Breaking News: Russian Ambassador to Turkey has Been Shot and Killed in Ankara… on Live Television… by An “Off Duty” Cop Screaming about Aleppo

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The Russian/Turkish/Iranian negotiations on Syria will go on as planned. This will not drive a wedge between Syria and Russia.

UPDATE: Ah, he was a cop.(see below)

UPDATE: see updates at end of article

Also, see Penny’s blog for more updates.

This morning I wrote:

“Unfortunately their relative calm may be short lived. The animals who run this country from the smoky boardrooms of the Chamber of Commerce and the Federal Reserve never give up. The way they see it, if these terrorists were unsuccessful, they’ll just get worse ones. And if they can’t force a regime change via a color revolution, then they’ll just start planning another 9/11. One way or the other they intend to see their plans come to fruition.”

Goddamn, I hate being right all the time.

An unnamed gunman gestures after shooting the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, at a photo gallery in Ankara, Turkey

Off duty Turkish capitol police officer (Mevlut Mert Altintas?)

On what appears to be live TV, Russian ambassador Andrey Karlov has been shot and killed by some young, military-aged man who was dressed up in his “businessman” costume and screaming in Turkish “Don’t forget about Aleppo, don’t forget about Syria,”

Of course, he finished with a flurry of “Allahu Akbar”s… and was reportedly shot to death by police sometime later, off camera.

Erdogan and Putin have been getting closer in recent weeks. They’ve been working on an evacuation deal which appears to have been torpedoed by U.S. interests when more terrorists attacked and burned a bunch of the buses being used for the evacuation yesterday. Like when the Pentagon got it’s proxy mercs  in Aleppo to target an aid convoy in order to undermine a cease-fire deal a couple months ago, this attack similarly shelved yet another attempt at deescalation in the area.

Now we have this rather staged looking event (notice the cameraman conveniently zooms out before leaving his camera running so the gunman can do his little scene?)

Who would allow someone to walk around freely behind the ambassador while he was giving a speech? How were armed people allowed anywhere near a Russian ambassador? Is he a member of the Turkish security assigned to protect the ambassador?

A lot of questions.

I will tell you one thing, this looks a lot like the shooting down of that Russian fighter jet half a year ago, doesn’t it?

UPDATE:The attack came a day before a meeting of Russian, Turkish and Iranian foreign and defence ministers in Moscow to discuss Syria.

UPDATE: Well, one of my questions has been answered. The gunman was a cop.

“He shot the envoy for the second time after the scene was evacuated. It has also been reported that the attacker entered the scene by showing a police identity and wearing a suit.” Hurriyet Daily

Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov shot dead by police officer in Ankara who shouted ‘Aleppo, revenge’

According to Turkish media reports, the police officer who shot dead Andrey Karlov recited a message in Arabic…”

That explains his appearance and how he was able to get so close to the ambassador while armed.

And we are to believe the other cops killed him?

UPDATE: Confirmed:

“The assailant was a 22-year-old off-duty police officer who worked in the Turkish capital, Melih Gokcek, Ankara’s mayor, said. “

I smell a CIA rat in the Turkish police department.

UPDATE: Oh look. He’s “special forces” and it has nothing to do with “radical Islam”

“The assassin was identified as a Turkish special forces police officer, Ankara mayor Melih Gokcek told AFP. Gokcek said the attack was aimed at ruining relations between Turkey and Russia. The two countries had begun normalizing ties in June 2016. That followed a strained period caused when a Turkish combat aircraft shot down a Russian military jet in November 2015.”

UPDATE: (H/T Penny) Tass is reporting the gunman is Mevlut Mert Altintas, a former officer who had been fired after the CIA’s attempted coup 6 months ago.

“The man who assassinated the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, on Monday night is identified as Mevlut Mert Altintas, a former office of the Turkish police who was fired from the forces of law and order in the course of investigation of the July 15 abortive putsch…” TASS

I don’t buy it. How slack does their security have to be to allow an already discredited cop, kicked off the force for being on the payroll of the CIA, that close to the Russian ambassador? Bullshit.

The Daily Mirror has already been given a photo of his police ID… almost like they had it ready to go.


Does that remind anyone of the photo IDs they “found” in the rubble after 9/11? Or how about all those photo IDs the “terrorists” always leave lying around after their attacks?

They have also already released a photo of the perp’s dead body lying in a hallway somewhere.


New photos from the scene show a little blood underneath the head of the Russian ambassador as well as shell casings on the floor.

mert altintas

I noticed something strange about the photo of the dead guy.


He seems a hell of a lot smaller than the former cop waving the gun around, doesn’t he? And am I crazy, or is that a 5 O’clock shadow on his face?

UPDATE: Found a clear image of the dead guy. No 5 O’Clock shadow.

click on image for larger view

Still looks like a different guy to me.

UPDATE: Gunman was standing behind Russian ambassador. He was clearly there working security.

The gunman (left, in the background) was seen standing behind Andrei Karlov, 62, main, moments before he opened fire

more to follow.

