Democracy Wins: Electoral College Voters Cast Votes in Line With Their State’s Wishes

by Scott Creighton

First of all, stop saying Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 2.8 million votes. It’s simply not verified in my opinion.

All of those additional votes came well after the election was finalized and almost every single one of them came from one state, California, where Killary “won” by a whopping 4.3 million votes (most showed up well after the election)

Alex Padilla is the Secretary of State in California and as we know, the Sec. of State overseas the elections of a state. He’s a Democrat who also just happens to have two Mexican parents and when he took office his primary concern was to “modernize” voting in California.

“Padilla said his priorities include upgrading the state’s voting systems to use modern technology and making the act of voting more accessible and convenient..” LA Times

That’s right. He brought in more electronic voting machines.

Some of you might have forgotten the massive election fraud that took place in California during the 2016 Democratic Party primary elections, but I didn’t. Millions of likely Bernie supporters found their party affiliation suddenly switched from Democrat to Republican or Independent come election day which meant they had to ask for a certain special type of ballot or vote via an provisional ballot which were later shredded before they were actually counted.

There has been no recount of the general election results in California. Jill Stein wasn’t interested in asking for a recount in states where Hillary clearly stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders this year. In fact, she didn’t seem all that interested in doing recounts in states where Hillary won the general… for some reason.

So this story that Hillary won the popular vote is bunk because it is based entirely on a state where we know election fraud was already committed on behalf of Hillary Clinton this year. Stop making that claim.

Why would they pad the numbers in California after Hillary clearly lost the election? It’s simple: because they needed her to “win” the popular vote in order for John Podesta to run “install Hillary no matter what” campaign.

And speaking of John Podesta’s attempts to subvert democracy in America, the Electoral College voters have finally had their say and in spite of Vampire John’s best efforts, Donald Trump retained nearly all of the EC votes he earned in the general election and is now officially the president elect (God help us all)

“They convened amid unusual scrutiny, widespread protests and rafts of speculation about efforts to alter the outcome, but, in the end, the nation’s 538 presidential electors mostly stuck to the script Monday, formally sealing Donald Trump’s victory with 304 votes in the electoral college, well above what he needed to capture the White House.” LA Times

In the end only two republican EC voters voted against their state’s wishes and cast their votes for someone other than Donald Trump.

As it turned out, after a month of Podesta’s PR efforts to get folks to beg their EC voters to abandon democracy (and the efforts of the unfunny bunch at SNL) the only ones who ended up wanting to vote against the will of the people were Democrats, who tried to “vote their conscience” and vote for Bernie Sanders instead of Killary. Most of them were blocked but still 7 or 8 of them were allowed to do it, quadrupling the number that switched away from Trump. Far more would have.

I guess the EC voters remembered the primary as well.

Yesterday John Podesta went on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd and breathlessly blamed everyone but himself and his candidate for Hillary’s loss. Specifically he blamed Russia, the deplorables and James Comey. He apparently want’s to know “what Trump knew and when did he know it and was he in touch with the Russians” and later said he wasn’t trying to influence what the EC voters would do on Monday, which is a completely laughable statement since that is ALL that he has done since Hillary lost Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

There were a lot of reasons why she lost.

  • Hillary Clinton lost to the second most disliked candidate in American history for a number of reasons. One of which was that she herself was the most dislike candidate and the only thing she had to run on was the fact that she wasn’t Donald Trump.
  • She was a criminal who was in the pocket of Big Business and Big Banking. She was a proven liar who deliberately set up an illegal email server in her basement so she could avoid letting the public know the full scope of the crimes she fully intended to commit while serving as Secretary of State.
  • She was a war-monger who bombed as many countries as she could and started deadly regime change projects in places like Libya and Syria before leaving office.
  • She was backed by more bloodthirsty neocons than Trump was by a count of like 99 to 1.
  • She backed the fascist “trade deals” long before she pretended to oppose them.
  • She had a “public” and a “private” opinion on major issues which further eroded the little remaining trust liberals had in her.
  • She ignored entire states that ended up costing her the election.
  • She was either sick or lazy or both and campaigned like she hated doing it. She was much more comfortable meeting with big money donors than with voters and it showed.
  • When Guccifer and Guccifer2 hacked her email account and gave the people a peep inside the world of Clinton pay-to-play politics, people were sickened by the level of corruption they saw.
  • When an insider handed over tons of DNC emails to Wikileaks and Dems realized just how undemocratic the Democratic Party really was, many lost faith in Hillary and ended up staying away from the polls in November.
  • When the FBI cut a deal with Weiner in order to get their hands on Clinton’s back-up laptop, the one made by their server company at Hillary’s request so she could “write her memoirs some time in the future (read as “blackmail folks with all the emails she had stored on it”), her campaign panicked that the end (and prison) was near.
  • And when Wikileaks started releasing John Podesta’s tainted emails to the public, what little faith folks had in her and the establishment Dems that she represents collapsed entirely.
  • And she stole the nomination from the guy who would have destroyed Donald Trump in the general election.

The CIA says the email leaks were “likely” from the “da ebil Ruskies” but that story is a load of bunk, kind of like the story about Hillary winning the popular vote. It’s based on little evidence and the evidence they do cite is spurious at best.

More likely someone within our intelligence industry decided they wanted anyone other than Hillary. Perhaps it’s because she seemed to want to start WWIII against the Russians. Perhaps it’s because she would have been “humanitarianly” bombing nation after nation as soon as she got into office. Perhaps someone just hates the Clintons with a passion and figured we couldn’t survive 4 more years of left-cover.

And perhaps, since we have now made it legal for Big Business to scoop up everything you do, say, Tweet, write or Istagram anywhere and everywhere, some company screwed over by Hillary or Bill in the past decided to get even and the folks at the CIA and the NSA can’t let that be known for fear the public might just demand we repeal CISA and the USA Freedom Act.

However you look at it, the John Podesta effort to subvert our democratic system which started with Jill Stein is now over. He and Killary lost. The EC voters have voted and they did pretty much exactly what the voters across the country told them to: keep Killary the hell out of the White House.

Now we officially have Trump to deal with. Oh joy.

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  1. Great summary. Thanks.

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