Meanwhile In Aleppo, Another Psyop “Hearts and Minds” Campaign Flees with their Friends from al-Qaeda

by Scott Creighton

While everyone in the alternative community is arguing over “pizzagatekeeping”, the White Helmets brand of al-Qaeda’s PR outreach division is quietly fleeing Syria in some green buses with their child beheading friends. Destination? Obama’s next destabilization campaign tour stop. Somalia? Turkey? Sudan? Iran? Who knows. Maybe Detroit. Maybe we should call their agents at Burson Marsteller and ask them.

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  1. First of all, a great congratulations to the Syrian Arab Army, the Russian Armed Forces, the Iranian forces, and Hezbollah in achieving this victory against the salafists and the Daesh takfiris.

    Not spoil the mood but of course yet again, Iran gets demonized and the comments gave me cancer. :/

    • This is another story by MEMRI, which was started by Yigal Carmon (a former Israeli military intelligence officer) and Meyrav Wurmser (an Israeli citizen). Ms. Wurmser’s husband, David Wurmser is a Jewish neocon who helped to write the infamous “Clean Break” paper for the Likud Party.

      So far this story only appears in Zionist blogs, plus trashy tabloids like the U.K. Sun and U.K. Mirror, plus quasi-tabloids like Washington Times. The “park” in Mashad (Iran’s second largest city) was actually a carnival-like event that was open from 4-to-11 pm on 18-to-28 Sep 2016 for kids 8-to-13. The event was oriented much more toward opposing the Saudis, plus ISIS™ in Syria, than Israel or the USA. It was reported in Raja News (24 Sep 2016) which is pro-Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The IRCG is opposed to rich, pro-Western Iranians that (with U.S. help) mounted the failed “color revolution” against Ahmadinejad in mid-2009.

      All MEMRI photos of the event come from this Raja News story. MEMRI says nothing about its context. How many kids went to the event? From what socioeconomic class were they? How did the event compare with Israeli parks where Jewish kids routinely do the same thing, but with real firearms? How does Iran (where Jews are a protected class) compare with apartheid Palestine (where 1.8 victims are trapped in the Gaza Death Camp)?

      The trashy tabloids are having a lot of fun with this.

      • By the way, the YouTube video above is part of the Alex Jones News Channel.

        We can believe this video about “killer kiddie camps” because Alex Jones “has the documents” (from MEMRI).

  2. Now that Dear Leader has authorized ALL kinds of defense aid to their in trouble Syrian terrorists, how long before one of those surface to air missiles wind up taking down a passenger jet?

    • I wonder if that includes any of those tactical nukes he’s had his guys working on all these years.

      • Now we know what actually happened to the latest missing Pentagon money, that 125 billion supposedly used on non-war stuff, it was used to supply al CIA Duh and ISIS.

        January 20 is a long ways off, I fear this is only one of many stupidities by Mr. Peace Prize.

      • I am surprised that I didn’t get called a “cuck” or a “libtard” because I call them out on their shit. I got a few thumbs up, I am very surprised, there might be some hope. I have to criticize this Islam bashing, I am not a Muslim, I was raised a Lutheran, and I still believe in God (not going to get into a religious debate on here), and its not like I am a fan of Islam, but I have to criticize some of this crap on breitbart and on infowars. But if you do, you get called a cuck.

        • Perhaps everyone would be better served by using the more accurate phrase “radical Saudi-Arabian-sponsored terrorists/extremists.” It’s a better brush to paint with.

      • Can only mean one thing: The leases on the Toyota trucks must be up for renewal…

  3. 10 Dec 2016 – John Kerry is begging the Syrian and Russian governments to “show a little grace” as they put an end to Kerry’s five-year campaign of extermination.

    Kerry spoke after a meeting in Paris of governments that back the genocide.

    British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson vowed that his proxy war would continue, even though Johnson has been defeated.

    Although the terrorist mercenaries have been crushed, the BBC claims that the terrorists are actually winning. “Elsewhere in Syria, the Islamic State group has been advancing on Syrian government positions in the countryside around the ancient city of Palmyra.”

    • at the same time, Bezos’ Washington Post is doubling down on still more “Russia did it” disinformation. when these fuckers smell a buck to be made, they don’t let go do they?

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