Phony Pizzagate Disinfo Distraction Ends As You Might Expect: With a Crisis Actor and an Assault on the 1st and 2nd Amendments

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Here is the “fake news” site shutting down operation in it’s own words (from police report):

“S-1 (crisis actor Welsh) stated that he had an AR-15 laying on the …. inside the restaurant along with a .38 caliber handgun that he had sitting on a table. Sgt. Firehack (?) further asked S-1 what his motive was entering the establishment armed. S-1 stated that he had read online that the Comet restaurant was harboring child sex slaves and that he wanted to see for himself if they were there. S-1 stated he was armed to help rescue them. S-1 surrendered peacefully when he found no evidence that underage children were being harbored in the restaurant. S-1 was placed inside transport”

Ah, the “fake news” “conspiracy theorists” are setting off the armed unhinged from the fringes and they are quite literally taking aim at the innocent civilians. Hmm. Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah… Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas by Cass Sunstein. Seems a bit custom made now doesn’t it?

UPDATE: hmm. James Corbett (big on privatizing Dept. of Education by the way) reported on the “pizzagate” story as “the biggest pedophile scandal in the highest ranks of government


Edgar Welch reprising his role as “Sovereign Citizen Cain!” an art-fag’s interpretation of what a militia man must look like (notice the earplugs?)

(Notice how he keeps his finger off the trigger? That’s because the gun wrangler who they hired for the photo-shoot told him to do that. Wouldn’t want it to go off while he’s holding it with his skinny little arm.)

The obviously phony “pizzagate” disinformation distraction has ended with Edgar M. Welch, 28, of Salisbury, N.C. heading up to D.C. to hold his own “investigation” into the matter which consisted of him showing up on a slow business day and firing a round from his “assault rifle” into the air after he told everyone to leave the building… and getting arrested in the store.

In a statement, Comet Ping Pong’s owner, James Alefantis, condemned the people who had been spreading the bogus stories about child abuse.

“What happened today demonstrates that promoting false and reckless conspiracy theories comes with consequences,” he said. “I hope that those involved in fanning these flames will take a moment to contemplate what happened here today and stop promoting these falsehoods right away.”

Bradley Graham, co-owner of Politics and Prose, said the incident was a worrisome event during an uneasy time for the neighborhood. “This is one of the things we feared,” Mr. Graham said as the police surrounded his bookstore with rifles and weapons drawn. “That this could go from a social media attack to something much more dangerous and physical.” New York Times

Mr. Welch is a “crisis actor” whose daddy is a former cop and firearms instructor… and actor.

The entire “pizzagate” story was the dumbest fake “conspiracy theory” out there since “ray beams from space”. It centered on the idea that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta were ordering up babies to rape with their cheese pizza. I even saw a Tweet from Cynthia McKinney buying into that stupid shit.

“Look, they have freaky paintings on the wall! ooooooo they must be eviiiiilllll”

“Notice how many times pizza is mentioned in the emails? It must be code for raping babies!”

The dumbest thing I have ever heard. The story goes something like this:

“Uh. Hi. Yeah, this is John Podesta. A big powerful guy in D.C. Yeah, uh, I would like an extra large anchovy pizza with extra cheese… uh.. a 2 liter Diet Coke… uh.. and some garlic knots… and oh yeah, can I get a two-year-old raping baby with that please?… uh, a white one? Don’t have white? How about black? Okay, good. Do I get the Illuminati discount with that?”

Apparently after getting everyone to leave the building so they wouldn’t get hurt (all the pedophiles mind you) our crisis actor hero went in the back of the building looking for the storage bins where they keep the raping babies. I’m not making that up by the way.

And now we have an equally stupid psyop event at the pizza restaurant featuring a crisis actor who will claim he was brainwashed by “fake news” websites and a bevy of all the types of gun every gun-grabber wants too see off the streets.

Perfect timing, right?

This crap is so obvious. Just look at that Lee Harvey Oswald-styled photo up there. They needed a concrete example of the dangers posed by “fake news” and they figured they might as well cross purpose their publicity stunt with some more demonization of “rednecks with GUNS!”

This is just dumb. High school activist theater level dumb. Community theater written and directed level dumb. Outsourced, subcontracted psychological operations level dumb. Home made police department community service announcements dumb. This is just dumb. And CLEARLY obvious. Any fool will see it for what it is from a mile away with a coffee can on his head and after poking his eyes out with dumb.

