Of Course “Pizzagate” Was a Distraction/Disinfo Psyop from the Beginning

by Scott Creighton

Someone sent me a link to a Barry Soetoro video which explains one crucial aspect of the “pizzagate” distraction/disinfo campaign quite well and that is the roll played by Comet Pizza business owner James Alefantis. Everyone on my site here who disagrees with me on the real nature of “pizzagate” know full well just how well connected this Washington insider businessman is and yet they never seem to make the leap to the connection that means he could very well be in on it from the beginning.

Look at what has happened. Anonymous individuals at 4chan started this thing off at a time when other Washington insiders were being exposed for real via the Podesta leak scandal which had a real effect on the election and at embarrassed some D.C. Big Wigs including Clinton and Podesta and others. The allegations were titillating/salacious. They involved depravity and set the reader above the fray morally speaking. It was a version of the empowering “wont somebody think of the children?!?” theme I often expose in their other designed psyops (Malala, Bana, Bring Back Our Girls, Incubator Babies, etc.)

4chan does some good work but they have also been infiltrated by influence peddlers of the government and NGO variety for a long time now (especially after the Boston Bombing and all that information was shared back then)

Suddenly the focus in some of the independent media outlets was off the real discoveries in the Podesta email leaks and everyone was running around sharing the business owner’s Instagram photos taken out of context as if they were proof positive of the hidden nefarious purpose of his business. It was flimsy “evidence” at best… deliberately so at worst.

Then, when the time is right, they get a crisis actor to head over to the business, stage a little street improve scene with his “big bad gun” and we have a legitimate manufactured crisis, just like what the likes of Cass Sunstein have been wanting for years.



Toss in the appropriate overblown breathless responses from their Mockingbird’s in the MSM and poof…



Crisis, reaction, solution.

Now this well placed D.C. business owner has become the front-man for the campaign to end net neutrality and shutter the internet as we know it. Because Mr. Clean D.C. insider “victim” has been abused by the free and open internet and its’ troubling habit of sharing ideas and information freely in our society. And as you all know, that can’t be good. Right?

Here’s how they’ve cross-purposed this particular psyop.

  • shut down “fake news” sites and do so without the public seeing it as blatant, sweeping, Naziesque censorship
  • distract from the real revelations of the Podesta, DNC leaked emails (leaked, not hacked)
  • gun control (and by that I mean them being able to determine who has a second amendment right and who doesn’t)
  • end net anonymity by forcing everyone to register for access to the internet and post under their real names (which will silence dissent more than shutting down “fake news” websites)

Damn, that’s a pretty big plate for a little pizza shop psyop wouldn’t you say? Might even be more crippling than manufacturing the “Edward Snowden” psyop to get CISPA passed through congress. Notice how many companies are out there now (since Freedom Act and CISA privatized the collection of your personal data) shoveling up your private data and selling it to the highest bidder and the government? Did you have Google Home or any of those other WiFi listening/recording/broadcasting devices in your home before “Snowden”? How many car-tracking devices did you have plugged into your car? Your kid’s car? How many “home security” companies offered to put mics and cameras all over the INSIDE of your home for “your protection”? How many “free” apps tracked your every move, text or Tweet from your mobile device? How many devises did you wear on your wrist that tells your insurance company how lazy you are and tracks your every move so they can sell that info as well?

And you were worried about 12 guys from the NSA reading your emails if they got a warrant from a judge before all of this? Really?

Do you know how many major US companies wanted CISPA and how much they paid congress to get it made into law so they could profit from it? Do you know what fascism really is?

Manufactured crisis, reaction, solution. Over and over again and folks keep falling for it every time.

They do these things because they work. Because they provide them cover for domestic policy agendas that would ordinarily be shouted down by the general population. Now the outrage from the majority is focused on independent journalists instead of toward Podesta, Clinton and the crimes they and their people committed over the past couple of years. Not to mention the fact that real pedophilia in D.C. will be harder to uncover and expose in the future.

And all they needed was a well placed business owner to go along with it, some CIA assets on 4chan to kick it all off and a couple well placed “influence leaders” in the Mockingbird “alternative” media industry to help them peddle their poisoned pill of a story… and it was just that simple.

Here’s Soetoro’s video. It’s good work. Glad some folks out there see through this stuff as it happens. Because that is when it matters. Thanks to whoever sent me this link.

