Neoliberal News of the Day: Tweets Edition

by Scott Creighton

After writing this morning and yet still recovering from my cold or whatever it was, I wanted to do a Neoliberal News of the Day for you guys but am too tired to write it all out. However, there is some interesting stuff on my Twitter feed this morning so I thought I would post a few of them after the break.

Here’s some of the handiwork of Obama’s “moderate” regime change mercenaries in Syria.

If you ever had any questions about whether or not the Young Turks were controlled opposition, I’ll just leave this here. Shaun King, by the way, is the Soros owned and operated destabilization disrupter famous for Black Lives Matter. Now he’s on Young Turks. Wow.

Elizabeth “Sellout” Warren is apparently being groomed for higher positions in the unDemocratic Party of the future. Look at her doing her best Obama pose.

Apparently in Turkey everyone knows “ISIS” is just a creation of US/NATO/Israeli interests so much so our embassy has to put out press statements saying they aren’t. That’ll fool ’em.

Donald Trump. Just the right kind of vapid, soulless, self-centered and insipid president Israel needed at this tough time in their landgrabbing history.

No evidence needed for President Peace Prize. Can’t you see his damn Peace Prize!?!

4 Responses

  1. Wow. Just wow. It looks like there won’t be another bit of truth coming from the mainstream.

  2. an epiphany ! my suicidal inclinations suddenly ceased!

    now . it. is suddenly. all. grand.

    OrangeTop will BRING IT TO A BOIL ! Hurrah

  3. scientifically speaking…helper skelter Eat the Richest where they live

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