But the MSM is running with it like it’s real. Go figure. The bar for being considered “too smart for your own good” is now at the point where if you tie your own shoes, you’re in deep trouble and you probably wont ever get a job in the media. Which is a pretty low bar in and of itself.

I’m sorry but aside from Ray Beams from Space, this is the dumbest thing I have heard of and now it’s over, all but for the constitutional rights grabbing campaigns, I have to just laugh.

In the future people wont sit back and ask “how did things get away from them so quickly?”

Instead they’ll ask “How the hell were people that fucking dumb?”

Here’s something to chew on… while we’re barely surviving (and in my case, that may not be for much longer), the brain-trusts who came up with this stupid psyop make about 2.5k a year and are sitting pretty patting each other on the back like they’re geniuses. You know why? Because they are folks who learn everything they know from the MSM. That’s why.

The thought of that reminds me of something.

Yeah. We’re in deep trouble.

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Thank you all so much

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  1. Yes, clearly the redneck with a gun storming the pizza place is a psyop. And a bad one at that. Couldn’t we have had at least a couple crises actors “shot” and “killed?” Makes me think this was a rush job. I have however been researching the global pedo network and know there is a lot to it. And yes,cheese pizza is actually code for child pornography.

    • and what function does the restaurant serve? Why was this guy looking for the secret tunnels and storage bins full of their stock of rapin babies? just asking

      • If you have to ask what function does the restaurant serve? Then you haven’t looked into it. Give Gnostic Media a look see. Research Alefantis. Hell even research your referenced book store owner Graham. Politics and Prose has a well developed children’s area or so I have read. It is a psy op but a cover up psy op.

        Or start here:

        “Hi John,

        The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yorus?”

        I warn you though. You will be disturbed by what you see. You see handkerchiefs are kept as momentos. Map is semen. What the hell does pizza related mean?

        Or don’t look into to it. I’ll keep checking back to see.

  2. Always a bit suspicious of the Corbett Report. Not that I think he is intentionally misleading me but not all of the ideology fits together or makes sense. To be fair most people believe things that don’t sit well together but usually they don’t project these things out to the world. Site seems popular with people on the right and left but I’d characterize the overall drift as heading to the far right. As you say he is opposed to everything government and supports privatization but doesn’t really seem to have a problem with whatever corporate entities would take control in the absence of the public sector. Solidly right wing private property based ideology; those that have, have and those that do not need to get some.

    • I agree. Corbett started out with geo-political commentary, which is actually quite accurate most of the time. Over time, however, it has become very clear that his economic ‘philosophy’ falls within the right spectrum. In fact, he’s an an-cap (anarcho-capitalist), which makes him the opposite of any left wing ideology. He has traveled to Mexico and was part of an anarcho capitalist/libertarian conference there with dubious connections to property peddlers there. All financed by donors, I assume. He has no trouble whatsoever though, living in Japan, which has socialized medical care. His website and youtube channel got a big boost via his lose association with globalresearch – which was started by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, who is solidly on the left. I warned Chossudovsky over a year ago about this. I view Corbett with a huge grain of salt and would personally consider him as someone very close in his thinking to Stefan Molyneux, although less charismatic in his delivery. Molyneux is classic cult leader, very effective, but essentially a proto fascist.

      • I’ve been on the far left all of my adult life and I’m no spring chicken and I’ve seen all sorts of lefties including a lot of anarchists individualists and collectivists but these anarcho-capitalists are new to me. I’d read that such an ideology was possible but never met any real life “an-caps”. These days I still don’t meet them in the flesh but I do see and hear them all over the internet. In fact, their memes seem to be slowly taking over much of what remains a very left of center anarchist presence on the web. If you go to an anarchist dominated platform like the A-infos project and go back to old radio shows or podcasts you’ll find that they are very left, ultra-left even, and then slowly move right-ward over time as you get closer to the present. This is not true of every show or podcast but the memes of the an-caps, whoever these guys are, do seem to be more and more prevalent. I used to see anarchist on union picket lines at May Day celebrations and in IWW union organizing campaigns. However small and makeshift these groups were and whatever ultimate plans they envisioned for the future, I never doubted their sincerity nor that they were solidly on the left and thus generally in my camp. These days I’m a more suspicious and try to pull back and look at what they are really saying where would this lead if, however unlikely, they were successful. Unlike so many of the anarchists I knew in the past the story of the an-caps however anti-authoritarian doesn’t seem like it would ever end well. They aren’t proposing a system of free worker run communes. Basically, once you wipe their anti-authoritarian take on the day’s headlines, you end up with an even more brutal capitalism in which any collective regulation of personal or corporate greed is forbidden. No to collective regulation but yes to all the other pieces of capitalism and accumulation of wealth. Their is also some very disingenuous historical discussion going on their. They take the mantle of famous anarchists who were clearly on the left not the right and then use their arguments and theories in ways that while possible are highly unlikely given what we know of these people, Leaders like Proudhon. They also use all sorts of minor historical details and conclude that all past leftist movements were actually in league with the right wing. The Soviet Union and China, however horrible they many have become, were not brought about as part statist plot hatched by industrialists in the U.S. Sorry that’s no different than when The Savage Show says that FDR was really in secret relationship with Stalin to bring Socialism to the U.S. Yeah, right. Give me break. Beginning to rant. Sorry.

