So What is This ‘Veterans for Standing Rock’ Thing All About?

by Scott Creighton

“Most civilians who’ve never served in a uniform are gutless worms who’ve never been in a fight in their life,” Wes Clark Jr. Leader of Veterans for Standing Rock

“If you are 20 years old you’re not going to live out the rest of your life and die of natural causes (because of Global Warming™) Wes Clark, Jr. Sept. 2016

A bunch of vets, something like 2,000 or so, are traveling to Standing Rock to put themselves between the protesters up there in North Dakota and the riot-gear outfitted police who are actively defending Big Business interests. They are not taking weapons and plan to be there for a whopping 4 days (Dec. 4th – Dec. 7th)

The “leaders” of this excursion say they are doing it to see if the cops will beat on vets like they would beat on Native American water protectors and random concerned citizens who are there supporting the protest.

This “test” they say will show the true nature of the police action up there.

Think about that for a second: a large group of American military personnel heading somewhere to help the indigenous people oppose a pipeline rather than install one. That’s gotta be a first.

So what is this all about? Are they going to stand there for 4 days yelling back and forth at cops and then pack up and leave on Thursday allowing the thugs to go right back to what they’ve been doing? Are some of them agent provocateurs looking to kick-off some sort of national action against vets? Is it just shameless opportunism set up by a couple guys looking for some activism street-cred? Do they honestly expect the cops to suddenly bow down to their veterans cloak of superiority super powers and run away leaving the pipeline vulnerable to the ravages of the masses?

I don’t know. Let’s see what we can find out.

The Vets have raised a million bucks for this trip. They say it’s going to help provide equipment and other sundry stuffs for this large group.

Jimmy Dore, the comedian turned “activist” (who I hate now because he recently said of the Jill Stein recount effort that Donald Trump won “because of gerrymandering and election rigging”) had one of the founders of this event on his show yesterday. Marine and former Baltimore Sargent Michael A Wood Jr. sat down with Jimmy and talked about this project. He comes across like a slick, well-trained professional protester spouting off all the right catch-phrases. He says in the end they are going “in a support mission” and that they will do whatever the tribal leaders want them to do. But then he gets all excited saying his “heart is burning to go across that bridge and shut it down” meaning escalating a direct confrontation with the police presence which the Native Americans at the location have been decidedly against since day one.

Michael Wood was a Baltimore cop for 8 years and left in 2014. He got together with professional agitator and Black Lives Matter provocateur DeRay Mckesson a couple years ago.

“Wood said he has held panel discussions after screenings of Black Lives Matter documentaries, participated in protests and connected with other protesters in Baltimore including Campaign Zero activist and Baltimore mayoral candidate DeRay McKesson.” DNA Info

Wood made a name for himself in the Black Lives Matter destabilization campaign by sending out some Tweets in early 2015 about some of the things he supposedly witnessed at a cop when he was on the force. Remember, he left the force in 2014. None of his allegations were accompanied by any names or dates of the events and he has never provided any proof of them since he made them. He also never reported any of the events while serving.

His accusations were tepid at best in terms of exposing police misconduct and inciting at worst in terms of angering black people. Slapping some black woman, profiling young black males, crapping on someone’s bed after a raid, kicking a handcuffed suspect in the face while he was down… unnerving stuff but certainly not anything on the level of Frank Serpico. And we are talking Baltimore where more than half the cops are probably on the take and drop guns are standard police issue equipment. And all he came up with to earn his “street-cred” was one guy slapping a woman in the face and someone shitting on a drug dealer’s mattress? Really?

Wood then tried to capitalize on his notoriety and his “truth teller” street-cred by running for the top cop job in Chicago this past February. He later said they picked “a black guy”

Wood, who describes himself as a “change agent” on his Twitter feed, also credits himself as a “creator/advocate” of civilian led policing. He has a website which dates all the way back to April 2015. Wow. He’s been at this almost two whole years and he ends up on national television, Jimmy Dore and Joe Rogan? That’s pretty good. I wonder how he does that with no job.

Here is Wood in his second interview with limited hangout specialist and neoliberal libertarian Joe Rogan. They are talking about what to do after the Pulse nightclub psyop only they don’t call it a psyop… to them it’s real and Wood says the only way to prevent more of them in the future… is gun control.

