At Least 14 US Coalition Military Officers Captured by Syrian Special Forces in East Aleppo Bunker

from 21st Century Wire (H/T Greg Bacon)

Syrian Army soldier holds captured al Nusra Front (al Qaeda) flag in Old City, Aleppo. Click to enlarge

Syrian Army soldier holds captured al Nusra Front (al Qaeda) flag in Old City, Aleppo. Click to enlarge

According to two reports coming out of Aleppo today, at least 14 US Coalition military officers were captured this morning in an East Aleppo bunker by Syrian Special Forces.

This story was quietly leaked by, who announced, “The Security Council is sitting in private on Friday, December 16, 2016, at 17:00 GMT, while NATO officers were arrested this morning by the Syrian Special Forces in a bunker in East Aleppo.”

Fares Shehabi MP, a prominent Syrian Parliamentarian and head of Aleppo’s Chamber of Commerce published the names of the Coalition officers on his Facebook page on the 15th December (emphasis added):

Mutaz Kanoğlu – Turkey
David Scott Winer – USA
David Shlomo Aram – Israel
Muhamad Tamimi – Qatar
Muhamad Ahmad Assabian – Saudi
Abd-el-Menham Fahd al Harij – Saudi
Islam Salam Ezzahran Al Hajlan – Saudi
Ahmed Ben Naoufel Al Darij – Saudi
Muhamad Hassan Al Sabihi – Saudi
Hamad Fahad Al Dousri – Saudi
Amjad Qassem Al Tiraoui – Jordan
Qassem Saad Al Shamry – Saudi
Ayman Qassem Al Thahalbi – Saudi
Mohamed Ech-Chafihi El Idrissi – Moroccan

Listen to Fares Shehabi’s interview on the Sunday Wire radio show: ‘Liberation Aleppo

In addition to, the other original report was provided by Damascus-based Syrian journalist Said Hilal Alcharifi. According to Alcharifi, captured “NATO” officers were from a number of member states including the US, France, Germany and Turkey, as well as Israel. Here is his statement (translated from French):

“Thanks to information received, Syrian authorities discovered the headquarters of high ranking western/NATO officers in the basement of an area in East Aleppo and have captured them alive. Some names have already been given to Syrian journalists, myself included. The nationalities are US, French, British, German, Israeli, Turkish, Saudi, Moroccan, Qatari etc. In light of their nationalities and their rank, I assure you that the Syrian government have a very important catch, which should enable them to direct negotiations with the countries that have tried to destroy them.”

[read more here]

9 Responses

  1. I hope they all stand trial for war crimes especially David Scott Winer . It would be nice if an international tribunal would do it. Then tell Obama to stuff it. He should be on trial for war crimes too!

    • the list of U.S. leaders who should be tried for war-crimes is growing every year, isn’t it? While the number of factories in this country diminishes, the number of war-criminals is constantly on the rise. It’s our #1 domestic product.

  2. Why Syrian government and/or Russia do not milk this story? A short video of Israeli and American stating their name and number would do a miracle for Syria and Russia in the current propaganda war about Aleppo. Instead we hear it from Thierry Meyssan as if any of his stories ever got any traction in MSM?

    • It’s obviously Putin’s fault, he used his ESP to trick the USA into sending goons into Aleppo, knowing they’d be caught and embarrass the ‘Coalition of the Killing,’ as Sam Powers reaches for her Valium.

  3. Kinda makes me wonder why they were lingering in town? Were they waiting for the Calvary to come?

  4. How shameful this campaign was and the lies that were fed over and over to the people of this world.
    How shameful to know the truth and how pathetic was Obama on his last conference.
    Of Obama’s conference on Syria, I have the same opinion as Jimmy Dore. Obama can say nothing and really mean it.

  5. It’s obvious: Putin personally hacked into America’s GPS system, and purposely guided David Scott Winer and his merry band of field officers all the way from Kansas, while they were out on a training exercises, boning up their orienteering skills. Candid Iphone 7 pix of the 14 at the very moment they were accosted by the SAA and Russian special forces show faces in poses of genuine surprise. Winer is reported to have exclaimed: “How in the hell did they manage to invade Kansas? I smell a conspiracy at the highest levels of our Administration. It’s 9/11 all over again! They just let THIS happen.”

  6. Another steaming plate of BS tonight on CiaBS on ’60 Minutes.’ It’s a tender tale about the hyenas that call themselves the Syrian White Helmets.

    Gee, wonder why the media doesn’t get this obsessed when Israel is pulverizing Gaza?

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