  3. Of course the guy is a crisis actor. That doesn’t mean PizzaGate isn’t real. It’s happened before.

    • Good comment.
      In the big picture, child abuse is used by spy services to control politicians, of all parties. That is an important point for everyone to understand.

      The pizza gate psy op appears to be a very successful attack on all people who are concerned about sex abuse of children being done by governments and their spy services.
      Smearing people as Fake newsers, Trump followers and idiots, this pizza gate story is a well thought out offensive against all of us.
      It is also a good opportunity to evaluate whether a news site is playing along, or searching for truth. Big fail here by the looks of things.

    • Da-FUQ!?

  4. We now have the guy who was pushing “Pizza Gate” most of all calling it a diversion:

    IMHO, the real diversion is the phony attack on the place by the crisis actor. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

    Jimmy Savile really did get away with abusing hundreds of kids while working at the BBC. He even got a knighthood out of it.

  5. Would like to know on what you base your finding that pizzagate is disinfo? Yes, this ridiculous false flag was initiated to discredit it and to highlight the dangers of so called “fake news”, but by no means do I think that pizzagate is not real when there is so much info out there ….Franklin scandal for one, the Australian paedophile ring that got busted, Jimmy saville and many more. In my opinion pizzagate is very real ….and if mainstream says its fake then all the more reason to believe its real.

    • no one said some of these assholes aren’t pedos. And yes, there have been rings busted up in the past like the one in Australia and Jimmy Saville and company. Don’t forget to mention Hollywood, by the way. Lots of stars got their start the hard way, if you know what I mean. But no… people aren’t ordering babies to rape and child porn online with code words. thats ridiculous. sorry, but it is. These bastards may be bastards but they aren’t stupid enough to leave a trail for someone to find… if they just “crack the pizza code”. Seriously? Like “nanothermite” the whole thing was made up to make real investigation into such matters look stupid. Pizzas? really? And this psyop guy didn’t pick this shop out of a hat. Remember? They picked it because of the stupid “edgy” artwork hanging in it. Folks really sunk their teeth into that one, now didn’t they? And now what are they doing? Backing away from the stories they have been circulating about this place like it’s radio active… and they all say “but pizzagate is real” just like they all said “nanothermite could bring the towers down… only slower”. Yeah. No. Sorry. Not biting. Didn’t bite on nanothermite. Didn’t bite on ray beams from space. And I’m not biting on some of the most powerful people in the world ordering up kids to rape or child porn via their “pizza” code.

      • More “edgy” stuff the 49th most powerful person in The Columbia District posts on his instagram. Yep pizza chefs are very powerful.

        I find it disgusting. But some might see it as edgy, I guess.

        • that’s the dumbest so far, thanks. a series of “suspicious” Instagram pics coupled with some “code words”? A photo of Obama playing ping pong with a child? And what does that mean? just stop it.

          • “just stop it”. No problem. NYT, WAPO (read: Graham now Bezos), BBC and FOX (Kurtz) all agree with you. Nothing to see here. They all seen this as a hoax too. Because a Pedo Network wouldn’t/couldn’t use a system of code words to communicate openly. Mutually assured blackmail would not work. And the Franklin Scandal was a hoax as well.

            This aint going away. And you stated your position. Good luck.

        • Yes, indeed Aris , we know WTF is up with that $hit! The art work is Not edgy … it’s quite disturbing, scary & Very revealing.
          Each baby that I have seen involved in this Has BAGS under the Eyes BIGGER than the Rapist Bill Clinton!!!! Some say those come from rear penetration’s, I don’t know!
          I believe our friend Scott is trying to protect this blog by trying to tone it down to avoid some of the problems that may arise from the above PSY-OP & All the Threats against any Effective sources of News 😎 The above PSY-OP will be used to show how dangerous the Web can be and
          They’ll probably be coming REAL Hard at the now labelled” Alt-Right folk !

