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  1. Here’s looking at you kid. Freeze the frame at around 51 seconds. I had hope there were sane people who actually went into government. I thought she was too good to be true and did some research. Start with Tulsi Gabbard, Israel. She is very convincing for sure. But she is not the heroine she WILL be made out (manufactured) to be. I believe you are watching the first woman or Hindu to be president. She was the Bern’s running mate on the California ballot this year. “We must stop this madness…”

  2. False Flag, anyone? Or the real thing, since we’ve made millions of enemies since the 9/11 False Flag. The article says Israel will be in danger from these shoulder-fired missiles, but that’s a lie, but Europe and the USA are in for some trouble.

    Congress Votes To Give Jihadists Anti-aircraft Missiles

    “Congress for the first time authorized the Department of Defense to provide vetted-Syrian rebels with anti-aircraft missiles. The provision is contained within the $619 billion Fiscal Year 2017 National Defense Authorization Act, which passed the Senate on Dec. 8 and the House on Dec. 2.


    What a way to go! First, get sexually groped by TSA thugs, then get blown out of the sky, both courtesy of the corrupt and rotten USG.

  3. Bravo! It’s about time someone elevates this issue tho I doubt it will go anywhere. Our government (dems and pubs) have been blatantly violating the Patriot Act for years, as well as common sense.

    I look forward to President Trump ending all fighting aid to the anti-Assad forces in his first 100 days. Hopefully before those manpads are shipped!

  4. Sadly, I just googled “Stop Arming Terrorists Act” and found no major media stories, though NPR & InfoWars covered.

    Gabbi introduced this bill after her trip to Trump Tower. Fingers crossed!

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