30 Responses

  1. I figured that pizzagate was associated with Podesta and not a distraction from him (which is what it seems that you’re saying, it just being a distraction)

  2. This guy is ok until he devolves into the obligatory “Obama is a communist and persecuted Christians” bullshit.
    Yeah a communist who’s entire fealty belongs to Wall Street.
    Plus, nice photo-shopped pic of Byrd in Klan regalia … makes his whole statement here easily debunked by the Morning Joes and Evening Rachels.
    As you are obviously aware Scott, real researchers tend to not reach conclusions a-priori.

    • P.S. I’d like to ask dude – when the eff is Obama coming for the guns already, like these guys have been screaming for 8 YEARS! He better hurry the eff up, he’s got a month!
      Watch Trump do it tho’! They’ll start with Black folks and Muslims and atheists, and ‘2nd amendment’ puds like this guy will cheer him on.

  3. Has the issue of the Podesta brothers’ startling resemblance to the suspects in the McCann disappearance been addressed?


  4. There are people trying to make it legal to have sex with young children. Since that legislation hasn’t gone through, then why not punish anyone who finds out and tells on the perverts and psychopaths?

    Hide behind a “screen name?” You mean like James Alefantis (J’aime les enfants)? The Wikileaks e-mails show real people’s names who corresponded with Podesta in pretty obvious “pizza” code.

    These crisis actors are really a despicable bunch. I have to assume they are CIA (or something like that).

  5. Good work, Scott but …
    At around 13:34 in the video: “This is how the communists disarm you … ”

  6. Given Brock’s shady creation of MM may be the tell. As an echo-chamber for snooty pseudo-liberal elitists, who very unusefully click their learned tongues at the rest of us “deplorables”, MM regulars are unconsciously benumbed and conditioned to mindlessly accept the Dem’s GOP-lite version of neoliberalism. In other words, if anyone knows how to crap up and derail things, it would be someone who knew Brock intimately, shall we say.

    • what is MM? media matters? aren’t they something like ThinkProgress? a fake-left right of Reagan “progressive” focus group for think tanks to try out their spin? or are they the outlets that actually apply the spin that places like TP craft?

      • Yes, Media Matters. It appears to have paid trolls infesting the site, both “opposition” and (neoliberal) “dems”. It’s all quite blatant in its fake-leftery. They even have their own “pragmatic” online net-nannies to keep others from drifting too far to real left ideals, shrewishly reminding them they cannot be allowed to think so naively.

      • Reply eaten by WP

  7. I agree with your line of reasoning Scott, it DID distract from from ‘other’ aspects of the Podesta emails, and it certainly has taken the spotlight off Hitlery. But done deliberately? I sense more damage control, than plan. Certainly the crisis actor shooting… (ooops, I mean shot) at Comet was psyop, false-flag. Scott there is damning evidence within the Pizzagate connections. The FBI has confirmed that some of the symbols and words connected to this are commonly used by pedophiles. I think back to the quote, ‘never let a crisis go to waste’. I will have to ponder whether this was deliberate, but regardless, I am certain Pizzagate is legit. This is nothing new; Franklin Coverup (Conspiracy of Silence), Catholic Church and young boys, Day Care at the Presidio, Sanduskey at Penn State. There is a very very dark underbelly of our Society, and first exposure to it is so shocking, it is hard to believe. But it is very very real.

    • that is possible but I can’t help but notice the timing. lame duck president. Fascist-leaning Trump on the way in. Who has he just picked to run Homeland Security? Some general? nice…. And I’m sorry, but when you say things like “the FBI confirmed…” I get a little troubled by that. The FBI has confirmed a lot of things over the years I’ve been running this website and many of them involve staged, planned false flag events. For them to “confirm” anything seems like more of a problem than confirmation.

      • O/T somewhat, but what do you think of Trump’s military fetish? You mentioned his pick for DHS, but yikes, he also picked generals for security adviser and Defense Secretary. Mattis hasn’t even been retired for the requisite number of years to be eligible and seems rather bloodthirsty when it comes to Iran. His cabinet is looking rather like “Seven Days in May” mingled with corporatism on steroids, spearheaded by a president who won’t divest from his businesses. But I guess “IOIYAR” (it’s okay if you’re a Republican).I feel like we’re about to relive the Bush years, except 100 times worse.

