Aaron Swartz Rolls Over in his Grave as We Ignore the Rise of the Privatized Surveillance State (and even pay for it)

by Scott Creighton

What was everyone concerned about back then? That the NSA would track our every move, record all of our calls and spy on us even in the sanctity of our own homes, right?Remember those days?

While that fight was going on, that was the biggest thing in the world. Our constitutional right to be secure in our persons and property was under siege from the big bad GUBMINT and we just had to do something.

That particular “crisis” was created by a CIA employee by the fake name of “Edward Snowden” and his PR team headed up by Glenn Greenwald. It’s what I called the ‘Manufactured Hero” story.

The whole thing was a scam from the very beginning and a few of us out here called it out for what it was immediately. We were called the “Snowden Truthers” and soundly attacked from all sides.

The truth of the matter was, Big Business was licking it’s chops at the prospect of getting CISPA passed through congress in the years before the “Snowden” psyop but they were thwarted by a concerted effort from a lot of online activists who understood that the overall plan was to privatize the surveillance state so they could profit from that aspect of the info they collected and also profit from the selling of that data they harvested.

Aaron Swartz almost single-handedly stopped CISPA the first time around, so they made sure he wasn’t around for their final effort. They “found” him hanging in his closet in New York exactly three months prior to Greenwald’s “Snowden” revelation and just two months prior to a number of Big Business representatives going to congress and demanding they pass CISPA in the new congress.

How would you feel if I told you the NSA was putting tracking devices on your car so they could record every place you went, how long you stayed there and even what you said in the car while going there?

How would you feel if I told you the NSA wanted you to approve putting a device in your child’s car that would allow them to track every move they make while evaluating their driving habits, while also listening to and recording everything your kids says in his/her car with their friends?

You would be beside yourself in outrage, wouldn’t you? How dare Big GUBMINT spy on me and my kids all day long!

But when Big Business does it for even more nefarious reasons…. you not only say nothing, not a damn peep… but you pay the assholes for the service.



Progressive’s Snapshot track’s your car’s every move and location data, just like we feared the Big Bad Gubmint would. They say they will “reward” you with a lower rate, just so long as you drive the way their actuaries say you should. If you don’t, they could charge you more. They can also sell your travel info to the government, to the CIA or to your local police department since technically, once you install the thing, they own your driving history.

Verizon’s Hum is a little less subtle. This thing tracks the location history and your kid’s driving habits and it also openly admits it has a microphone built in (Progressive’s Snapshot probably does as well but they don’t mention it in the ads) so you (and others) can listen to what is being said in your child’s car.

If you get a chance, you should read this woman’s take on Hum and the damage it does to the development of the parent/child bond. It’s insightful for different reasons, but ultimately, it’s also about the corporatization of every element of our lives including family.

With Progressive and Verizon’s tracking/monitoring systems, everything about your travels away from the home is recorded, categorized, analyzed and monetized.

But what about in the home? Surely we must wish to feel secure there.

How would you feel if I told you the NSA would put recording devices in every room in your house, including your bedroom or your kid’s bedrooms? What if I told you those devices would listen to every noise made in your home and broadcast everything via WiFi to a cloud someplace that would store it all for later analysis?

How would you feel if I told you they were also planning on putting video cameras in each of those rooms as well for the same purpose?

You would absolutely have a fit and swear to die with a gun in your hand before you let Big Brother watch and listen to everything in your home. Don’t say you wouldn’t.

But when Big Business becomes Big Brother… well… let’s get our checkbooks.


The Echo system is interesting because they openly admit they use something called Echo Spacial Perception which is basically the same thing featured in that Dark Knight movie where they used soundings from cell phones to create a map of the city. It’s like a sub’s sonar system. With that, Amazon can and does create a 3D map of your home and they are able to essentially watch everything you do along with listening to every sound in your house. That’s why it’s called “Echo”

Also keep in mind, Amazon is Jeff Bezos, the guy who bought up the Washington Post and published all those lies about Donald Trump trying to influence the election. Then he published articles about “fake news” trying to shut down free speech on the internet. Plus, Bezos, the CIA and the Clintonistas go way back.

And one more thing: Echo is not only constantly streaming info on you and your family to whomever is listening and recording all that information but… it’s also attached to your bank account so you can order pizza without having to take out your cell phone. It has direct access to your checking accounts and authorization to use them.