Michael Wood Jr. is a complete and total gun-grabber advocate who pushes obvious psyop events to promote that agenda. And he’s Jimmy Dore’s hero to go up to North Dakota and face-off against the cops? And he says he wants to charge across the bridge and physically confront the police?

That’s interesting.

In his interview with Dore, Michael Wood Jr. says he was contacted by Wes Clark Jr. and asked to take part in this event. You might recall from the top of this post, Wes Clark Jr. said most people who didn’t serve in the glorious military are “gutless worms”

“This country is repressing our people. If we’re going to be heroes, if we’re really going to be those veterans that this country praises, well, then we need to do the things that we actually said we’re going to do when we took the oath to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.” Wes Clark Jr.

He’s going up there to be “heroes” … for four days. The “gutless worms” he and his band of vets will be “saving” have been there for months and they’ve been abused, frozen, sound-cannoned and shot with rubber bullets. You see those people are activists and Native Americans… they don’t carry with them the cloak of invincibility vet-superpower Clark and his fellow bring with them.

Wes’ daddy is retired general Wesley Clark Sr. who, by the way…

Some critics, such as left-wing CounterPunch and right-wing, have made allegations that Clark was, to some degree, involved in the Waco siege, where David Koresh and 74 Branch Davidian followers were killed during the FBI’s final raid on the group’s compound.[42] Some also suggest that, given the sensitive nature of the materials lent for the operation, Clark had some knowledge of and perhaps a hand in planning the Waco siege.[43]

Clark commanded Operation Allied Force in the Kosovo War during his term as the Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO from 1997 to 2000.

One of Clark’s most debated decisions during his SACEUR command was his attempted operation to attack Russian troops at Pristina International Airport, immediately after the end of the Kosovo War in June 1999.

So Wes’ daddy is a warmonger, a war-criminal and quite possibly one of the planners of the Waco siege which killed 40-something children and saw the United States put military snipers on the ground shooting civilians.

That’s this hero’s daddy. This hero who says you’re a gutless worm if you didn’t serve in the military.

Wes is also a big advocate for the Global Warming™ psyop. He said on a Young Turks episode with Jimmy Dore that if you’re 20 years old right now, Global Warming is going to kill you and that is why Hillary is going to lose the election (because millennials care about Global Warming and she doesn’t)

They guy comes across like a weasel. He literally talks like Frank Burns from M.A.S.H.

He supports Hillary’s campaign at that point saying that the post-Trump revolution wont happen because “when people with armbands come to your house and beat your children and tell you to keep quiet, generally people do because they are cowards”.. he cites his own experience in countries where his dad was stationed as examples. He doesn’t mention the fact that his dad or his co-workers were the ones sending out the guys with the armbands.

“If we go 4 more years pumping shit into the environment there is nothing we can do to save ourselves and our children from the apocalypse.” Wesley Clark Jr.

The guy is involved in the Climate Mobilization movement and his argument is that they could “move” Clinton to nationalize their Global Warming boogeyman agenda easier than they could Trump. He says at least she respects the rule of law. Never once did he mention how much she pushed fracking onto countries across the globe while serving as Sec. of State.

He went on a rant about his “dark skinned” brother in law and how he was going to be “pulled out of his car” by Trump vigilantes in a couple months.. “and shot in the fucking head. It matters, dude!” is what he said.

Wes Clark Jr. is an unhinged race-baiting servant of the establishment who apparently really hates leftists and folks who didn’t serve in the military like he and his daddy did. When screeching about mass murdering tyrants and dictators he mentions Hitler, Stalin and Mao.. the typical list pre-approved by all right-wing ideologues. Not a word about the likes of Saleh, Pinochet, Papa Doc or Mubarak… our personal favorite dictators because they served our interests.

Wes Clark Jr. has no business going to Standing Rock. His big issue, his main issue, is making kids terrified of the man-made Global Warming mythology. His temperament is absolutely not suited for a conflict situation like the one up in North Dakota and you can tell that from that video interview I link you to above. He’s unhinged and starts flailing around and cursing when someone disagrees with his position. He’s aggressively confrontational and given to flights of fancy that feeds his underlying rage.

If there is someone you don’t want at a situation like Standing Rock, it’s Wes Clark Jr.

