13 Dead After Another Terrorist Attack in Turkey

(I guess this is what happens when you stop allowing the CIA and State Department to use your borders to regime change your neighbors, huh?)

from Sputnik

Several people were killed and injured as a result of a blast near a university in the Turkish city of Kayseri, Reuters reported citing security sources.

The explosion hit the bus reportedly carrying civilians and off-duty soldiers. The bus was allegedly hit near a bus stop at the campus of Erciyes university in Kayseri as it drove by a car laden with explosives, local media reports.

Media reported of 13 people killed and 48 wounded by the blast, citing Turkish military.

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus confirmed casualties and stated that the explosion was a car bomb, which targeted bus carrying soldiers. He also noted that it resembles the attack outside a soccer stadium in Istanbul last week.

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3 Responses

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  2. Now we know why Sam Powers was going bat-shit crazy; her special forces troops in Aleppo were close to getting caught, and now they have!

    US, Israel and Saudi special forces caught by the Syrian government in Aleppo


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