More Fake News from CNN: Unsupported Claims of Mass Executions Carried Out by Legitimate Government in Aleppo

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: The bullshit “activists said” story has made it’s way to Reuters and the fake-left Huffington Post already. Someone once said a lie will make it halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on it’s shoes or something like that. Fake news sure travels fast these days.

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CNN has produced a litany of fake news in the past usually centered on supporting one illegal war of aggression or another on behalf of our global “national interests”. If you recall, Amber Lyon admitted CNN was paid to create fake news by the U.S. government. CNN lies on a regular basis in support of whatever agenda the masters of the universe have qued up at the time. Whether it’s a regime change operation or endlessly demonizing a candidate who doesn’t particularly serve the interests of the 1%, CNN is your go-to PR outlet for fake news.

Today they are parroting a breathless claim about the Syrian government committing mass executions of Aleppo’s civilians as they drive the “moderate rebels” out of eastern Aleppo.

It is a completely reprehensible and baseless piece of disgusting propaganda designed to aid various “national interests” in their efforts to generate public support for one last President Peace Prize “humanitarian” bombing campaign.

“Forces loyal to the Syrian regime have been entering homes in the last pockets of Aleppo held by rebels and shooting people on the spot, the United Nations has said.

A spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said it had been told that 82 civilians, including women and children, were shot in their homes or on the streets on Monday…

Activists said anyone with links to the rebels who seized control of the enclave in 2012 was being hunted down.

“Every hour, butcheries are carried out,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.” CNN

The “activists” that make up the core of this claim are indeed the “moderate” terrorists that we have employed to terrorize the people of Syria in an effort to force a regime change on the country on behalf of oil and LNG interests.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is not really an organization and it’s not actually in Syria. It’s made up of one guy living in London who has been producing fake news on behalf of the regime change operation for the past 5 years.

And that note that CNN uses to give their fake news credibility, their claim that the United Nations is saying this is happening is also just as dishonest and painfully transparent as the rest of their fake news story.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein who just happens to be Jordanian royalty, married to Princess Sarah Zeid and was formerly Jordan’s Ambassador to the United States of America from 2007 to 2010.

Jordan has been funding, training and supporting the “moderate” terrorists in Syria since the very beginning of Obama’s regime change campaign back in 2011.

Jordan has stepped up its support for neighboring Syria’s political and military opposition, including allowing some light arms to flow across the border, according to Syrian rebels and an Arab official familiar with the operation.

Several shipments of arms—including assault rifles, Russian-designed antitank missiles and ammunition—have been delivered to the border in Jordanian military trucks and then taken into Syria by rebel brigades, according to Syrian rebel fighters.” Wall Street Journal, 2012

This report by CNN is not news. It’s a line of propaganda being offered by three elements of Obama’s regime change operation to CNN without a single shred of evidence to support it and yet, CNN runs with the story on the front page of their website and at the top of every hour on their “news” network.

It’s complete and total bunk. It’s “Yellow cake from Niger” or “mobile biological weapons labs” being retooled and megaphoned to the public for the same purpose.

In Aleppo right now, the Syrian army is currently routing our destabilization forces with the help of Iran, Turkey and Russia. The people who have been trapped in eastern Aleppo and used as human shields by our “moderate” terrorist proxy army are welcoming the Syria forces, glad to be free from these child-beheading animals our CIA loves to hire for these kinds of jobs.

What CNN is doing isn’t even close to what we used to call legitimate journalism. I mean, you couldn’t even run an ad on television for a penis enlargement pill with supporting evidence of it’s success rate like that which CNN has offered up in their war-mongering call to increase violence in another country.

I mean, you can’t go out and produce a commercial selling cola to people with that many unsubstantiated lies in it. So how the hell can a “news” outlet get away with producing a totally dishonest infomercial like this selling a war of aggression that they hope will result in the killing of hundreds if not thousands of people in Syria?

The world is turned upside down, is it not? You can’t openly lie about your penis pill on TV but you can damn sure lie your ass off when it comes to selling death and destruction on behalf of our “national interests”

CNN ends their propaganda effort with their standard legal disclaimer: they say they cant verify any of the bullshit they are reporting as fact. That tells you they know its a lie, but the Mockingbirds over there at the fascist news network don’t give a crap just so long as a percentage of their brain-dead viewers buy into what they are selling without taking the time to think about it.

Just amazing.

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15 Responses

  1. This might be an unpopular opinion, so be warned. First of all, I don’t believe what CNN has to say about these “alleged” killings that occurred in Aleppo. However is it possible that allied forces aligned with the legitimate government of Syria, is it possible that a few bad apples did the killing?

    Also, when I first heard of “mass execution” and the numbers they threw out like 82 killed, I was thinking to myself. Wow that’s what they call a mass execution these days? Meanwhile 6 million people in the Congo died in the last 2 decades because of “Africa’s World War.”

    So yeah, I am calling bullshit on this story by CNN.

    • I’m calling bullshit on “Eddie”. This has the feel of a sunstein-ian cut and paste job, softballing criticism of ZNN and throwing out some bullshit about the Congo, all while failing to mention anything specifically referring to _this_ article on Scott’s blog, to facilitate rapid posting to forum after forum.

  2. And Democracy Now regurgitates the same BS today. No surprise.

  3. Yeah… Check out the coverage of this story on They have details of another fake story…The cats of Aleppo. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  4. BBC is the main propaganda tube for spreading lies about Syria. Russian English language propaganda (RT, Sputnik) is inept, indolent, ineffective in comparison.

  5. so now the pope is getting in on the action, too; he just sent a letter to assad asking him to put an end to the violence. no surprise that he didn’t send a letter to obama asking him to stop supporting terrorists.

  6. […] via More Fake News from CNN: Unsupported Claims of Mass Executions Carried Out by Legitimate Government … […]

  7. Sputnik: Watch Canadian Journalist Completely Dismantle Mainstream Narrative on Syria

    One honest reporter among thousands. Some bought off, some so dumbed by the lies and propaganda they’ll swallow anything.

  8. This one man waste of space operation ‘The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’ is based in Coventry, which is just a few miles from Birmingham.
    Eva Bartlett, whom you show in the comments, is excellent.
    I wanted to tell her so, but google bluntly refused, to let me do so, though they have my videos. They said they did not know who I was !!
    Well done Eva. p.j.

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