I don’t know what to make of all of this. More likely it’s a couple assholes trying to milk some credibility points from this situation and get themselves on a couple alternative talk shows and maybe a few donations at the same time.

Then again, it could be they have a more nefarious agenda in mind. We’ll have to see how it turns out. But one thing is for sure, a guy who pushes gun-grabbing agendas while talking like a snake and a guy who goes off screeching about “dark skinned” people being shot “in the fucking head” because… Trump… and tries to terrify little children with the Global Warming monster hiding under their beds are not exactly the kinds of men I would follow to Standing Rock.

Jimmy Dore should try to keep better company. The Native Americans and protesters at Standing Rock should keep a real close eye on these two, that’s for damn sure.

p.s. Let’s think about this for a minute. What possible reason could there be for them to go to Standing Rock for four days? Do they think Wall Street and the banks financing the pipeline are going to cave because some glorious vets show up and hang out for four days?

Is that really the idea here?

Is that what they are trying to sell to folks as their “big plan”? The glorious vets show up and justice is done?

Really? Are they that stupid or self-absorbed or do  they think we’re that stupid?

The only effective means of protest in this situation is peaceful ongoing resistance. Not a bunch of half-cocked vets showing up and saying they’re only staying four days. The interests that own this pipeline worry about it continuing endlessly, preventing them from completion and pushing back their profit margins. Four days to them means nothing.

Unless of course this whole thing is designed to escalate the situation so it can’t go on endlessly like the Native Americans and the protesters intend. In that case, it might only take four days. It might just take one if some agent provocateur in this group just happens to whip out a weapon and start shooting at cops. That would fix all kinds of stuff right? The protest could be brought to an end and the gun-grabbing Michael Wood backs would become an issue again.

Four days is long enough for that but nothing else. So you have to wonder…

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Thank you all so much

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  1. Why is it bad in your mind to want to get rid of guns?

    • the gun-grabbing campaign isn’t about getting rid of guns. They don’t want to get rid of guns. Listen to what they say. They get money from firearm manufacturers just like the politicians who oppose them. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about getting rid of a constitutional right to have guns. They want to be able to put someone on an arbitrary list, like the “no fly” list for instance, and use that as an excuse to keep “the wrong people” from having guns and that’s all well and good until you understand that some years, Obama decides who the “wrong people” are and some years Trump decides who the “wrong people” are. I don’t own firearms but I support the constitutional right of people who do. I also understand what a slippery slope we are talking about when we start giving those away so we can feel “safe”

    • Scarcity based marketing, creates a fear in people that they will miss out on something they need. The gun industry has sold more guns in the past two years, than in any two year period in the last 100 years.

      Since the vast majority of gun deaths are accidental, friend on friend, family on family incidents (same with gun injuries) it suits the evil scum who rule us to keep the supply flowing. With the constant fear mongering of scribes working for the gun industry telling us that they will make guns illegal, sales are great, and accidental gun incidents cause misery to hundreds of thousands of US families every year. Good deal for our evil rulers.

    • FYI, watch out for manufactured anti-gun hysteria and research real annual death numbers in the US. I think you’ll find doctors and Big Pharma kill far more so why the irrational anti-gun push?

  2. i notice they’re ending their stand on “pearl harbor day”.

  3. Great work.

  4. Thanks for this article, Scott.

    As someone who was homeless for a number of years, reading your blog from public libraries is one of the things I always looked forward to and it helped keep me going, so I hope you’ll be able to continue

    My situation has improved now, I have a roof over my head, enough food to eat, and IF I’m able to find stable employment, I’ll try my best to make regular contributions to help you continue your work

    Recently I was skimming through comments on what they call the alt right blogs and was surprised to find that (unlike liberals) almost all the commenters seemed to be completely opposed to globalization, completely opposed to the neocon wars in the Middle East (which they refer to as “wars for Israel”), and many of them seemed to be anti-capitalist as well.