Google’s ‘Home’ is just about as scary minus the Dark Knight echo soundings of your kitchen. If there is one Big Brother Business I don’t want monitoring my humble abode, it’s Google. But, for a price, they will gladly spy on you and your family all day long and when you have a question about something… they will be sure to provide you with the “truth”

Then there is “Nest” and the myriad of companies like it.


Nest is the ultimate sovereign citizen’s worst NSA nightmare.

Every square inch of your house is covered. Cameras to record everything you do and microphones to record everything said. It even has speakers so they can talk to you (and tell you what to do and what not to do) or you can pull it up on your APP from your phone (more on that in a minute) and speak to family members sneaking a sip out of your whisky bottle.

Again, everything recorded, categorized, analyzed and monetized by Big Business Big Brother for their purposes.

All of this stuff.. ALL OF IT… goes to the NSA mind you. Every damn bit of it. But it also goes to the DNC and the RNC if they pay for it. It goes to Microsoft or Exxon if they care to buy it as well. It can also go to your local police department as they are increasingly in the business of creating predictor models which tell them (supposedly) which families are more likely than not to fight back if someone kicks in their doors at 3am.

Are you an activist opposed to Monsanto polluting the world? Don’t buy any of this crap because they’ll definitely pay for a subscription to your file.

Have you recently fled the cult of Scientology and currently helping to get the word out about how corrupt and dangerous that so-called “religion” is? Then you definitely don’t want “Nest” in your nest.

This privatization of the surveillance state is unbelievable and all of it came about after the “Snowden” psyop and warnings from people like myself who tried too say all this manufactured “crisis” would do would be to empower Big Business like we have never seen before. CISPA turned into CISA and got passed a year after the USA Freedom Act which privatized the surveillance state and made all of this possible.

So they spy on you and track you in your car and they spy on you all day long in your home. What else have they decided to do since the “Snowden” psyop?

Well, notice how many free APPs are out there today?

These APPs, many come with the services I list above, do the same thing. But the difference is, they track you and spy on you everywhere.

People take their cell phones with them everywhere. Even from room to room in their homes. And they are constantly communicating on them. All that data goes up to the clouds and is processed, analyzed, categorized and monetized.

Why do you think a company pays an A-list celeb like Arnold Schwarzenegger to do TV spots for their “free” APP? What do you think Pokemon Go was all about?

Are they simply recording everything you do, say, text and search on that phone or are they also using your expensive devise as their echo sounding system so they can map everywhere?

Phone companies are making their services cheaper and cheaper and some actually give you high-end cell phones for free for using their service. How do they make that money back?

They sell your info. They sell it to the NSA, they sell it to other Big Businesses, they sell it anyone, including foreign nations, because thanks to “Edward Snowden” and Glenn Greenwald, they are now allowed to do that without consequences.

This is the reality of the world we live in today.

A few of us tried to stop it. Aaron Swartz did for a time, but they killed him for it.

Every time I see a commercial for “Home” or “Echo” I get a little sad because I think back to the good old days when folks would be just as up in arms about Bezos spying on them and making millions of dollars doing it as they would if they thought the CIA or the NSA were doing it.

Today, folks just sit back and do or say nothing about it and even in some cases, they’re ignorant enough to actually pay for it.

I feel for Aaron. He gave his life for nothing.

(For my mailing address, please email me at RSCdesigns@tampabay.rr.com)


17 Responses

  1. This somehow reminds me of what Lenin said about capitalists, “They’ll sell us the rope with which we hang them.”
    I guess the American consumer will BUY IT for them!

  2. Scott — I’m a long-time visitor of American Everyman. I enjoy reading and concur with most of what you write, especially your analysis of 9/11 (how I found you many years ago), Syria/Iraq/Afghanistan/Ukraine/Turkey/Egypt/Russia, fake or false flag events (Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston, etc.), and much more.

    However, I struggle to follow your perspective on business (big or small) and things non-government vs. the State.

    My understanding of the situation here in America is that businesses do not have the authority to force you/me/anyone to do anything, unlike governments. As consumers, we have a choice. We can say no to Progressive, Verizon, Amazon, Google, Nest, and any other company. We can refuse to use mobile phones, smart TVs/speakers, security cameras, cars, and even electricity, as inconvenient as that might be. We can simply choose not to be a customer of these companies, or any other company.