36 Responses

  1. Hopefully, both Turkey and Russia have a counterstrategy ready for this. I understand the fight is only going to get harder, but they have put in far too much to have it derailed over increasingly dirtier tactics. Easy for me to say, I know. But at this point, giving in to these freaks won’t make life any easier either–the masters of the universe want it all, so resistance isn’t just a moral duty, but a practical necessity.

  2. This one is a good one, Scott.

    A Russian ambassador, speaking at a podium in front of a white wall with no exits behind the ambassador, gets shot in front of i am assuming a crowd… Then, as you mention, the killer stands there waving his gun and screaming slogans for about a minute… And no police or ambassador’s security act on it by gunning the fu•ker down on the spot…. And, once again as you mention, the cameraman has the time and the wherewithal to zoom out before he ducks or escapes or whatever he did…

    So far, I haven’t found any videos that show the scene before the above video starts.. Which is the first shot… We are not allowed to see where the dude came from, where he shot from…

    (the guy is Turkish, by the way, and is reported to be a SWAT team member)

  3. He may be dead. The ambassador may be dead. The ambassador’s body doesn’t move. He’s been shot stiff. LOL !

  4. Does look staged, she people get shot in the body don’t they squirm or move? At all? The body movement of the shooter during the monologue looks like it was rwhearsed…lee strausberg acting academy perhaps?

    • For what it’s worth, I agree with you, Geppetto. When people get shot from the back or just suddenly lose consciousness, it’s my understanding that they tend to fall *forward*, not backward. Yet the guy is lying flat on his back with his arms splayed. That just doesn’t look right to me.

      • if he was struck in the heart or the spine, his legs would simply give out and he would drop straight down which would put him in that position. but that is pretty much the only way he would have fallen like that.

      • a shot to the back of the head would do it as well. and if you look closely at the photo taken from the side of the ambassador lying on the floor, there is a small pool of what looks like blood underneath it.

  5. The dead perp is another man. His skin tone is much darker, then the alleged shooter. I wonder if the Ruskies are as keen as Scott on what really happened??

  6. The dead “perp” definitely does look like he has significantly more 5 o’clock shadow than the shooter in all the images. Though it is true that the skin pales when the heart stops pumping due to blood draining from the tissue, which, when the skin gets paler may tend to make beard stubble more visible because the slightly darker red color drains out and the skin becomes somewhat whiter, but he still looks like he has quite a bit darker stubble than the live footage and photos of the shooter.

    Gun experts – in the photo of the dead “perp” is that the slide from a pistol with the spring coming out of it, or is that an empty clip with the spring hanging out?

    EXTREMELY interesting that the Ambassador did not have Russian bodyguards to instantly incapacitate him, at a public event in a country rife with terrorism and having several anti-Russian factions, with no rear exit, in a country that just recently shot down a Russian plane and has been facilitating a war against a country where they have a major naval base. I guess ‘not believable’ would be more accurate.

    That raises another possibility: that Someone in Russia either wanted him dead, needed a pretext for something, or perhaps more likely, both. The lack of Russian bodyguards is so far the elephant in the room.

    What camera took that reverse-angle view of the shooter standing there, where we see the audience huddled on the left – we don’t see another camera in the background in the video, though the video never pans far enough to the right to see that back right corner. Is that reverse-angle view from another video camera running un-manned on a tripod in the corner? Maybe – it would be good to know. If it is a still from a photographer, was it also un-manned on a tripod and shot with a remote control (which is a widely available accessory)?

  7. If that thing on the floor is the slide to a pistol then it would be interesting to find out how the slide can come off without it being taken off. If it’s a clip it might be an empty one he merely ejected to re-load.

  8. Here’s the wider view – it does appear that there were people in the back right corner one of whom probably took the photo:

    And another:

  9. But he really seems not to have much beard stubble:

  10. Video of the shooter walking around upstairs with his gun looking out the window and checking stuff on the ground, taken through the windows from the street. Scroll down to first video.

  11. It looks like two things can be inferred pretty solidly so far: 1 – a good amount of time elapsed between the assassination and the police response, and 2 – the shooter appears to have been the only guy with a gun in the room; if he wasn’t then the others sure didn’t do anything with theirs for a long time at very least. Is it possible that a Russian Ambassador would accept merely having a single Turkish guard in a country rife with terrorism – didn’t his people check out the security situation?

  12. It would be good to know who the other gunshot victims were – were they Karlov’s security people?

  13. Because if Karlov’s security people were the other victims, one would want to know how the shooter found out which people they were.

  14. Unlike the Saudi wasabi baboons, the Turks are closeted fundamentalist Sunnies.

    I say f**k ’em all.

  15. The ambassador was shoot 9 times and not a drop off blood. The assumed perpetrator was shoot a couple off times more, counting the holes in the wall, and there is a lot more blood smear on the floor. This looks like a staged event.

    • not to disagree with you, but something is under his head in the shot from the side. you can just barely see it. whether or not it was put there is the question. and yes, if he was actually shot, when you compare that amount of blood to the overly dramatic application of the fake blood around the shooter’s body, it’s a stark contrast, isn’t it? that’s IF the hit was real and they staged the death of their asset.

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