Daily News’ Kuntzman Praises Murder of Andrey Karlov – Lovingly Compares it to Event That Provided Pretext for Kristallnacht and the Holocaust

by Scott Creighton

Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov’s assassination was barely three days ago and yet the rhetoric surrounding it has already become vile here in the land of the big neoliberal PX.

Over at the NY Daily News, a columnist not only excuses the brutal murder of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, he applauds it and even suggests he would like too see more Russian dignitaries murdered in cold blood across the globe. The obligatory reference to Hitler is made of course.

“As Vladimir Putin’s man in Turkey, Karlov was the public face of that murderous dictator’s war crimes around the globe and of oppression at home. Andrei Karlov is the human embodiment of policies that deployed bunker busters to kill babies, sent fighter planes on scorched earth bombing runs that destroyed a whole city, aided Syrian madman Bashar al-Assad in his campaign that has killed hundreds of thousands, and even ordered attacks on UN aid workers…

After watching the death of Karlov, I could not help but remember the case of Ernst vom Rath, the Nazi ambassador to France, who was gunned down inside his consulate by a Jewish student in 1938…

That era’s politicians fiddled while Hitler burned down Europe, so it took a nobody named Herschel Grynszpan to stand up for freedom and make a powerful statement that evil must be fought whether in a conference room or on a battlefield” Gersh Kuntzman

I would be remiss if I failed to point out that Kuntzman is Jewish and his murderous hero from 1938 is also of that same religious order.

Kurt Nimmo over at Another Day in the Empire does a good job reporting on this overtly fascist sounding diatribe from Mr. Kuntzman and he explains the connection between the ownership of the Daily News and the Clinton/CIA regime quite nicely. Of course Russia is only being charged with what we actually do in the Middle East. Russia is simply there to stop our CIA’s “moderate” terrorists from forcing a regime change in Syria, which apparently really pisses off Gersh “The Mockingbird” Kuntzman.

But what Kurt fails to mention, and what Cuntman fails to mention about his analogy is this:

Herschel Feibel Grynszpan (German: Hermann Grünspan; 28 March 1921 — last rumoured to be alive 1946, declared dead 1960) was a Polish-Jewish refugee, born in Germany. His assassination of the Nazi[1] German diplomat Ernst vom Rath on 7 November 1938 in Paris provided the Nazis with the pretext for the Kristallnacht, the antisemitic pogrom of 9–10 November 1938. Grynszpan was seized by the Gestapo after the Fall of France and brought to Germany.

What followed the assassination of Ernst vom Rath goes well beyond Kristallnacht and the reported 91 Jews who were killed those two nights.

Kristallnacht was followed by additional economic and political persecution of Jews, and it is viewed by historians as part of Nazi Germany’s broader racial policy, and the beginning of the Final Solution and The Holocaust.[8]

Used as a pretext to demonize the Jews of Poland, France and Germany, Herschel Grynszpan’s killing of the German ambassador to France set in motion a plan that the Nazis had already concocted that ended up becoming the Holocaust. So in terms of creating a atmosphere in Germany conducive to such an operation, the assassination fit the bill perfectly.

Seems kind of odd that a Jewish writer in New York would miss the real significance of that cold blooded murder back in November of ’38.

Kuntzman also misrepresents Grynszpan’s status at the time, writing that he was “a student” when he killed the German ambassador. Nothing could be further from the truth. He was actually a vagabond running around in France illegally and he and his family had just been picked up by local police along with about 12,000 other Jews in France and essentially kicked out of the country.

That’s right… Kuntzman’s hero assassin was actually… a refugee.

“Initially, Grynszpan lived a carefree, bohemian life as a “poet of the streets”, spending his days aimlessly wandering the streets of Paris reciting Yiddish poems to himself; Grynszpan’s two biggest interests other than exploring Paris were hanging out in coffeehouses and going to the cinema.[6][8] Grynszpan spent this period trying to get legal residence in France, without which he could not work or study legally, but was rejected by French officials. His re-entry permit for Germany expired in April 1937 and his Polish passport expired in January 1938, leaving him without legal papers….

