SNL Thinks You Voted the Wrong Way – Begs EC Members to Cast Aside Election Results and Subvert Democracy

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: I’m not the only one who thinks the “Russians did it” story is cover for an inside job.

We shall reach our goal, when we have the power to laugh as we destroy, as we smash, whatever was sacred to us as tradition...” Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945


Ha. Ha. Ha. Saturday Night Live, which hasn’t been funny for two decades now, is “jokingly” calling for Electoral College voters to cast aside election results and subvert our democracy.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Aren’t they funny?

It seems like a year ago when I wrote Jill Stein’s recount effort was really about keeping 3 key states from finalizing their election totals so their Electoral College voters couldn’t cast their votes for Donald Trump today, Dec. 19th, 2016. But it was only two weeks ago.

From the very first day Stein announced her recount bid I have been pointing out that it was all about changing the results of the election because certain interested parties believe the people voted the wrong way.

Now that her effort is over, the REAL election integrity movement has been dealt a serious blow to their credibility and the ONLY thing that remains from her efforts is the baseless accusation about Russia influencing the elections.

On Dec. 13th I wrote about John Podesta’s “plan B”. His efforts with Dr. Stein failed miserably so he got together with a number of congress-critters and devoted Hillarybot Electoral College voters and he tried a different ploy to stop them from voting Trump into office today. They wanted the EC to postpone the vote until Obama’s lying CIA chief, John Brennan, could go before them and lay out his web of lies about “Russian hacking” in hopes they would all refuse to vote for Donald Trump and elect Hillary Clinton instead.

That would make Hillary Clinton the first female president of the United States and the first candidate, male or female, to lose BOTH their party’s nomination (Bernie actually won it and the Clinton team stole it from him) as well as the general election and STILL end up in the Oval Office.

Just for shit’s and giggles… currently the CIA, without a single shred of evidence, are the MAIN driver of the “Russians hacked our election” story. But does anyone remember this:

“After being briefed on the CIA Inspector General report today, I have no choice but to call for the resignation of CIA Director John Brennan,” Udall said in a statement. “The CIA unconstitutionally spied on Congress by hacking into Senate Intelligence Committee computers. This grave misconduct not only is illegal, but it violates the U.S. Constitution’s requirement of separation of powers. These offenses, along with other errors in judgment by some at the CIA, demonstrate a tremendous failure of leadership, and there must be consequences.” Igor Bobic

At the time of the initial inquiry, lying CIA Director Brennan said the accusations about the agency snooping around in congressional systems was absurd and “beyond the scope of reason in terms of what we would do.”

A short time later:

The CIA admitted to senators this week that the agency improperly snooped through congressional computers, backtracking from agency Director John O. Brennan’s vehement denials earlier this year and further denting the embattled intelligence community’s credibility with Congress…

This week, he had to retreat and apologize to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.” New York Times, 2014

I know that we have been told that the “leaks” from the DNC, Hillary’s email server and John Podesta’s emails all came from insiders but I seriously doubt that. My guess is, the Clinton emails came from a back-up laptop that was made by Hillary’s server company at her request and it eventually fell into the hands of Anthony Weiner which he then used as leverage in his ongoing criminal investigations and that the other two were quite probably the result of U.S. intelligence hacks that were fed to various sources in support of a future pro-fascist Trump regime (which is certainly taking shape as we speak)

Be that as it may, the CIA’s proven liar-in-chief, John Brennan, has no moral authority to point the finger at ANYONE for hacking official government systems, much less the Russians.

Seems to me he might just be trying to cover-up their own actions with this ridiculous and baseless story.

It is unlikely that the current campaign to get U.S. EC voters to cast aside the election results and vote for Hillary will succeed. But that is not stopping them from trying their best to openly thwart our democratic system.

What is that I said?

Isn’t that what they are accusing Russia of doing? Trying to thwart our democracy?

Why yes it is. It’s the EXACT same thing they are doing in every way possible.

They tried doing just that with the help of Dr. Jill Stein. They tried doing it with a ridiculous online petition. And they tried to do it with lying Brennan’s “the Russians hacked us” fib.

And they are also trying a last ditch hail Mary propaganda effort from good old Saturday Night Live.

SNL has been anti-Trump and pro-Hillary for a long time now. They fed their audience a steady stream of “humorous” anti-Trump propaganda for months in the lead-up to the election in hopes they could normalize hatred for him and his supporters through humor.

This little propaganda of theirs couldn’t even be written into a coherent skit so they just took all of their talking points and wrote them on cue cards for “Hillary” to show a EC voter outside her door on the eve of the vote. Everything is in there: Russians stole election from Hillary, Trump will kill us all, Trump pissing off Chinese, Trump Tweets, Trump and women, Trump and immigrants, Trump and blacks, Trump and conflicts of interest… it’s all there and all provided with a lovely laugh track to take the edge off and make it seem like entertainment instead of a blatant and desperate attempt at subverting democracy here in the United States.

SNL is trying to make their audience laugh at the idea of smashing one of our most sacred traditions. Isn’t that interesting? I know it’s not funny. I wonder how the audience really received it, minus the laugh track.

Again, I seriously doubt they are able to convince enough voters to join up with them in their efforts to destabilize our election system like they have in so many other countries across the globe.

