WHEN FAKE NEWS ATTACKS: “Pizzagate” Disinfo Used on Morning Joe (i.e. real “fake news”) to Call for Censorship

by Scott Creighton


Wont somebody think of the children hanging out at the pizza place being raided by the crisis actor and his EVIL gun!?!

Joe S. with his furrowed brow, flags waving just behind him to ensure his audience he’s an All American, calls for Google and Facebook to come forward and save us from the “fake news” that threatens our children in their favorite pizza joint. Unfortunately it will just mean that our 1st amendment rights have to give way because “pizzagate” has motivated a crisis actor to take the law into his own hands.


Community theater actor playing the role of “Hick Othello of the Sticks”

Of course…

Yes, the fake news, the REAL fake news, is attacking. They are attacking our constitutional rights. The right to bear arms and of course, the right to free speech.

Watch the Morning Joe oligarch-supporting pundit class each take a turn voicing their support for the end of the 1st amendment. Look at their eyes.

Look at their fucking eyes.

They know exactly what they are doing and they know exactly what it means yet the words, stilted and uncomfortable as they were delivered, still came out of their mouths.

But look at their eyes. Look at the glances each give the other as someone else speaks. They hate doing it, but they’re still doing it. Almost as if their careers and their membership to The Big Club depend on it.

The eyes tell the truth even as the fake news spews from their mouths.

This is what happens when fake news attacks. The REAL fake news.

I hope you guys appreciate your favorite independent journalism websites and go let them know how much you appreciate em. Leave them a little comment, a smiley face. Something. Cus, if the look on these complicit sellout’s faces are any indication, they wont be around for much longer.

17 Responses

  1. I never watch television unless I find something like this in an article by a journalist I trust. And every time I sit through crap like this I’m remind why I gave up on TV something like 37 years ago …
    But yes, we’re at the stage of fascism in which dissent has to be stifled and then suppressed. That, of course, is the objective of the Fake News psyop. Google, Facebook and others will willingly collude and so any neophyte who is search for dissenting opinions will come up with nothing. What I wonder about is how they plan to block those of us who already have numerous real information sites memorized?

  2. YOU attack free speech continually with your censorship.

    • oh look, it’s “ben the greasy troll”. y’know, you really suck at the troll thing. maybe you should try some brain-storming & try to get those creative juices going before you post again. ’cause i have to tell you, you’re pretty obvious. i mean, do you sit around your house wearing a sign that says “i’m a stupid troll”? word of advice: you can ditch the sign & get t-shirts made that say the same thing — or you can simply tattoo “troll” on your chest & go around shirtless.

  3. Hey Willy!

    The one thing that became lost in all the sensationalism regarding Pizza gate was emails connecting Clinton’s State Department to a Baptist group who had attempted to kidnap Haitian children and transport them to Dominican Republic, not once, but twice.
    Bill Clinton intervened to get them out of jail in Haiti- the Baptist group was dirtier then dirty- connected to a judaic lawyer who was not really a lawyer- whose wife had been charged with some type of child trafficking- I blogged over a two to three month period on this incident- all msm article including the reports of Bill Clinton doing his best to get these traffickers out of a Haitian prison

    As I said this was a real blast from the past for me
    I wrote 13 posts at the time on the news and then it went away


    “Wow! Talk about your blast from the past!
    In 2010 when the story about Laura Silsby’s child trafficking episode was breaking, yours truly was blogging away on the subject!”

    This got lost in all the pizzagate noise

  4. I meant to get over hear yesterday but had too much going on at the blog and at home!

    FYI: the news out of Syria is nothing short of stunning
    With Aleppo being taken back by SAA with the aid of Russia and terrorists wanting a ceaefire and talks on the future of Aleppo- Syria saying no


    And that report exonerating the US for the intentional strike on SAA looks to have been a dud, not a surprise really
    check it out!


  5. “There’s something askew here.” No kidding! The criminal government/media will go to this level of getting an actor to “scare people” with a gun in a pizza restaurant and pretend he’s a misguided citizen and get their propaganda networks to ridicule anyone who believes that crooks actually conspire to cover up their crimes, even with something that sounds so silly as coding food words to stand for sexual words. What’s really disturbing is that the pedophiles continue their activities while these talking heads bob around as instructed and cover for the maniacs and psychopaths so that the ignorant feel righteous in criticizing those who know the score. And as they sit around making idiots of themselves, this story is not going to go away until the pedophiles are stopped and can no longer hurt children.

  6. My goodness, such an incredible site that you didn’t even miss on the Fake News of Pizzagate that they put out for us to lap up. I failed on this one. But YOU MISSED on MH17!

