New McCarthyism Goes Global: Panicked Apologist for the New World Order Blame Putin and “Russian Hacking” for Brexit

by Scott Creighton

The rising tide of anti-neoliberal sentiment is sweeping across the globe and as a result, globalism’s proponents are getting desperate.

Populist-centered uprisings of all sorts are being seen in every hemisphere on the planet as advocates for the “New American Century” find their economic ideology being increasingly rejected by the people and rightly so because it is diametrically opposed to the needs and the wishes of the vast majority of them.

The advances these globalists thave made since 9/11, what was once described lovingly as the New World Order by George H. W. Bush and others (corporatist fascism bound and ruled by financial/banking elites and the neoliberal technocrats who serve them), are now under serious threat of being undone as millions upon millions of people begin to understand the savage and undemocratic nature of neoliberal globalization.

Here in the states the establishment Dems (fake-left, neoliberal, “centrist”, corporatist Dems) have finally landed upon the Russians as their preferred excuse as to why Hillary Clinton’s coronation was thwarted.

It should be noted that Hillary Clinton didn’t even win the primary contest. Bernie Sanders won that effort but it was stolen from him not only by the supposedly neutral DNC but also by the various election machine companies who do the real hacking in American elections because Bernie was a populist and a half-assed socialist.

They blamed James Comey, they blamed the Bernie or bust crowd, they blamed third candidates and they blamed racist, misogynistic, xenophobic clan-members before they finally landed on the Russians as the reason Hillary was denied “her turn” in the White House.

None of that was true. Hillary was a lying, criminal, globalist war-monger who is bought and paid for by the financial/banking elites who never once gave a crap about the real issues facing America’s people. Since they couldn’t run their campaign on her record or her personality, all they had left was identity politics and a level of fear mongering about the potential Trump presidency that would have made Joseph McCarthy blush with jealousy.

Recently, after the Jill Stein recount destabilization campaign failed to delay enough states from officially certifying their election results to keep Trump from being named the next president, they embarked on another ploy to undermine the democratic process here in the States. Now they say they want the lying CIA to come over and share some of their lies with the Electoral College voters prior to their meeting on Dec. 19th where they will cast their votes as directed by the people and officially elect Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States.

This latest attempt to “fix” their problem of Americans “voting the wrong way”, being led by the likes of Nancy Pelosi (through her daughter who Nancy made an EC voter and a Super-delegate) and John Podesta (Clinton campaign chief and probably the brains behind Jill Stein’s “recount” destabilization effort) will fail. Have no worries about that.

It will fail because typically, EC voters are political wannabes who would find it increasingly difficult to vote against their party’s nominee as well as against their constituency’s will. It would be political suicide especially since Donald Trump has been making all the “right” choices when it comes to his cabinet picks (globalists, billionaires, neoliberal scumbags who want to privatize the very departments they are going to be in charge of … and of course, the generals)

Though this attempt to thwart the will of the people will fail, ultimately it has a more sinister objective at the heart of it and that is to de-legitimize any collective mandate from the people that stands opposed to their globalist machinations.

They simply cannot allow history to show the majority of the people having a different ideological view of the world than that which they hold.

Ever since the Lewis Powell Memo of ’71, they have been working diligently to remake the conscience of population. It’s not even hidden anymore in terms of their propaganda coming from the MSM and Hollywood.

Just look at what they MSM did in the run-up to this election. They couldn’t fathom the notion that they failed to condition the public adequately to make them vote the way they wanted them to and in the end, the day after the election, you could see the abject disappointment and almost shame on their faces as they knew they had failed in their stated mission. They couldn’t understand it. How could people have seen their endless tirades against Trump and what he stood for and then go out and vote against Hillary? The pundits were left scratching their heads like a pitcher who is pulled in the first inning after giving up 10 runs. Their best simply wasn’t good enough to overcome the tidal wave of populist revulsion at the status quo which Clinton represented.

So what do they do when they fail to manipulate a population enough to get them to vote against their own best interests? Well, like they did in Palestine when the people voted for Hamas instead of the other party that was in bed with Israel and the United States, they have to retroactively de-legitimize the election itself.

The CIA and the State Department have been doing this for decades. That’s nothing new. The fact that they are doing it now, here in the States, is a bit of a development. But for the most part, it is part and parcel of what those agencies do every day.

When the people speak and they don’t say what you want them to say, you have to find a way to make an argument that they “really” didn’t say it.

Across the pond some British MPs are trying the same kind of effort with the Brexit vote. They are blaming “Russian hacking” for that outward public anti-globalization statements as well.

Labor MP Bradshaw was openly ridiculed in parliament for making this baseless, paranoid, McCarthyite accusation… and well he should be. It is ridiculous to suggest that the Russians hacked the Brexit vote but as a globalist, he has to because they cant entertain the notion that the so-called “smartest people in the room” are failing in their efforts to make Brits and other Europeans dumb enough to vote against their best interests as well.