      • “But no… people aren’t ordering babies to rape and child porn online with code words. ”

        Nobody is saying that is what the code is about.

        • uh, the one guy here directly said one of the code words meant “child porn” and from what I saw from the Reddit thread and the 4chan thread, that’s pretty much what “ping-pong” and “cheese pizza” means… so… uh… and the guy supposedly was in the back of the store looking for the kids… and another reader was talking about child trafficking… so yeah, that’s kinda what it is supposed to mean, right? Am I missing something?

  6. Scott, you are right to label Pizzagate as a psyop which is probably being used in efforts with other covert acts to curtail and reign in free speech.

    While vetting information and the source of that information is more important than ever, we can not allow ourselves to be influenced or persuaded to attack messengers who come to us armed with little more than a nugget of truth wrapped inside a web of lies.

    Somewhere, buried here, is a string that once pulled, may aid in unraveling a spool of corruption that by it’s very nature has served to beguile us with disinformation and misdirection.

    Psyop? Perhaps; and yet, much which is undeniable:

  7. It seems the PTB are desperate and need a big new anti-alt-media cause now the election is over. The attacks have begun on alt-media (both real and fake) and setting up a juicy yet phony story for later exposure is right out of the GWB TNG trap, which kept all eyes off the rest of his sordid history. Same here. Pretty sure Weiner’s phone will lead up the pedo-chain further and faster, yet we’ve heard nothing about that more important story. One hand distracts, the other hides or moves.

    • exactly. the Weiner laptop/backup is gone down the memory hole with his sexting pics to underage girls and here folks are ranting about what “cheese pizza” and “ping pong” really mean. As W might say… mission accomplished.

  8. I think it would be more accurate to consider “pizzagate” a limited hangout, rather than a full fledged fabrication. The most suspicious part of ‘pizzagate’ is the amount of play it’s enjoyed in the media, alternative or otherwise, and I think that it boils down to hubris on the part of those who started it, thinking that once the operation was finished, the designated targets (independent media) discredited, and/or the goal achieved (internet censorship/gun control/whatever), everyone would just forget about the whole thing and it would be relegated to the realm of fake moon landing theories.

    “But no… people aren’t ordering babies to rape and child porn online with code words. thats ridiculous.” -That’s a pretty bold statement, and honestly Scott, a little insulting. The key part here is not that the code is easily broken, it’s that this kind of code sidesteps the the issue of self-incrimination. It’s a substitution code commonplace among people discussing illicit activities such as drugs, and you should know better than to advance such fallacious reasoning.

    Indeed, some of the connections and assertions made by the more prominent individuals behind this “expose” are very far fetched and stretch beyond credulity, and the motives of these individuals are very legitimate subjects of suspicion, but the bulk of the information is real and factual, and for some of us is very familiar territory. Organized child abuse is the grease that keeps the whole operation going.

    Come on Scott, we’ve come to expect a higher standard, that’s why we’re here with you in the first place!

    • You keep losing your smart readers with your greasy lies. Soon you will start censoring this person, like you do to all those who are simply searching for truth. But don’t let my insult bother you, clearly your side (the lying cheating establishment scum) is winning.

      • why don’t you open all of your comments with “howdy, i’m a troll”? or maybe change your name to “ben the troll”. anyway, you need to come up with some new material, ’cause that’s some weak shit.

    • Once again, I am not saying some of these folks aren’t pedos. What I am saying is the “evidence” listed at 4chan or Reddit falls WAY SHORT of anything that could remotely be considered “actionable”. Plus, the whole thing is so full of holes it’s silly. Take for instance Corbett’s focus on the fact that Reddit (a Conde Nast disinfo outlet, in my opinion… wasn’t always that way but…) removed the thread about “pizzagate”. That’s true but that is only HALF the story. The other half is… Reddit allowed it to stay up for WEEKS. Try to post a link back to an article of mine on Reddit. It will be automatically downvoted INSTANTLY and eventually erased entirely. That’s because they’ve been blocking “fake news” websites for years now. So how come they let this thing stick around dealing with “pizzagate” until right before this event unfolded and the reason they gave for wanting to take it down was they didn’t want a witchhunt on their site? What a coincidence, right?