  8. Annnd away we go!
    Another ‘conspiracy nut’ just threatened one of the Sandy Hook ‘parents’.

  9. […] American Everyman – Of Course “Pizzagate” Was a Distraction/Disinfo Psyop from the Beginning […]

  10. Barry Soetoro’s video is disappointing and probably misleading. If this is the best what alternate media can come up with I will pass and rather refuse to think and make any judgments on pizza gate or Sandy Hook, etc. He is just another youtube yahoo of the falseflaggot kind. I guess it must be that smarter people actually have jobs and do not have time for creating youtube “exposes”. We have a problem. But idiots are not the solution.

  11. So, in the 1st min of the video it is reported James says of the girl restrained by being Taped down to the table that, ” That’s my goddaughter and her little sister did that! ”
    There’s a man standing behind her and another adult took the picture most likely however, Why not rescue her instead of doing a photoshoot?
    Does anyone believe what he said is true? I highly doubt that her ” little sister did that”, especially the way the tape was placed !
    Seems like he would’ve said that her OLDER sister, since she can’t be more than 3 years old.
    To me,This is evidence that He DON’T NEED to be around any children. Just , saying!

    • clearly he was lying about that. The parent figure in the back and the kid taped to the table is meant to be a joke suggesting the kids wont run amok through the restaurant. but that wouldn’t sound good, so they changed the story of that photo. like I said,the guy is creepy without a doubt.

  12. Looks like a Japanese professional is weighing in on Pizzagate. Although it is a little long, it is a decent article that covers quite a bit.

    PizzaGate Is A Giant Step For Investigative Journalism
    By Yoichi Shimatsu


    “Yoichi Shimatsu was the editor in charge of a team of investigative journalists probing the Aum Shinrikyo cult in the wake of the Tokyo subway gassing, and later fought against high-ranking American pedophiles who violated subteen children and produced explicit kiddie porn in Cambodia.”

  13. Hello Scott,

    Can you please take a look at this article when you get a chance? I ask you because you’ve been one of the only researchers (with only a few others) that have been pretty leery and skeptical of the alleged “pizzagate” scandal (at least how much of the alt-media has been reporting it as basically more or less “true”). You’ve given good reasons, including in this very informative article that you wrote (I first read this weeks ago) and you’ve written a ton about the deep state connections of Wikileaks, Assange, intel agencies in general, and of course the most recent 2016 (s)election.

    It’s regarding the fact that pizzagate is really a psyop (not just limited hangout, but basically 100% made up), a position you’ve already taken, although keeping an open mind. I had always thought that it was likely true to a large extent, because it seemed so plausible, but a “limited hangout” (meaning that only one very small piece of the larger “pedophilia” evil that the elite, including politicians, occult/secret societies, intel agencies for blackmail, etc., are involved in that mostly goes unreported, but real nonetheless). And IMO, the conclusion kind of makes sense (as did yours) as the writer also talks about the sordid history and shenanigans of Roger Stone, the Likudnik PTB, and other shady characters (he didn’t bring up the very dubious “former” intel agent Pieczenik – certainly a Trump and/or Republican operative – something a poster brought up in the comments, and of course AJ is COINTELPRO/controlled opposition with connections to Sratfor if not other intel). And IMO both of your essays compliment each other. Thanks, and happy new year 🙂


  14. I’ve also thought that pizzagate referred to the Podesta and Clinton emails. That might be why some folks have been trying to change the name to pedogate. But pizza and cheese pizza are both terms I think that the FBI has identified as code words that pedophiles, like Podesta, use. So in that way it makes sense.

    Additionally, there is one researcher who was looking into Alefantis, trying to find a “kill room,” and whom Alefantis got in touch with in a kind of mysterious fashion. He then proceeded to threaten and intimidate the researcher, even going so far as to threaten his family, pointing out that he knew who his girlfriend was and icky stuff like that. Alefantis was pretty convincing as a really, really creepy scary guy.

    And a lot of the artwork is very suggestive. I think many of us just believe he is part of the pedophile ring.

    Someone has suggested that as many as 30% of our elected and appointed officials are pedophiles. In a way that too makes sense, as for decades the elite have been doing all they can to limit advancement to people who have weaknesses and are thus easy to blackmail.

  15. Why is someone like Alefantis who is merely a pizza joint owner, allowed to go on national TV and NPR to refute allegations about his business, and to have articles written by the NY Times to defend him? Where does his importance arise? Surely not from making pizzas in the four hours each night he is open. One of the 50th most important people in DC. And how many pizza parlors have you been in that say “Shut up and fuck”?

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