Here’s a little refresher course:

  • 1947 – CIA created
  • 1948 – Italy — The CIA corrupts democratic elections in Italy
  • 1948 – Operation MOCKINGBIRD — The CIA begins recruiting American news organizations and journalists to become spies and disseminators of propaganda (like SNL?)
  • 1953 – Iran – CIA overthrows the democratically elected Mohammed Mossadegh
  • 1954 – Guatemala — CIA overthrows the democratically elected Jacob Arbenz
  • 1954 – 1958 – North Vietnam — CIA officer Edward Lansdale spends four years trying to overthrow the communist government of North Vietnam
  • 1957 – 1973 – Laos — The CIA carries out approximately one coup per year trying to nullify Laos’ democratic elections
  • 1959 – Haiti — The U.S. military helps “Papa Doc” Duvalier become dictator of Haiti
  • 1961 – Ecuador — The CIA-backed military forces the democratically elected President Jose Velasco to resign
  • 1961 – Congo (Zaire) — The CIA assassinates the democratically elected Patrice Lumumba
  • 1963 – Dominican Republic — The CIA overthrows the democratically elected Juan Bosch in a military coup
  • 1963 – Ecuador — A CIA-backed military coup overthrows President Arosemana
  • 1964 – Brazil — A CIA-backed military coup overthrows the democratically elected government of Joao Goulart
  • 1965 – Indonesia — The CIA overthrows the democratically elected Sukarno with a military coup (Obama’s mother works for CIA-linked USAID in early years of Suharto dictatorship, his step-father works directly for Suharto)
  • 1967 – Greece — A CIA-backed military coup overthrows the government two days before the elections
  • 1971 – Bolivia — After half a decade of CIA-inspired political turmoil, a CIA-backed military coup overthrows the leftist President Juan Torres
  • 1972 – Wagergate Break-inPresident Nixon sends in a team of burglars to wiretap Democratic offices at Watergate. The team members have extensive CIA histories
  • 1973 – Chile — The CIA overthrows and assassinates Salvador Allende
  • 1975 – Australia — The CIA helps topple the democratically elected, left-leaning government of Prime Minister Edward Whitlam
  • 1990 – Haiti — Competing against 10 comparatively wealthy candidates, leftist priest Jean-Bertrand Aristide captures 68 percent of the vote. After only eight months in power, however, the CIA-backed military deposes him

Though compelling, that list fails to get into the Clinton, Bush II and Obama regimes which have been steadily thwarting democracy across the globe with stunning regularity and transparency. Yugoslavia, Mexico, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Ukraine, Thailand, Honduras, Venezuela, Brazil and Egypt come to mind with the ongoing efforts by President Peace Prize in Syria of course.

A long, long, long history of the masters of the universe using our nation to impose their will on the peoples of the world, wouldn’t you say? And now we see the chickens really do come home to roost.

While everyone points a finger and scowls at Vladamir Putin, the powers that be are doing everything they can to undermine the core tenant of our constitutional republic: the vote.

It isn’t subtle and it isn’t funny. It’s obvious and pathetic and pathological in my opinion.

For those of you who are regulars here, you know I am no fan of Donald Trump or our rigged election system for that matter. But I do respect the will of the people and in this case, they voted for a neoliberal clown billionaire captain of industry and that is exactly what they should get. Teach ’em a lesson as it were.

Today’s EC vote, I predict, will see some betray the will of the citizens they represent, but not enough to turn the vote Hillary’s way.

And when that is done, I can only shutter to think what they will try next to subvert our democratic system and install that criminal, lying, corrupt neoliberal witch in the Oval Office.

I wonder how long it will be before SNL does a “funny” skit about some “ISIS” inspired loser shooting Donald Trump or maybe a “humorous” little scene about a bombing at the inauguration.

Who again was it that “hated us for our freedom”? I forget sometimes. Oh yeah, the guys we back in Syria.

Funny world ain’t it?

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6 Responses

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  2. SNL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

    On Mon, Dec 19, 2016 at 6:05 AM, American Everyman wrote:

    > willyloman posted: “by Scott Creighton “We shall reach our goal, when we > have the power to laugh as we destroy, as we smash, whatever was sacred to > us as tradition…” Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi > Germany from 1933 to 1945 Ha. Ha. Ha. Saturday ” >

  3. Triggered feminist SJWs vandalise naked Hillary Statue in New York

    Months after naked statues of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump appeared in major US cities, an artist erected one of rival Hillary Clinton in Manhattan on Tuesday. The response was lively.

    Created by 27-year-old Anthony Scioli, the Clinton statue was set up outside of Bowling Green subway station in downtown New York at roughly 6:00 AM, portraying the Democratic candidate as having hoofed feet while holding a banker to her chest.

    Actually, the thought of seeing the Wicked Witch of the East nude is horrifying, but at least one could see her hoofed feet!

  4. Trump won in the undemocratic electoral system Americans have. In the sense that the Democrats are alright with that system and wish to win in it, Trump’s win was fair and square. But. This contest is simply a contest between crime families. It’s not helpful to talk about the subersion of democracy as though the present system is just fine. Some qualification is necessary.

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