      Now, to your accusation that I have conducted some fallacious reasoning in my argument. Uh, no. Look, someone using code to order weed from his supplier is not the same thing as a public figure ordering babies to rape or child porn on an electronic device that they know damn well will remain out in the ether of the interwebs forever. The weed is a misdemeanor. Baby raping gets you life in a prison where you get raped daily and your career in public service is over, forever. Kinda different. Apples to oranges. Also note just how far Clinton went to hide her internet record of crimes. You think they don’t know these things last forever and can be figured out?

      Ultimately, when the Podesta files hit the main stage, a lot of criminal activity was sure to be discovered hiding way down in the bowels of the emails… and what happened? A phony distraction story took off with tons of disinfo sites promoting it… which DISTRACTED unofficial investigators from real issues and sent them off on a wild “pizzagoose” chase, looking at art hanging on the walls of a restaurant, pictures of a baby on some assholes Instagram feed and hours upon hours of trying to find “code words” in emails as they skip right over real criminal activity sitting right there in plain sight.

      You come here because you expect a higher standard? Good. This is it. I don’t cater to various stories and memes simply because they are popular and I don’t shrink away from telling people what I really think. Yes, there is organized child abuse out there. Penn State, Catholic Church, Hollywood… you wanna talk about it, let’s talk about it. But looking for code words in piles of leaked emails and ping-pong paddles that are supposed to resemble a symbol for pedophilia? Come on man.

  9. Here’s more reason I believe that not only is Welch a crisis actor, but his dad may somehow be involved in Child Trafficking. According to this site [ ] Harry Welch Jr.

    -Served as Executive Director for Protect-A-Child, a national, non-profit organization to prevent abuse and abduction of children. Appointed by Governor Jim Martin to the Governor’s Commission on Child Victimization.

    -Currently a special deputy with the Iredell County Sheriff’s Department.

    Also, he lived in Haiti for an undisclosed amount of time. I recently wrote about a lady (Monica Petersen) who died last month investigating the Clinton Foundation and possible ties to Child Trafficking.

  10. I absolutely love the way you have tackled Pizzagate here. Although, it’s one of the very few times that I disagree with your conclusion! It started with Assange and ended with some crisis actor…but it’s not over yet! Cy

  11. Key points on the Breitbart timeline –

  12. Once again, Scott’s awesome powers of judgement give us the most correct answer. Jody and Aris, nice work as well.

  13. In NPR interview Jestin Coler said that the reason he did not target pro-Hillary sites was because his outrageous fake news were not getting traction there while at pro-Trump alt-right sites the craziest ideas he fabricated would get traction and go viral. While this might not be the true reason why he was leaving pro-Clinton sites alone, he certainly is correct in his assessment of alt-right paranoia and gullibility. Reading some of the comments here made me think of it.

    This article on pizza gate gets 25 comments while Scott’s articles on Syria, election, Kurds, Putin often have just one or two comment. Scott, who is your clientele?

    • Hey wise guy: The reason this Jestin mofo targeted Trump supporters is that is what his silly Dis-Info job was all about, JESTING !
      He’s a government ass’et :
      They already know how stupid & gullible our silly cousins on the left are , as they chanted and cried: ” They’re just not ready for a woman president! ” Some how they never noticed that this… woman has been under investigation more than any other criminal probably since Al Capone ( maybe I exaggerated)! However, SHE should NOT EVER HAVE a Security Clearance & that would be an easy way to have Disqualified her Donkey Ass from even thinking about getting back in the W.H. !
      BTW, Scott has Great clientele, who are You ?

    • I knew an article on pizzathingy would get a lot of attention and generate a good deal of discussion before I posted it. And I knew my opinion on the subject wouldn’t be very popular. But I doubt my median viewer falls in the “alt right” category. There’s “alt left” as well and I certainly qualify as do many of the readers here. I disagree with Coler in that, from what I have seen over the years, disinformation has been spread pretty much across the board equally and with equal success rates, pretty much. And some of the stories peddled to the left are just as silly, like that big one that suggests Hillary Clinton isn’t a war-criminal or her campaign tanked because Trump stole the election or because someone voted for Jill Stein. Too me those stories are just as silly as most of the crap Jestin ever peddled and yet, they aren’t looked at as “fake news”

      Another Coleresque “fake news” story that is trending well in left-center echo chambers is the one about the “alt right” crisis actor who went to do his own investigation into “pizzagate”. That’s been swallowed hook, line and sinker and how fucking stupid is that story?