This guy says it’s “now proven” the Russians hacked the U.S. election which is complete and total bunk. He then says it’s “probable” that the Russians hacked the Brexit referendum “though we have no evidence of that” and goes on to suggest the upcoming French and German elections will definitely be hacked by the Ruskies.

He fully expects the will of the people in the upcoming elections to mirror that of the people of the U.S. and Britain and is trying his best to undermine the results, before they even happen.

That’s how desperate they are.

It’s nice watching them squirm like this, but remember, these guys hate democracy everywhere else in the world. They openly work against democracy and choose brutal military dictatorships whenever they can because they provide a level of ‘stability’ democracy doesn’t.

So when you think about it, it’s pretty unnerving. What are they really going after here? Trump? Brexit? Putin? Or is it something else?

The chickens are coming home to roost folks. Its the only way these guys can hang onto their Project for a New American Century. Ending democracy, or what little democracy they allow us, in favor of stability all because the ebil Rooskies have infiltrated our election systems and we can no longer be counted on to vote the right way.

Scary stuff in a ridiculous package.

Just another day in the Shining City on the Hill.

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Thank you all so much

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5 Responses

  1. Scott’s point, if I interpret it correctly, is that “the Russians did it” nonsense is too pathetic for anyone to believe, but this is what makes it so dangerous. Neoliberal globalists could claim that extraterrestrials stole Hillary’s crown, and if you don’t believe it, f**k you. They could claim that we must start World War III to bring everyone “democracy,” and if you don’t agree them, f**k you. They are desperate, out of touch, and ideologically feeble, but they have power. This power, plus this incompetence, is what makes them so terrifying. They are like a senile old geezer with his finger in the nuclear button. “If I must die, then let the whole world die with me!”

    Somehow we must survive until the geezers die off, so that alternatives can replace them. I know of two different ex-acquaintances, both 80+ years old, who admit that Democrats and Republicans are identical in practice – indeed they are one party — and yet the two geriatrics insist that Democrats are “better,” and that Hillary would have been wonderful. (They are ex-acquaintances because when I politely questioned their folly, they deleted my comments and banned me. They “nuked” me.)

    “Scary stuff in a ridiculous package.” ~ S.C.

  2. It’s “something else” all right.
    And hey, may the heavens forbid it, isn’t it about time for a fresh FF?

  3. If the Democratic Party was truly democratic, Sanders would of been nominated and beaten Trump handily, maybe even taking back the House, but the Clinton Mob and corrupt DNC fixers screwed the primary so the Wicked Witch could do what she’s best at, stealing and lying her way to the WH. When that failed, then like a spoiled six yo brat, it’s time to blame someone for the mess they created, so blame the Rooskies.

    Now the NYT is blaming Russia for hacking last year’s Vienna Iran negotiations, which is another lie, easily exposed…

    Spy Virus Linked to Israel Targeted Hotels Used for Iran Nuclear …

    Jun 10, 2015 … Three hotels that hosted the Iran nuclear program talks have been … high-stakes negotiations between Iran and world powers over curtailing Tehran’s nuclear program. … Israeli leaders say the emerging deal could allow Iran to continue … Hackers and intelligence agencies have long targeted security …

  4. The New York Times says the election of Trump is just like the CIA’s blood-soaked 1973 coup in Chile, only this time Russia is the CIA, Hillary is Salvador Allende, and Trump is Augusto Pinochet. (You can laugh now.)

    Meanwhile people are gathering at state capitals across the USA for candlelight vigils, asking Electors to vote for Hillary when Electors officially elect the President on Tuesday December 19.

    The clowns refuse to be screwed by neoliberal Republicans, and instead want to be screwed by neoliberal Democrats such as Obama with his TPP. In this way they show their patriotism against “Russian hackers.”

    Joining the chorus of losers are Hollywood has-beens like Martin Sheen.

  5. Bill Moyers claims that the Electoral College chose Trump “because of the direct intervention in and manipulation of the American electoral process by Vladimir Putin, Russia’s strongman who rose to power as a ruthless agent of the KGB.”

    For Moyers, Putin “wants to discredit American democracy.” and “has a vendetta against Hillary Clinton.” Putin is guilty of “an electronic invasion” that “could be the largest intelligence coup since the cracking of the Enigma code during World War II.” Putin has the “ability to influence the election of a fellow authoritarian and would-be strongman to the presidency of the United States.” Putin has launched “an attack on our very democracy, and on who we are as a people.” Putin is the “standard-bearer and patron of extremist politics.” Putin “has paired his hyper-macho contempt for liberalism with active support for radical parties in Europe.” Indeed, Trump “owes his victory to the stealth of his Russian doppelganger.”

    Moyers wants to know about Trump’s “foreign creditors.” He asks how much Trump “owes Russian banks.”

    Moyers is 82. His personal situation is explained here…

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