In August 1938 the German authorities announced that all residence permits for foreigners were being cancelled and would have to be renewed. This was in reaction to a Polish decree which was to take away the Polish citizenship of Jews living outside the country, including those in Germany. A few days before that decree was to come into force, on 26 October, the Gestapo was ordered to arrest and deport all Polish Jews residing in Germany immediately. The Grynszpan family was among the estimated 12,000 Polish Jews arrested, stripped of their property, and herded aboard trains headed for Poland…

The Grynszpans and thousands of other Polish-Jewish deportees stranded at the border were fed by the Polish Red Cross.[13] Conditions for the hapless refugees trapped out in the open on the German-Polish frontier were extremely bad.”

One can understand why the Daily News wouldn’t want Kuntzman to point out his murdering hero’s refugee status these days. The sanctity of the refugees currently being shipped into this country must not be challenged. They offer Big Business a lot of cheap labor and we wouldn’t want to hurt Big Business now would we?

Whether you believe Grynszpan acted alone or was employed by the Nazis (or just picked up and used as a patsy) one thing is for sure: his murder of vom Rath set in motion something that was undoubtedly far worse for the people of Europe, France and Germany than anything they had suffered before it. And it came at just the right time for the Nazis.

“Grynszpan was distraught that his action was used by the Nazis as a ‘justification’ for further violent assaults on the German Jews (although his own family, having already been deported to the Polish border, were safe from this particular manifestation of Nazi anti-Semitism). The assassination of vom Rath was a pretext for the launch of the pogrom. The Nazi government had been planning violence against the Jews for some time and were waiting for an appropriate pretext.[21]

Now we have a situation in Turkey in which a member of their Special Operations police force appears to have been either working security for the event or pretending to have been, taking the life of a beloved Russian ambassador in front of a bunch of cameras.

Who cares what he shouts and what he spouts for public consumption on that video. Anyone can say anything to deflect their darker purpose and they often do.

The fact that the Special Police are then reported to have killed him… off camera of course… and staged his death scene plays right into the hands of those who would believe this act was orchestrated by hands far more powerful than those of some idiot 22-year-old Turkish cop “inspired by ISIS”.

In Turkey a couple narratives are taking shape:

  1. The US/CIA/NATO agents still working in Turkey are responsible for this act
  2. The US-backed Gulenists did it
  3. All of the above

No one over there believes he was “radicalized” by “ISIS” and the official position of both Turkey and Russia is now coming out.

“Turkey blamed the murder of Russia’s ambassador to the country on a US-based a cleric on Tuesday, as both Ankara and Moscow vowed the killing would not undermine a fragile alliance between them.

Turkey’s foreign minister on Tuesday told John Kerry, the U.S. Secretary of State, that Ankara and Moscow believe followers of Fethullah Gulen were behind the killing of Andrei Karlov on Monday.

“Turkey and Russia know that behind the attack… there is FETO,” Mevlut Cavusoglu told Mr Kerry, referring to Turkey’s acronym for Mr Gulen’s organisation, the state-run Anadolu news agency said.” Telegraph

The Gulenists were behind the failed coup in Turkey a couple months ago. But remember, they are only a tool of Western might much like the Saudis and their Wahhabist terrorists.

This is why they were sought out and expelled from the Turkish military and positions of authority in the Turkish government after the coup failed (probably with the help of the Russians)

So it is definitely an interesting comparison when the war-mongering, New McCarthyist Kuntzman brings up Grynszpan isn’t it? Not for the ridiculous reasons he suggests but because its quite possible and even probable that the event was staged for effect, one way or another, and could and probably will lead to a sort of Turkish Kristallnacht.