    It was a HOAX. No impact craters. Even the heavy engines failed to so much as dent the soft farmland. All the heavy pieces were right by the intersection of two roads. It occurred on a chicken farm with industrial refrigeration to keep Strelkov’s “bloodless bodies” cold. Plenty of buildings to store the plane parts. Even a RR spur & boxcar for more storage.

    CNN’s silly shot of the crash shows fireball on the ground and absence of plane in the air.

    Just like w the Sinai crash it betrays collusion between Russia and the West. (Like the West removing all their Patriots from the Turkish border to permit Russia to come into Syria). Extremely important for that reason.

    Regards on a terrific site. I see I have a lot of reading to do; I’ve not even HEARD of some of these events.

  7. The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, with attendant Charlemagne Prize, is undeniably being carried out under the guise of “helping refugees” bringing in “cheap labor” etc.


    Charlemagne Prize – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlemagne_Prize

  8. Seeing the pic of Silly Boy with the rifle makes me wonder, Where are the False Flag/ Crisis Actor Trading Cards ?
    Seems like they would sell quickly at this Krazzee point in time!

  9. (willyloman) A reader, JoeB, wanted to leave a comment but for some reason WP wont accept his info. So he sent it to me via email. I don’t know which name he wants to use so I’m calling him Mr. X until he tells me otherwise:

    “For those who think prosecuting the pedo-scum division of the NWO is going to be as easy as just blogging about it….check this out. Trump’s National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Micheal Flynn (FFS!)….is a conspiracy theorist!!! Politico. as surely a bastion of real news as I am a back-up center for the 2016 Celtics, reports:
    “(Flynn) used social media to promote a series of outrageous conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama and their inner circles in recent months — pushing dubious factoids at least 16 times since Aug. 9, according to a POLITICO review of his Twitter posts. Flynn, who has 106,000 Twitter followers, has used the platform to retweet accusations that Clinton is involved with child sex trafficking and has “secretly waged war” on the Catholic Church, as well as charges that Obama is a “jihadi” who “laundered” money for Muslim terrorists.”
    And then:
    “Another time, he reposted a tweet by someone named “Eagle Wings” about an alleged United Nations one-world-government plot called Agenda 21.”

    The next thing this bull-moose looney is likely to say is that bears live in the woods.
    He knows better than anyone what’s going on and the fact that he allows himself to be part of the farce within the farce within the farce is for everyone to get their heads milked on the riddle farm.

    Read the “Comments” section above. Nearly everyone vehemently agrees with the fake Politico story. With the awakening that’s happened lately and the audience “fake news” gets compared to fake MSM. You smell something? You can be sure they are even writing their own comments,
    This is now a matryoshka doll, not Russian but good ol’ USA made farce within a farce of a nut-fudge swirl of the truth brilliantly sticky enough to mix in the “fake news” branding (formerly known as ‘con theory'”), the gun ban, and enough emotionally charged stimulus to effectively cripple any understanding of this….except within the community who already know these things are going on. Knowing of cowardly atrocities against any population of children in the US is no less than knowing of the same war crimes in the Middle East, Africa, Haiti or anywhere….as Scott’s AE has been covering the horrors inflicted upon the innocent of the world forever. So to come here and expect him to add to the sensationalized poison-popcorn-to-the-pigeons campaign cranking everywhere is an insult to long time readers here. The guy told you fifty fucking times, “Yes it’s a distaction”, “Yes there are pedophiles at the highest levels of power.” You want him to come hold your hand. Quit fucking screeching! Use your minds, not hysterical emotions. That’s the only way we can stop all these crimes. “Pizza-gate” is the bait, don’t bite on it. Keep your eyes on whoever is setting these dead end traps. What are you going to do about it?
    Knowledge is useless if it can’t be applied and it can’t be applied in the real world without working with people….people who might think differently from you, as well. I know this is a weird concept, but you might have to actually talk to people….and here’s the tough part….you may have to listen to them and be committed to a cause nit just a topic in Blogotopia. Watch what’s going on in your house, your neighborhoods, your own communities, schools, rec-centers. Check stats on missing children. Try to organize with neighbors and child agencies and scrutinize them too. Share on forums with valid information that you can use.
    These things get swept under the rug with a lot of crazy talk, like the Kennedy assassination, 911, WMDs, the ’08 Bank Swindle, etc. with people flying off their rockers, repeating the same hearsay, without strong arguments backed by valid research. This is going to take cold calculating minds to stop these monsters….they are smart, respect your enemies….their emotions are dead….except fear. But that just makes them more dangerous….but not as dangerous as justice.”

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