Life Returning to Normal in Aleppo as Obama’s Terrorists Exit in Buses and Project Bana™ Stops By for a Photo-Op

by Scott Creighton

President Obama’s 6-year regime change operation in Syria is grinding to a halt as Aleppo is finally almost completely free of his mercenary terrorists from places like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan. They are being allowed to get on buses and head over to Ilib where they can continue to terrorize Syrians in hopes of earning themselves a place of honor in Barack’s new Syria but we all know that’s not going to happen.

Pundits are arguing on Feux News about how Obama failed to “win” this “humanitarian” intervention. Fake Dems say it’s all Putin’s fault while folks like Carl Rove say he waited too long to start bombing the legitimate government of Syria for no apparent reason.

Rove said Barack should have been bombing Assad’s air-force bases back in 2009 so Russia couldn’t have gotten involved. Of course, Mr. Rove seems to have forgotten in his zeal for blood-lust that the so-called “protests” didn’t start until March of 2011, exactly three months after Obama sent a regime change specialist, Robert Ford, to the country to serve as our ambassador. The US had no Ambassador in Syria since 2005. Obama pulled him out after he got the color revolution started. Ford wasn’t even there a full year.

I wonder why Rove had 2009 stuck in his mind as the year he thinks we should have started a full-on war of aggression against Syria. Oh yeah. That was the year Assad said no to the Qatar-Turkey pipeline.

The battle for Aleppo 2016 seems to have run it’s course. Life is returning to normal in the government controlled areas and some folks are looking to get back to their homes in eastern Aleppo that Barack’s terrorists chased they from over the past year. Yes there are still regime change propagandists out there still trying desperately to angle for some new pro-war PR scheme, but for the most part everyone has given up on trying to get President Peace Prize to bomb the shit out of whole of Syria for the time being.

That little propaganda campaign known as Project Bana™ has slipped back into Aleppo (as if she and her family were ever even from Aleppo) and staged themselves alongside some refugees so they could do a photo shoot. Notice in the background there are an awful lot of military-aged young terrorist-looking men standing around. I guess they are there to make sure no one figures out who this woman and girl are and what they are doing there seeing as how I bet most real Syrians see them as traitors and terrorist sympathizers.

Once “out” Project Bana™ hung out with some of Obama’s regime change proxy warriors.

My guess is that Bana and her mother are from Jordan. Mommy probably shacks up with a terrorist wannabe Syrian politician who figured that would be his payoff if he blew up a few UN aid convoy trucks or launched a couple Hell-cannon mortars into a marketplace in Aleppo every now and then. A small price too pay for a cushy corrupt neoliberalized government job.

The globalists and the rest of the West are mourning the loss of Aleppo. They failed to steal a piece of another country in their pursuit of total hegemony in the Middle East.

What a sad day for President Peace Prize and what a good day for the people of Aleppo and Syria.

Unfortunately their relative calm may be short lived. The animals who run this country from the smoky boardrooms of the Chamber of Commerce and the Federal Reserve never give up. The way they see it, if these terrorists were unsuccessful, they’ll just get worse ones. And if they can’t force a regime change via a color revolution, then they’ll just start planning another 9/11. One way or the other they intend to see their plans come to fruition.

They just didn’t get to see it today.

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  1. Rove said Barack should have been bombing Assad’s air-force bases back in 2009


  2. “The animals who run this country never give up. One way or the other they intend to see their plans come to fruition.” ~ S.C.

    Yes. All they need is another 9-11, which can be easily arranged, and which the masses always believe is authentic. Some people will eventually wake up, but by then it is always too late.

    Without exception, all wars of imperialist aggression entail various kinds of false flag events. The more a government indulges in false flags, the more it poses as righteous and innocent, while it denounces its victims as evil liars and false flag perpetrators. The more a government spouts conspiracy theories and fake news, the more it denounces whistle blowers as “conspiracy theorists” and “fake news” peddlers. The more a government removes our freedoms, the more it condemns us for “hating America’s freedoms.” The more it slaughters the innocents, the more it condemns its victims as “terrorists” and “human shields.”

    Ultimately all human societies are insane. They only vary in the form, depravity, and brutality of their madness.

  3. Scott:
    The Russian Ambassador to Turkey has been gunned down in Ankara
    I’ve been updating as news breaks from the time the news broke

  4. does anybody know if Hadi Al-Abdallah is related to Hadi Al-Abdallah & Sons, the pipeline company? It would make sense, but I’m not able to find much. Talk about having a spokesman for your interests.

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