What Kuntzman is doing is trying to make Mevlut Mert Altintas and all the other Gulenist traitors in Turkey seem like sympathetic characters. To do that he is invoking the Jews of the Holocaust and Adolf Hitler.

This obvious Mockingbird effort leads me to believe there is a very good likelihood that the murder was concocted by the CIA/NATO as payback for Russia helping Syria liberate Aleppo. The scripted statement he made for the camera that AP journalist conveniently left running (and even zoomed out before leaving it so it would capture the whole performance) about swearing allegiance to “ISIS” or some other such nonsense also leads me to that conclusion.

Kuntzman’s logic (if you want to call it that) is extremely short sighted and the kind that is always employed by friends of empire.

Can you imaging the outcry if someone wrote that US ambassadors should be killed on sight after we illegally invaded and occupied Afghanistan and Iraq? Or after we bombed Libya into a stone-aged mess and sent murderous terrorists to Syria to destabilize it? Could you imagine the outcry if someone from Russia Today made such a suggestion?

Could you imagine how writers like Kuntzman would react if a writer in Iran suggesting murdering Israeli ambassadors after their three bombing campaigns against the Palestinian people in Gaza?

There are a lot of people currently calling out the Daily News and Kuntzman over this incredibly insensitive and despicable article. I am just one of many.

The Daily News should print a retraction and promise to never hire that idiot again. Let him do his pro-gun-grabbing stunts and stage his pathetic little plays off-off-off-Broadway somewhere and keep him away from any publications of consequence because not only is he extremely offensive, he’s also apparently not a very good researcher.

A writer of Jewish heritage should probably refrain from writing sympathetically about the guy who provided the exact pretext for the Holocaust the Nazis needed at the exact time they needed it. Especially when you consider that guy was eventually caught by the Nazis and ended up living a long life afterward.

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  1. Just to be clear, do you believe the “holocaust” actually happened? Do you believe that “kristallnacht” was a Nazi operation, and not a false flag event with exaggerations, perpetrated by Jewish extremists connected with the LICRA group in France? (LICRA still exists today.)

    I don’t wish to start any kind of debate, or make any further comments on this. I’m just curious, that’s all.

    • Kraut-baiting?

    • No, Elizabeth, I do not believe a jewish holocaust is what happened, but you should not be blamed for setting off a jejune rant.

      Here is the actual holohoax backstory from prima facie sources, not taught in any of my schools, especially not in Newton, which was always closed when I attended. The story goes back to just before the three phony, staged world wars, of which the jewish invented ‘six million’ holohoax was but one illusion among so many.

      What I do believe is that Albert Pike was a high mason in the US, Inc., in 1871 a few months after the incorporation/dissolution of the original organic united states. Pike was tasked by his handlers to convey to his associate in Italian organized crime, the founder of the mafia, Mazzini, the Illuminist plot to install a luciferian world order aka synagogue of satan mentioned in the Bible. I believe that Pike was frontrunning the ‘work’ of tribal lending, Deuteronomy and civil war in the US because that is what the masonry had been doing in Europe and the Americas since the time of the Illuminati. Their roots in luciferianism can be traced back through Zevi, Frank, and the Rothschilds, called kings of the jews. The Rothschilds were the Balfour kingpins setting up Israel. They similarly set up the united states and other secular democratic republics using masons who to a man were Deuteronomists. Judaism as a codification goes back to the Torah (Genesis, Esther, and especially Deuteronomy), the first written mosaic code, and therefore the Torah is the original definition of judaism. Torah provides prima facie political identity of the followers of yahweh (Abrahamic human sacrifice) as an ‘essential’ nation within all nations.


      The flag of Israel is none other than the Rothschild’s Frankfurt astarte, a counterfeiting of Sarasvati’s shatkona. It represents Esther, the nation within other nations, Purim and backstabbing the host nation. Isis, Ishtar, Esther, and Isis Ra Hell are the same identity.

