt people and the profits of our “national interests”. That, according to the Secretary of State in the Obama regime, is “the problem”.

Gee. I guess they need more motivation, huh? Lucky Larry been buying anymore buildings recently?

In response to the growing criticism of the New McCarthyites’ claims about Russian hacking (specifically that there is no credible evidence proving such a claim) the Obama regime (and lets face it.. they deserve that designation a lot more than Syria’s government does) has cobbled together a joint “study” from the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI laying out their evidence.

Across the media landscape, this is all you are hearing about today. “FBI and DHS lay out PROOF of Russian Hacking!” … so take that you unAmerican Putin-apologists!

Of course.. those very same MSM outlets have yet to report on the very first thing listed on the very first page of that 15 page report:

“Everything in this report is bullshit” DHS

 “this report is provided “as is” for informational purposes only. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information contained within.”

In other words… the report is complete bullshit. Useless. Meaningless. Propaganda. No one stands by it. It’s a lie. More lies. More lies from agencies that constantly lie. Iraq WMDs anyone? Colin Powell at the UNSC ring any bells?

Total.. fucking… bullshit.

And that is the top of the header of the first damn page and not one single MSM outlet makes any mention of that disclaimer in their reporting this morning.

You can go over to Zero Hedge and read an evaluation he did of the main “proof” in the report. As expected, there is no real proof.

“So with that useful background in mind, we present some more notable excerpts from the report, where we get an introduction to the alleged Russian “parties” –  APT and APT 28. and note that nowhere in the report is it actually confirmed that these are the two alleged hackers or that they were instructed to “hack” the DHS (or the election as Obama puts it) by the Kremlin.” Zero Hedge

Russia, Turkey and Iran have come together with Syria and some of the so-called “opposition” groups to hash out a cease-fire deal that may actually hold some promise of ending a good part of the violence taking place in Syria over the past 5 years of Obama’s regime change operation.

Notably, the United States is not involved in it nor is al-Qaeda, “ISIS” or the Kurds who want to bust off a piece of the country to make Greater Kurdistan.

Coincidence? No.

It’s also not a coincidence that this act of diplomatic aggression backed by pure official propaganda from DHS and the FBI happens to take place at this particular moment in time. We can expect the CIA and the Pentagon to do what they typically do when the prospect of peace breaks out in a country they are working to destabilize and assimilate. Last time we “accidentally” attacked Syrian troops killing a number of them in an all out act of war. When that didn’t seem to take, we got our terrorists in Syria to attack a UN aid convoy.

Russia has just announced the expulsion of 35 of our diplomats from their country as a retaliation to Obama’s move. They didn’t bother making up a fake “Grizzly Lie” report to justify their actions. They didn’t have to.

The covering energy is strong with this one folks. The MSM outlets are starting to ridicule and even imply treason to those who question the validity of the “evidence” involved in this latest McCarthism move.  They are beside themselves this morning ranting about da ebil Rooooskies and how they stole the election from Queen Killary. It is remarkable, scary and entirely predictable. They will jockey for opportunities to climb the old corporate ladders by fabricating greater and greater levels of panicked propaganda and angry feigned moral outrage at anyone who dares question the official line coming from the current regime in D.C.

McCarthy couldn’t have done it any better. Goebbels couldn’t have done it any better. Cheney couldn’t have done it any better.

But for those of you who are still interested in truth, understand this: it has nothing to do with Hillary being the worst candidate they could possibly have run against Donald Trump… the only living Democrat who could have lost to him.

It has everything to do with Russia getting between us and our Project for a New American Century and this last official move of Obama’s only goes to show just how much of a war-mongering neocon he really is.

6 Responses

  1. Obama is like that spoiled rotten brat, when told to eat his veggies, holds his breath till his face turns red.

    Red? OMG, Obama’s a Rooskie!

  2. Very good, Scott! Glad to see you’re back on game, in fine form …
    Shouldn’t that be, “Russian ambassador to Turkey … “?

  3. Reblogged this on The war on Syria.

  4. It’s about continuing to convince us that Russia opposes global oligarchy. But a true opponent has a differing ideology, and projects a different future. Russia under Putin embraces neoliberalism, the WTO, and the Fed/IMF system which prevents Russia and every other country labelled “developing” from issuing their own currency and credits in the amounts needed for development. Instead, the amount of their OWN currency which may be issued is restricted to an amount equivalent to the dollar value of their export earnings.

    This produces unnecessary trade, starving internal markets in order to earn export dollars– and the debt slavery in which many countries find themselves.

    When Putin came to power there were no Russian billionaires; today there are 110 and the top few percent of Russians control 74% of its wealth. It is far more efficient for the Western oligarchs to co-opt the Russian and Chinese ones than to conquer their countries. Indeed. they have been at great pains to build up China w billions of dollars of investment & technology transfers over decades. (See Corbett Report’s China & the NWO, and his other China articles).

    The US continues to purposely expose itself as evil so that when the East wins, we will go willingly into “the multipolar world”– really global governance with regional administration.

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