      How many alternative left investigative journalism websites support the idea that Assad is blowing up his own people cus he’s just “ebil”? How many believed it when they told the same story about Gaddafi?

      So, there’s enough gullibility to go around in my opinion.

  14. Wow really? You obviously have no idea what really goes on behind closed doors. Yeah they actually ARE ordering babies and children to rape. Why do you think CPS pays thousands of dollars for each child taken? Because when there’s a market for it they need a variety of choices for their customers.

    “”The entire “pizzagate” story was the dumbest fake “conspiracy theory” out there since “ray beams from space”. It centered on the idea that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta were ordering up babies to rape with their cheese pizza. I even saw a Tweet from Cynthia McKinney buying into that stupid shit.

    “Look, they have freaky paintings on the wall! ooooooo they must be eviiiiilllll”

    “Notice how many times pizza is mentioned in the emails? It must be code for raping babies!”

    The dumbest thing I have ever heard. The story goes something like this:

    “Uh. Hi. Yeah, this is John Podesta. A big powerful guy in D.C. Yeah, uh, I would like an extra large anchovy pizza with extra cheese… uh.. a 2 liter Diet Coke… uh.. and some garlic knots… and oh yeah, can I get a two-year-old raping baby with that please?… uh, a white one? Don’t have white? How about black? Okay, good. Do I get the Illuminati discount with that?””


    • perfect. thank you for supplying that example of what I am talking about. “Satanic evil”. that’s just perfect. You’ll be happy to know David Seaman (a guy who used to tell us all that “truth” from his job at the Huffington Post) is dedicating all his time to exposing the “highly disturbing” evidence involved in “pizzagate”. Right. Mr. Huffington Post is all over this story.

  15. Here’s a good very good introduction to PizzaGate from the Unz Review:

    • ok. if you go to that link you provide they have some “incriminating” evidence which includes a Besta Pizza logo that looks like the FBI’s symbol for pedos, right? only, if you go to the actual pizza shops website, their logo is a triangle shaped like a slice of pizza and some dickhead has obviously used Microsoft Paint to add some yellow lines to make it look like the pedo symbol. yeah.

      • Here’s a brief excerpt from the link above and I’ll leave it at that:

        “Beginning in 1997, in an English town of more than 100,000 people, eight Pakistani men stood at the core of a group involving as many as three hundred suspects who abused, gang-raped, pimped and trafficked, by the most conservative estimate, well over a thousand of the town’s young girls for years.

        The police were eventually accused of not just turning a blind eye, but of participating in the abuse — even supplying the Pakistani gangs with drugs and tipping them off when they heard of colleagues searching for children they knew to be in the gangs’ possession.

        Others were afraid of investigating the gangs or calling attention to their behavior because it would have been politically incorrect to accuse the town’s ethnic community of such a rampant and heinous crime — in the words of one English writer, “Fears of appearing racist trumped fears of more children being abused.”

        But when this story first broke, guess where it appeared?

        Here’s how a blogger writing under the name Mehrdad Amanpour tells the story of how the story first started reaching people:

  16. I think you’re missing the point Scott, and it’s typical of you to throw the baby out with the bath water. Yes, the “pizzagate” story/phenomena, and the key people pushing it are bullshit and it’s a diversion from other content in the emails, but you’re saying in response that organized pedophilia is bullshit, and the idea that the perpetrators are afforded privelige and protection from/by the law is bullshit, and that aside from a couple small cliques and the occasional perv who’s caught cruising in a box van it simply does not happen in real life. You do realize just how many politicians have been to Epstein Island right? How many rich and powerful people have been outed as pedophiles and still enjoy influential status, how much damning evidence do we have to see demonstrating a massive and comprehensive interlocking child abuse rings involving child welfare agencies, police, sheriffs, the judiciary, MP’s, royalty, etc.?

    Why must you mock your readership when their motives are not really in question? If *you* don’t want to cover this particular facet of the gargantuan, soul sucking group of conspiracies perpetrated by a very large and diverse group of very wealthy and powerful people and their complicit accomplices that’s fine, it’s your blog, but don’t belittle your readers and tell them they’re full of shit because they dare speak up in contradiction to your opinion, and don’t dare criticize anyone for referring to them as a “cabal”.

    At best you’re now splitting hairs. I’ve said it before, I don’t believe you’re trying to mislead people here, I just think you’re kind of acting like a child throwing a tantrum for not playing with your toys “the right way”.