      I believe HItler was a Rothschild and he carried out the wishes of the Warburgs who financed him along with the Bushes in the US, Inc which had by that time fallen to the Federal Reserve system triggering world wars and income taxation. If the Nazis had been genuine opponents of the Torah, they would not have facilitated machine gun factories in Palestine under the transfer agreement and there would have been no need to carry out Gliwice to start WWII and Reichstag to gain power in Germany, which was left destroyed by the jewish financed allies. Hitler’s banker Schact set up BIS residing in Basel the seat of the first world zionist conference. The holohoax in Germany was the single biggest lie used by judaism to establish jewish nationalism in Palestine on stolen land. The guns Hitler produced for jewish nationalism were used in the Nakba. Stern gang infamously offered to fight for the Nazis in WWII.

      Thus the phony three world wars only had one purpose and that was in connection to zion or jewish nationalism involving a return to Palestine and restoration of the temple under a luciferian messiah, Mosiach could be someone like Bibi Netanyahu, Trump and Silverman’s best friend. This is what ‘unified Jerusalem’ and moving the embassy is all about. They have ‘pulled it’ on us. The one world order spoken of by Pike is here/still congealing on us as cash is withdrawn globally from the date of the election. All assets will eventually be issued and transacted by global banks who will legally own everything. This condition is none other than mark of the beast and full spectrum domination. 11/9 was therefor a long planned and pivotal date almost as significant as the Israeli falseflag on 9/11.

      According to Bollyn, Bibi and Ehud Olmert were present on 9/11 in NYC. Bibi was the only head of state who pronounced that atrocity as ‘very good’. An Israeli TV show revealed that Mossad agents arrested in NYC were sent to document the event. Thus Bibi who poses as such a friend of the US, warmly congratulating Trump/Kushner’s ‘victory’, was privy to the information of a huge terror attack in NYC, since his Mossad agents knew in advance. Bibi of the standing Congress ovations said nothing to prevent the attack. A barbarian at the gate is more to be feared….but that is the whole point.

      Clearly, backstabbing of the host on 9/11 was necessary to kickstart the process Bibi had unveiled at the Jonathan Conference in 1979 just as Soviet puppets compliantly invaded Afghanistan to set up the mujahideen archtype and a mullahcracy puppetshow was installed in Iran under Merkazi JPM CIA the company with a cute hostage situation to set up the phony clash of civilizations foretold by Pike. Pike described WWIII as zion vs islam, dragging in the whole world to ruin, enthroning lucifer. Bibi’s employer in America was the Rothschilds. GHW Bush spoke at the Jonathan Conference. GHW and even teenage GW Bush were photographed at Dealey Plaza on 11/22, a few months after JFK issued sovereign currency and outlined his plan for world peace.

      No I don’t believe any of the world wars were genuine conflicts. All were carefully staged provocations of ritual human sacrifice. If any war had been organic, there would have been no need of Lusitanias and Pearl Harbors, Twin Tower detcord, Tonkins or Maines.

      The plain fact is what Jefferson said, if we allow proprietary tribal central banking in America, we will wind up homeless in the land of our birth. A swarm of jackals will eat our lunch. We might make a deal with the devil and write a book about it, while whoring our our shiksas. Or, a swarm of mind controlled shabos goyim might eat high fructose GMOs, drink whatever is killing the marine life on the West Coast, watch TV, hit up Black Friday, and go on a witch hunt for the few truth tellers left in the system who want to exercise their first amendment right (under a Columbine corporation) to speak freely or their second amendment right to self defend. Tell me if you see that is not what is happening before our eyes. I can barely take a nap.

      “We attacked Iraq on Purim-and Bush said ‘today’s the day-because we are a judaeo -Christian (sic) nation”- General Colon Bowel 2003.

