These Days Every CIA Psyop Has to Get a Hollywood Movie – Clooney to Make “White Helmets” Blockbuster

by Scott Creighton

These days every CIA psyop has to get a Hollywood movie. The powers that be figure once an American audience sees something on the big screen, they believe it to be true no matter how stupid and full of holes their propaganda script was. Here’s a partial list:

  • United 93 – 2006 – Promotion of the “let’s roll” story from the cell phones that couldn’t work on planes back in 2001 at that altitude
  • Argo – 2012 – Story of CIA agents pretending to be film-makers in Iran
  • Zero Dark Thirty – 2012 – CIA production backing phony “death of bin Laden” story
  • Pussy Riot: The Movement – 2013 – Failed Clinton/CIA color revolution in Russia
  • The Fifth Estate – 2013 – CIA Wikileaks psyop
  • Captain Phillips – 2013 – The psyop was to get US citizens behind extended military action in Africa to combat “da ebil pirates”
  • Rosewater – 2014 – Jon Stewart’s Mossad/CIA effort to demonize Iran and set it on course for regime change
  • The Interview – 2014 – Makes demonizing and destabilizing North Korea on behalf of the CIA into something fun to laugh at.
  • He Named Me Malala – 2015 – phony story about 10-year-old getting shot in head with AK-47 and going on to lead the global school privatization movement
  • Miss Sloane – 2016 – Glorifying an “anything goes” lobbyist’s efforts to push unconstitutional gun control
  • 13 Hours – 2016 – Fixing the story of Benghazi which was really about launching a larger “war on terror” across Africa
  • Snowden – 2016 – privatizing the surveillance state via CISA and the USA Freedom Act

This list doesn’t include CIA produced films that are intended to make joining the CIA seem cool and exciting. Nor does it include revisionist history efforts by the CIA to cover their tracks or to rewrite the history of various world events. Nor does it cover “hearts and minds” propaganda efforts. Examples of these are films like The Hurt Locker, American Sniper, Battleship, Iron Man, the Sum of All Fears… etc. etc. etc.

Today we can add another new project to the CIA psyops library of Hollywood propaganda efforts thanks to George Clooney. He intends to make a big Hollywood feature film about the “hearts and minds” campaign known as the White Helmets.

George Clooney is in early development on a feature version of Netflix’s “The White Helmets” documentary about first responders in Syria.

Clooney and producing partner Grant Heslov are seeking a writer through their Smokehouse Pictures production company. CAA is representing the rights to the documentary.” Variety

Whenever I hear the name “George Clooney” I throw up on myself. The guy is the biggest wholesale sellout to the CIA and the disinformation peddlers that Hollywood has ever produced.

When the CIA and the New McCarthyites of the FBI finally get around to making a movie about how it’s cool to turn in your left-leaning friends so they can be saved by being reeducated in the camps, George Clooney will not only star in it, he’ll write it, produce it and paint all the damn sets himself.

I can imagine whenever a Mockingbird walks into Clooney’s office somewhere, George drops to his knees, opens his mouth and closes his eyes. He doesn’t need to wait for instructions. He knows what side his butt is lubed on.

Just think about that.

My list starts off with a movie about how al-Qaeda supposedly attacked us on 9/11 kicking off the Project for the New American Century’s endless war on terror and it ends with Clooney announcing he’s making a movie to glorify a PR campaign made up of al-Nusra/al-Qaeda terrorists who are STILL working for the CIA destabilizing YET ANOTHER COUNTRY (like they destabilized Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria… and yes, the United States)

Fascinating isn’t it? Every psyop has to get it’s own big budget Hollywood blockbuster even when they overlap each other’s propaganda bullshit.

Funny world, this post 9/11 thing we live in isn’t it?

Lot’s of CIA money floating around in Hollywood these days. If you’re a slightly talented sycophant with no moral center, that’s the place to go. Good career move. Either there, D.C. or Aleppo. Take your pick.

9 Responses

  1. He can try BUUUUT…He’s a major failure when it comes to box office. muh haha!!

    Marky Underwear Mark produced a movie about Boston bombing …coming this week. Hopefully it will tank.

  2. I’m glad that George Clooney is doing a feature film about the mass murdering “White Helmets”™ terrorists. It will further doom Clooney’s moribund career.

    Regardless of moviegoers’ personal politics, they pay for fun, fantasy, and escapist entertainment. They want dramatic and thought-provoking stories with character arcs that evoke pathos and emotion. They do not want political propaganda. They do want actors or movies with blatant sales pitches.

    For this reason, a Hollywood celebrity further ruins his acting career each time he becomes a politician. Each political project plunges him deeper into the realm of “washed up has-beens.” He becomes pathetic. No one cares when Angelina Jolie adopts another kid from some impoverished African village, or when George Clooney holds fundraisers for Hillary at his house. Audiences want entertainment. They do not want their heartthrobs and fantasy idols to become salesmen. They do not like the ever-increasing political correctness of each new “Star Wars” movie, for example.

    Even when moviegoers have strong political opinions, they want performers to stay separate from politicians. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio narrated a recent film about global climate change titled “Before the Flood.” I haven’t seen it, but the fact that DiCaprio is involved makes the climate change crisis seem like a snake oil pitch in an infomercial.

    So keep on, George Clooney. Your career is already in the dumpster, and this cheap political crap will weld the lid shut.

    • Don’t forget DiCaprio’s ‘Blood Diamond’ of 10 years ago. It’s a two hour infomercial for De Beers. “No blood on our diamonds!”

    • These actors, as well as many in the music industry, are all compromised by something or another that they will do anything to hide… Some are perverts and sexual deviants, some sell their souls when they are intentionally busted with drugs or other crimes, some just want unlimited fame or money, and some are just f’d up sociopaths to start with. Not unlike our politicians…

      So, Clooney is not doing anything because he cares about Sudan or Hillary… Clooney, Jolie, DiCaprio are all assets, and they do not have the luxury of rejecting the mission… Which is the main purpose of building up and maintaining these stable of mega-celebrities in the first place. Otherwise, who would watch a white helmet psyop propaganda movie starring Stephen Baldwin and David Hasselhoff, right?

  3. Don’t forget the CIA–Cocaine Importing Agency–ties to Silicon Valley, since their venture capital firm, In-QTel, provided some, if not a lot of start-up money to Google.
    Their list of investments is startling.

    The movie should start out with the White Helmets Mannequin Challenge video, just to set the tone!

  4. i’m wondering when we’ll see “sandy hook: the movie”. maybe tobey maguire can play adam lanza.

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