    If you think we should limited our scope of discussion to “actionable” crimes, then you might as well shutter the place because you’re fooling yourself Mr. Loman.

    I have no desire to injure you with words Scott. You’re a likable guy and you’re pretty good at what you do. I only hope that you’ll work on tempering your frustration with and approach to people who may hold differing views but who are more or less with you, because belittling people and lecturing them about priorities comes off as rather petty and hypocritical, and ends up in what appears to be you painting yourself into a corner factually. Taking a more diplomatic tack would suit you.

    • ah… no… I’m not saying organized pedophilia is bullshit or that they aren’t granted immunity under the law. I seem to remember mentioning 1. Penn State 2. the Catholic Church and 3. Hollywood as solid examples of exactly what you are talking about. Now that I think about it, how many people coming in here talking about “pizzagate” being legit.. how many of them have mentioned all the little pedo priests in the Catholic Church while talking about this “pizzathingy” that you yourself just said was a ‘distraction’? How many? Zero. That’s how many.

      I’m not “mocking my readership”… but like you said, the story is stupid. Its bullshit and I call out bullshit when see it. You know I had to go through a lot of shit back in the day when I was the only one calling out the nanothermite disinfo for what it was and I didn’t really win many readers over at first when I was out there on my own calling out the Malala psyop either. Then I had assholes on here trying to tell me there were “mininukes” that brought down the towers and all sorts of other retarded psyop disinfo bullshit. Like for instance that jackass reporter who was high in the middle of night who killed himself driving like a bat out of hell to go get more drugs… and all the shit I had to put up with that disinfo story came out about someone killing him by hijacking his car remotely (at first they said it was a bomb if you recall)

      Part of the problem in this country is too many people taking a “diplomatic tack” when it comes to presenting news or their opinions of the news. I’m not going to baby my readers here or “handle” them with kid gloves and I’m damn sure not going to play up to their misinformation. I’m going to tell it like I see it and if they can prove I’m wrong with something other than photoshopped logos from pizza joints or some “hot dog” mention in one of 60,000 fucking emails, then I’ll pay attention. if I on the other hand have more solid evidence than they do, then I fully expect THEM to afford me the same damn courtesy.

      You said it yourself, it’s a distraction and I suddenly got tons of folks over here on my website that I haven’t seen here before saying it’s not. What should I do? Cater to them? No. It’s a DELIBERATE DISTRACTION and a DESIGNED PLOY TO USURP CREDIBILITY on websites like this one… and I am going to treat it AS SUCH.

      I’m not acting like a child. I’m defending my work and the credibility thereof. I abused the dickhead who came in here trying to sell his idea of nukes being built into the Twin Towers back in 1970 when they made the damn things and I will continue to destroy disinfo as I see it.

      • In all the background research you did on researching the pizza guy with “edgy” art and the asshole with “suspicious” instagram baby pictures (same guy James Alefantis is Jimmy Comet) did you come by the fact that he is ex-boyfriend of David Brock? You know Mr Troopergate turned Correct The Record/Media Matters douche. Also did you know Jimmy Edgy Art Comet visited the White House five times. He ran a campaign phone bank out of the basementless pizza place. Not of that seems odd? Do you really think the pizza place was picked because of “edgy art”? Go ahead and keep doubling down, Scott.

        • so what does that prove? He sells raping babies? Think about what you are saying. he’s a gay guy with deep political connections to some serious Washington insiders and he’s clearly got money and he’s fucked up in the head. Yeah. Got it. Not a problem. Sleazy? Yes. Odd as you said? Yes. Proof of a raping baby delivery service using “cheese pizza” as code? No. I’m sorry. Having fucked up taste in art and being a rich, flamboyant D.C. insider douche-bag does not prove anything other than he has fucked up taste in art and is a rich, flamboyant D.C. insider douche-bag.

          Ok. You got the circumstantial evidence down to a science. Good for you. What else do you have because I don’t do circumstantial evidence. And if that means I am “doubling down” in the face of your rock-solid case you just presented, that’s your opinion and you are welcome to it. It’s just not mine.

      • I’ve been liking your work for over 3-4 years now Scott!
        I did however find that, Besta Pizza DID do a logo change OR ELSE , Why would the controversial one NOW be in use at this point in time?
        I went to GOOGLE to Search: IMAGES & Entered:
        & Voilà …there it is !
        Have You any ideas about that & I promise Not to bother you again about this topic!
        Thank you!