      So enjoy your rigged game and rigged history, those of you (present company excluded) who hate the truth and want sick devils ruling you under the protocol of Talmudic abominations Just keep allowing them to lie to your two faces about the Holohoax, Sandy Hoax, 9/11, and who invented WMD. Never forget, the devil’s work that Einstein did was not just in drafting the Einstein Tzeilard letter it was frontrunning Israel and world governance.

      I would not believe any of the false history out there because at this point of losing logos, peace, and the natural order into the hands of debauched Illuminati, we are gazing into a churning abyss. There is no upside to further illusion or identification with the whirlpool of lies. Since Pizzagate we have known of actual luciferians, shabos goyim who tie up children at tables to rape them. There is no longer any point to selling ourselves out to those who promote the dark night of human decay and dysfunctionality. We need a new realism underpinning humanity.

      The natural laws were enacted by our DNA to cope with all possible scenarios and all weathers. We cannot reinvent extinct actors or beat the house when the game is rigged. We are up against those who destroy others to retain sole franchise of money issuance and political power. It is no coincidence Prisoner’s Dilemma involves bankers as judges nor that Levitical scribes wrote Deuteronomy. No amount of cargo will annul a game strategy that leads to extinction no matter how many rules are changed to support big lies.

      Without sole franchise on money issuance, the luciferian cartel would crumple like a cheap suit. Only the obedience of slaves keeps in power an Aztec priesthood ripping our beating hearts out. Inevitably at some point, a Sampsonian lender-of-last-resort strategy does collapse ruining so, so many. At that point each heart and mind turns inward and seeks to know just how far from a point of equilibrium, Deuteronomy has taken humanity. However at that very point, according to Pike, judas goats will provide a ‘reset’ luring innocents into pedophilia, bestiality, RFID tats, communism, and the brave new world of business as usual only without any real money or property to speak of. Stakeholdings will be erased and a new ‘sharing’ will come in via bank bail ins. Would you not want to support your local agencies of redistribution? You will have no choice. It’s to be the masonic order out of chaos….appealing to debtors more than the solvency built on the old natural law rationale of fair dealing.

      Some believe there is a reptilian brain lurking in people that has been triggered by hunger for the blessing or curse of the dark side…I believe that political science has been studied and engineered for ten thousand years with calculated misdirection by judas goats. The result is a cold business model that leads in the end to ruined hosts and eventually, after early success, to ruined predators. It is no coincidence that Freud landed in America just before the Federal Reserve act, announcing himself as the plague. His nephew coined modern propaganda or PR. Torah is based on flawed game theory. It leads to Samson only, although computer simulations do take many iterative unfoldings before skepticism can reign. In the end I do not see how any people anywhere will ever again allow the luciferian ruin to hold so much power over them, but it’s only a republic if you can keep it.

      Cultural intensifications almost always beget hierarchy and inequality. In jewish dominated communism, fake capitalism, phony socialism, and blends of all of them, some are always more equal than others according to yahweh’s injunctions on goyim in Deuteronomy. America as a Columbine enterprise was founded on a certain supremacy that leveraged the guns, germs and steel of resurgent western culture. Dial back intensification, dial up truth, and humanity can be guided by its better intentions and real contracts. JFK in his awakening in May 63, grokked the implications for sailing out of a storm.

      Trump blames islam for 9/11 and expands islamic war making capability. Putin is intent on fighting Islamic terror the falseflag bogey ‘Isis’ of his Chabad handlers. Putin puts up ‘Satan’ aimed at human mass destruction, and Kanyakumari, yet tribal agents in alt media frontrun him as a rational conterbalance to the Yinon Plan, which in fact he assists as much as possible warring after islamics in Pike’s WWIII. Eretz Israel is very happy with Putin who will not defend Syrian airspace despite the ballyhoo around advanced Russian weaponry. All proprietary financed nations and their paid off cadres do the same sick dance. It is a rigged game in the Pikean stageset. India went over to proprietary lending after its sovereign rupee fell under attack in the early nineties. That is why Modi can shaft his own people-he works for Ishtar, the Rothschild tribal nation. The Mumbai falseflag blaming islam was run out of a Chabad House. Look it up.