    When a monopoly does seem to exist and we don’t have multiple choices, this is usually the result of government regulation that created circumstances favorable to one or a couple of large companies, and made it too difficult or expensive for smaller challengers/upstarts to significantly break into the specific industry. There are many examples of this.

    This is the America we live in today, and it is called crony capitalism.
    (There is no true “free market capitalism/enterprise” in America, and probably never has been. There is only crony capitalism – the purchase of government power (the monopoly on violence) by corporations.)

    However, we do not have the freedom to say no to the State. We do not have another choice, or a non-choice. We are forced to be the State’s customer, because to say “no” would open ourselves up to being kidnapped and caged like an animal, or to courting death (if one were so brave/foolish to refuse being kidnapped and caged).

    So if ultimately, the State has a monopoly on force, and the sole authority to steal, kidnap, cage, and kill, then why are you such a big fan of the State? The entity that pays for (or doesn’t) your medical bills via Medicaid is the same entity that drops bombs on hospitals, weddings, and funerals. At least in America, you will never have one without the other. They are two sides of the same coin. Big government is big government, and will continue to justify its existence (Medicaid), steal to maintain itself, and mercilessly attack any perceived threats to it. It can’t do anything else, because this is the kind of creature that it is. It is based on violence, or the threat of violence.

    So, as long as the power of government is for sale (e.g., CISPA), corporations will keep buying. But, if the power of the State is significantly reduced, then there will be nothing for the corporations to purchase.

    IMO, our efforts are best aimed at reducing the size and power of the State.

  3. Don’t worry – the line between “business” and “government” is getting blurred handily. Enter Donald Trump and the new way of running the government. The government needs to be run more like a successful business, people supposedly decided (if you believe the election results – doesn’t really matter either way). This is fascism – the perfect merger of government into a capitalistic, corporatistic ruling system. We don’t need to worry about whether it’s big business or government spying on everything. They will be one and the same.

  4. For Aaron above: when corporations hire private security thugs I think the “power to compel” has left the government barn.

    • hired thugs from various companies and things like mandated insurance coverage come to my mind when I think of the “power to compel”. Also, how powerful is the compulsion to keep up with the Jones? To get more, newer stuff you don’t need simply because commercials tell you everyone else is getting it?

    • Can you provide an example of “private security thugs” compelling our behavior? Not being snarky, I am drawing a blank.

      • Research the history of private security companies, going back to Wackenhut in the 1800s. That’s at least how long they’ve been using underhanded tactics to “compel” such as blackmail, extortion, blacklisting, etc. Perhaps you think the power to compel refers only to open armed displays of power. It’s much more.

        • Or he could look up Blackwater in New Orleans or whatever private security company the Dakota Access Pipeline company is using up there right now. Or maybe he could think about how Big Business bought and paid for all those congresscritters who passed CISA, the USA Freedom Act and the Patriot Act and then ask himself how Big Business compels us these days.


    I don’t intend to see the new “Star Wars” movie, since I already know that it is trash. Here is why…

    At the IMDB web site I ignore the “user ratings” number, which is usually fake and unreliable. Instead, I note the ratio of negative reader comments to positive comments. Based on long-term study of this topic, I can tell you that if 40% or more of reader comments are negative, then the movie is awful, and not worth seeing.

    Reader comments were 90% positive for “The Shawshank Redemption” (1994) and “Gladiator” (2000). “A Beautiful Mind” was 66% positive. However reader comments for “Star Wars: the Force Awakens” were 70% negative. And now reader comments for “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” are 56% negative after the first day. That’s abysmal.

    Average people make these comments. Can we trust their taste and judgment? Statistically yes, we can. Greater than 40% negative comments = trash. It never fails. The link below shows that of 272 reader reviews of “Rogue One,” 151 of them (56%) say they hated it. If you doubt my method, then see “Rogue One” yourself, and remember: you were warned.


  6. “Aaron Swartz Rolls Over in his Grave as We Ignore the Rise of the Privatized Surveillance State (and even pay for it)” reposted at ir-is.org. http://ir-is.org/2016/12/17/aaron-swartz-rolls-over-in-his-grave-as-we-ignore-the-rise-of-the-privatized-surveillance-state-and-even-pay-for-it/

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