        • maybe they did change it. maybe someone like a 4chan prankster has gone through and hacked older versions where it shows up on easier to access app files. Who knows. Maybe the freak who owns the company does like little boys and he thought he would be clever and market to that little boy loving crowd when he first kicked off the company. It’s all possible. Those 4chan assholes can seriously fuck up your website if you piss them off and by the same token, there are TONS of little boy lovers in D.C. Dennis Hastert anyone? Congressional page scandal? Boy’s Town? Ring any bells?

          But again… that is a loooooong way from PROVING anyone is delivering raping babies door to door with a “cheese pizza” or a “hot dog” code. A suspicious logo, photoshopped or not, is not proof of anything other than even more bad taste from the freak who runs that “pizza and ping-pong” parlor. Would I want my kids hanging out there? Of course not. The freak probably records them going to the bathroom and beats off every night watching the videos. But that’s not the same thing. Disgusting yes. Child sex slave trafficking? That’s like saying the poor broken down junkie down the street is the kingpin because he has a crack pipe and drools whenever you mention the word “rock” around him.

          • So it smells like smoke but i dont see any fire so i seriously doubt there is anything to be worried about. And I’m a volunteer firefighter so i know when to worry.

  17. There’s too much smoke at Comet PP to not have a fire burning somewhere.

    Check out “#Pizzagate, Clinton, & Podesta: What is it, and is it credible?” blog to see some more details. Let’s not forget Monika Petersen, investigating the Clinton’s sordid dealings in Haiti, including child trafficking, who then would up dead.

    There’s also Comet PP’s Instagram page which has pics that glorify pedophilia, but maybe I’m not ‘cultured’ enough to appreciate art?

    • being a craven pedo in a craven city full of other pedos does not mean your sell rapin babies on the side with fries and a 2-liter diet Coke. In fact, by making that unsubstantiated leap does one not diminish the clearly tasteless and deviant nature of the rest of the business owner’s obvious issues?

      • It’s called a convergence of evidence, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Each piece of evidence alone can be rationalised and dismissed but when taken together demands further investigation. Agreed, this convergence of circumstantial evidence would not stand up in a court of law but does any investigation start off with evidence that would provide a slam dunk conviction? Isn’t that the point of an investigation?

        • by that logic, you have a kid who’s not doing well in school and an uncle who is single at 40. Ergo: sneaky uncle must be buggering him. And of course, girl goes missing in small town, one kid dresses like Marilyn Manson and listens to death metal. Ergo he sacrificed her to Satan. The boy ends up being bored by school because his IQ is higher than that of his teachers and the girl ran off to be a star in Hollywood. I wonder if your convergence of evidence theory holds true to things like Saddam’s WMDs story or Gaddafi bombing his own people just for the fun of it.

          Don’t get me wrong. Investigations are fine. But when after a long period of investigation revealing photoshopped logos, Istagram photos in really poor taste (and probably more than a bit on the pedo-leaning side) and scans of emails for the word “hotdog” or “cheese” then you should probably be emotionally detached enough from the foregone conclusion to say “Ok. we looked. nothing here except this circumstantial stuff. moving on”. After a while you are looking for validation, not the truth. And when you hit that point, any validation will do no matter how innocuous. I learned that one the hard way over a decade ago when I set out to prove my friend was wrong about all that 9/11 conspiracy theory stuff she told me. It took me 9 months of detailed investigation to shut her up and set her mind right to finally come to the conclusion I was chasing a ghost of something that never was. And trust me on this. that was a harder pill to swallow than any facing someone who bought into “pizzagate”

          Investigations are fine. You just have to know when it’s over.

          • do you have any evidence that the Besta pizza Logo was photoshopped? I find it strange that you keeping repeating this claim. I have seen no evidence to support it. The evidence points to the exact opposite, besta pizza quickly changed their logo after this thing went viral.

            Do you feel “pizzagate” has been satisfactorily investigated? So far the only people investigating have been “internet sleuths”. It’s hardly a legitimate investigation by qualified investigators with the relevant resources and the power that entails.

            I guess the question that should be asked; If the police had amassed this convergence of evidence against a group of “norms” i.e people that are not powerful and well connected, would it be enough to legitimise more resources being thrown behind a deeper investigation bearing I mind we’re talking about the safety of children?

          • Anyone seen my jeffery dahmer victim replica i had hanging from my celling?

            • The art work you’re referring to represents “the arch of hysteria”. The concept predates Dahmer and was probably his inspiration. Its tenuous to suggest the artist was mimicking Dahmer and undermines the wider evidence.

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