      The recent Russian ambassador hit, it goes without saying, is totally fake. This proves without a doubt Putin is a made man in the mafia.

      A major real holocaust (vs. fake tribal holohoax) in WWII occurred when the merkins under their Federal Reserve lending scheme targeted a Christian cathedral in Nagasaki as ground zero. Their planes overflew military infrastructure in the harbor three miles away-never bombed that installation in fact. Hiroshima, Dresden, Holomodor, the german camps under Eisenhower, depleted uranium, 3/11, cancer, autism, bailins, destruction of families, religion, health care and education-there were and are so many real holocausts preempted by phony jewish victimhood and their phony global stageset.

    • The holocaust is exaggerated but this assassination looks faker than the holocaust.

  2. Well, if Wikipedia says so then it MUST be true!

    • I’m referring to the explanation of the Grynszpan episode, as quoted by Scott here.

      • are you suggesting Grynszpan didn’t shoot him? That he was a “student” as Kuntzman wrote? Or maybe you are saying he and his family weren’t rounded up and expelled from France along with thousands of other people. I’m not exactly sure where you find fault in this aspect of what I wrote simply because it comes from Wikipedia. All of that info is well known fact. It’s like you’re saying I would be remiss to suggest Christmas falls on Dec. 25th because I cite Wikipedia as a reference. Just because it’s on their page doesn’t mean by default it isn’t true.

        • I myself do not dispute that Herschel Grynszpan shot Ernst vom Rath in Paris, which was (and still is) the headquarters of the “International League against Anti-Semitism.”

          By 1938 this group had 20,000 Jewish members in France (including Grynszpan) who fought against the National Socialists.

          The two questions I asked above were separate, and I was hoping for a yes or no answer. But if no one wants to answer, then I have my answer. These two questions make people panic more than any other questions we can ask about any conceivable subject. I only asked them because the topic was discussed in the post above.

          • personally speaking, i believe that kristallnact happened & was a nazi operation, though i accept the possibility it may have been exaggerated after the war. my belief regarding the holocaust is that the basic narrative is an exaggeration/lie: i believe the camps were not designed or used for mass-murder, but rather for forced labor of those considered undesirable by the reich. there’s no doubt that many people died in the camps due to hunger & typhus & outright murder, but the 6 million figure cannot be substantiated by an examination of the forensic data.

            if people are afraid to question the events of the holocaust, it’s because of pc nonsense & the numbers of people who’ll inevitably accuse you of being an anti-semite & tell you the holocaust is established fact, etc. and understandably, most people don’t want to be associated in any way with nazis.

        • Groan…. Scott, you rarely fail to disappoint when called to defend some of your more indulgent digressions. “are you suggesting… didn’t shoot him!?!”

          Something triggers you to default to the most sophomoric and sophistic logically fallacious reasoning when you’re prompted to defend yourself.

          “…a plan that the Nazis had already concocted that ended up becoming….. THE HOLOCAUST!©®”…………………DAH Dah dah……

          Uh, wasn’t it just you who was talking about men’s nuts being kicked to pulp while their families were threatened for months on end in order to extract the “genocidal ambitions” of the Nazi’s at Nuremberg?

          The Jews declared war on Germany, economic and otherwise, months before WWII started. Germany only began including Jews with the state enemies being sequestered and expelled after Jewish antagonism had grown to the point it could no longer be ignored. It was incited, largely from the outside, deliberately by the World Zionist Congress, who also refused to assist in relocating the now captive Jews. Germany acknowledged innocents would be swept up as a result, and still at this point there were numerous Jews populating the ranks of the German government and Socialist party.

          These ‘in situ’ Jews were used to accomplish an end, just as the mizrahim throughout the ME were incited to become so intolerable that their host countries would want to be rid of them, to accomplish the dual goal of padding the demographics to justify stealing a huge tract of land in Palestine, and to “prove” antisemitism was so common in these countries that Jews needed a “Jewish State” to retreat to for safety. If they couldn’t be goaded into open rebellion against their hosts socially and politically, they were victimized by “antisemitic” Mossad false flag attacks until they felt sufficiently intimidated to move to Zion..

          In light of that I suppose you did mean to write “I would be remiss to point out that Kuntzman is Jewish”
          As in “I would be irresponsible to point out that Kuntzman is Jewish”

          We know what you’re driving at with this article, but you can’t slip back and forth between mainstream history and revisionism as it suits you. I mean, you can, but it doesn’t look too slick.

          If I were there Scott I would bring you a plate of cookies and plant a big wet kiss on your cheek, after I finished lecturing you like a child.

          • what the fuck are you talking about?

            “Uh, wasn’t it just you who was talking about men’s nuts being kicked to pulp while their families were threatened for months on end in order to extract the “genocidal ambitions” of the Nazi’s at Nuremberg?”

            Uh. Do you have a source for this? Because my memory isn’t what it used to be but I don’t remember writing that.

            Let me see if I can explain this… um, no, the Jews didn’t bring it on themselves and no, the Jews weren’t the real masterminds behind WWII, the Holocaust and slave-labor work camps. Yes there were some internationally aiding and abetting the rise of Nazi Germany (my inference in the article suggests the assassin from ’38 for example) and yes, there were some who provided assistance in Germany itself. But no, “the JeeEEeeEEeeeews” weren’t behind it all pulling the strings.

            And yes, to that other readers comment, there was such a thing as the Holocaust. No, they didn’t just ship them off and gas them, yes there were forced labor camps with hundreds of thousands of captive slave laborers who starved and died of disease and other such things over the course of many years of suffering. There were hundreds of thousands still alive barely when liberated by mostly Soviet armies moving through eastern Europe and Germany. Millions did die. Many were Jewish. Many were other left-wing liberal types like gays and gypsies and professors and the like. But it did happen and though more Soviets died in WWII than victims of the Holocaust, there were still millions who suffered and perished in ways few can possibly understand today.

            And no, I do not believe kristallnacht was a Jewish false flag operation. If it was it was the worst planned false flag in the history of mankind. Didn’t really make the Jews into sympathetic characters if you ask me.

            My point about Kuntzman being Jewish is simple: it is to point out just how far these war-monger Mockingbird Likudniks have veered from the mainstream of Jewish intelligentsia not that long ago and too suggest he doesn’t seem to have learned any lessons from the past.

            You know, the black and white of mainstream history vs revisionism doesn’t suit me that well. I don’t see it as an either/or equation. I think there is a simpler answer than “da ebil Nazis did it” and “da JeeEeeeEeEEeeEEws did it”

            There are all kinds of fucking fascists. They come from all sorts of backgrounds and religions. Take this Daily News reporter for instance. He’s a wannabe play-write. Did you know that? A real liberal artsy-fartsy type. Who just also happens to like pissing off certain segments of the population on behalf of whatever agenda they have in mind at the time. He got into a lot of hot water when he did his little gun-grabbing AK-47 test a while back. You should look into that.

            Point is, he doesn’t give a shit about Judaism any more than that 22-year-old Turkish cop gives a shit about “ISIS”

            But he is a goddamned fascist. We know that much. And when you point out his insensitivity to the history of the Jewish people like I just did, that kinda shows him for what he really is.

            So, I hate to have to break it down like this for you, but since you are lecturing me like a child, I figure I might have to talk to you like one.

            You can keep your cookies and I think you already know what you can do with them.

          • https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/remiss

            You’re both wrong. The original sentence was, “I would be remiss to point out that Kuntzman is Jewish” The meaning of that is actually 180 degrees in error of what Scott intended to write. It should be, “I would be remiss NOT to point out that Kuntzman is Jewish.” The usage of “remiss” is shown here: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/remiss

            • that is correct. my bad. I will fix that in article. thanks

            • fixed. now reads:

              “I would be remiss if I failed to point out that Kuntzman is Jewish and his murderous hero from 1938 is also of that same religious order.”

              thanks again. I often leave out words or entire phrases that I think when I write it but my hands dont type fast enough so it seems they skip a line or two. I need a proof reader.

          • And it’s obvious what you are driving at. And it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue but in reality, if this was your website would you really want to keep driving ? It’s a sad state of affairs that it’s come to this in America but has bara (sic) has effectively chilled dissenting journalism.

  3. Wrote to that idiot and got an auto reply:

    I am receiving a high volume of emails from my column on Monday about the death of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov. I apologize for writing a form letter, but the high number of emails I am receiving makes it impossible for me to respond personally to every email. But rest assured, I have read your comments and absorbed them.

    For some reason, readers believe that I wanted the ambassador dead. That is not what I wrote nor what I feel. I abhor violence in all its forms. My only goal in writing the story was to remind readers that governments that inflict pain and war across the globe — in this case, Vladimir Putin’s war-crime-committing regime — should not be surprised when pain and war is inflicted back upon them.

    Many readers also inferred that I ignore American atrocities. I assure you, I do not. There have been many recent examples of terror attacks on American soil, and assassinations overseas, that also did not surprise me. The U.S., while mostly a beacon of good, sometimes makes mistakes overseas that encourage the victims to retaliate. We are the ones, after all, who are engaging in a War on Terror. It should be no surprise that the targets of that war are fighting back.

    Please do not willfully misunderstand my article as calling for violence — it was not such a call. It was merely an attempt to understand that we should not be surprised when victims fight back. What I’m seeing from the preponderance of my emails today is that many Americans are troubled when the victims who are fighting back are Muslim — even when they strike at Russian targets.

    My, how the world has changed, huh?

    Others among you pointed out that if I condone violence against the Russian ambassador for his country’s war crimes against Syria than I am also condoning the murder of U.S. Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi. Alas, those two cases are not similar at all, as our country was not engaging in war crimes in Libya. In fact, we were helping to overthrow a murderous regime. That makes all the difference to me.

    Thank you for writing. I have read your email, even though I could not respond personally.

    PS: Those of you who merely mocked my surname should try to be more coherent and articulate. Believe me, I’ve heard it all before.


    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

    • “I abhor violence in all its forms.” ~ Gersh Kuntzman

      “Me too!” ~ Netanyahu

      “Me too!” ~ the Syrian head choppers

      “Me too!” ~ All the neocons

      “Me too!” ~ John McCain

      “Me too!” ~ Hillary “nuke Iran” Clinton

      “Me too!” ~ Hannibal Lektor

      “Me too!” ~ Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de Sade

  4. Maybe KUNTzman should grab a rifle and go fight – or is everyone else supposed to do that for him?

  5. That’s a lot of tough talk from a “journalist” who wrote an article about how firing an AR-15 gave him PTSD. Kuntzman is a joke and a disgrace.

  6. Strange timing

    Dec. 18 About Grynszpan who killed ambassador Ernst vom Rath in 1938
    Sensational finding that Grynszpan survided the war!

    Dec. 19 Russian ambassador assassinated

    Dec. 20 Gersh Kunzman in NY Daily News writes
    “After watching the death of Karlov, I could not help but remember the case of Ernst vom Rath, a Nazi diplomat in France, who was gunned down inside his consulate by a Jewish student in 1938.” and obviously finds the killing of Karlov somewhat justified.


  7. Russian Ambassador’s killing looks phoney, especially what the cameraman was doing. IMO there was no part of the video we were shown that was unmistakably real. Here’s Russianvids on it:

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