    Or at least that was my initial impression. However, to be clear, I’m not defending the alt right. I don’t pretend to know much about it, and will have to find out more

    Anyway (relevant to your post) someone on one of the blogs pointed out “neoliberal culture’s ability to commercialize and market just about anything”…that what we’re seeing is “the commercialization of liberal protesting….treating the anti-pipeline demonstration like a Burning Man-style festival for hippies”

    I think that’s true. The pipeline is the latest trendy thing to protest, unlike US backed “moderate terrorists” slaughtering civilians in Aleppo or Obama’s drone attacks on weddings and funerals

    I used consider myself as Far Left, but now I’m just a serf, trying to figure out the best way to stay alive for one more hour.

    “The one thing any of us really cared about was living for one more hour, one more hour is a big deal in a world where everything has reduced itself to murder.”

    Louis-Ferdinand Celine, (Journey to the End of the Night)

    • We can only hope protesting life destroying, life negating, bullcrap from our predatory capitalist overlords will become ‘trendy’. Hey whatever it takes to get people in the street.

    • I used consider myself as Far Left, but now I’m just a serf, trying to figure out the best way to stay alive for one more hour.

      That’s pretty much where I’m at. I want to find some safe place and avoid the psychotic episode the world is about to experience.

    • Everything is a commodity to the neoliberal including government and yes, protest as well. Look how profitable the protests in Ukraine turned out for Soros after he sponsored them. These two assets in the middle of it each have an agenda associated with particular domestic policy effort. One with Global Warming and the other with police reform. So both are obviously there to pursue their own interests, which again, as you point out, is a clue as to the truer nature of the event.

      On another note, I am glad to hear you are in a better place. Not enough positive stories these days. I wish I could focus on more. I’m glad for you.

    • I support the left but im really leaning to the right.

    • The true divide is rich vs. poor.
      The rich fight the poor by tricking us into joining the fight of right vs. left. The rich created the left vs. right fight so we will destroy each other.

      The frustrated ‘redneck’ young man working for $8 an hour at walmart has much in common with the bored young ‘hipster’ working at starbucks for $8 an hour. They are both screwed with no future, and they ‘hate’ each other, and we all know one voted Trump and one voted Clinton.
      Trump and Clinton and the Bush’s and all the rich people have us by the balls as long as we divide and fight each other in their scripted left/right fight.

  5. Have you read Sassy Sourstein’s brilliant takedown of liberal hypocrisy in her “Actually Existing Fascism” essay?

    an excerpt:

    “So where the fuck were all these protesters when Obama was actually doing what Trump says he’ll do? Trump’s neo-Nazi dystopia is the USA that exists today, and anyone who doesn’t realize it needs to shut the fuck up and stop pretending to know anything about politics. Anyone who thinks Donald Trump is more of a fascist than Barack Obama is some combination of an imbecile, a liberal, and a charlatan.

    Barack Obama was the President who expanded the White House’s power to kill anyone, anywhere, including American citizens. If wielding power like a führer is the mark of fascism, then Obama qualified as of the 2012 passage of the NDAA.”

    Anyone deluded enough to think Barack Obama is a friend to Muslims should ask Tarek Mehanna, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, or the hundreds of thousands of Libyans, Yemenis, Pakistanis, Afghans, Iraqis, Somalis, or Iranians who his administration has killed, displaced, maimed, starved, or terrorized. And with less than a week before the election, Barack Obama agreed to appear on HBO’s Real Time hosted by Bill Maher, a virulent liberal Islamophobe who has spent years peddling Trumpian bigotry against Muslims.

    Anyone deluded enough to think Barack Obama is a friend to Muslims should ask Tarek Mehanna, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, or the hundreds of thousands of Libyans, Yemenis, Pakistanis, Afghans, Iraqis, Somalis, or Iranians who his administration has killed, displaced, maimed, starved, or terrorized. And with less than a week before the election, Barack Obama agreed to appear on HBO’s Real Time hosted by Bill Maher, a virulent liberal Islamophobe who has spent years peddling Trumpian bigotry against Muslims.”

    the entire article is worth reading:

  6. apologies for copy/pasting the last paragraph twice

  7. Dude said 500+ vets were staying for the winter, or the duration.

  8. Vets, huh? Who’s vetted them, each one of them? Sounds Maidan-ish to me. Agents provocateur amongst them, for sure …

    Unless the real water-protectors stand down and let the vets take the hit (yeah, right), it’s going to be a massacre … didn’t think They’d be moving into martial law mode this quickly but the opportunity is probably as good as They’re going to get.

  9. Sorry to change the subject but I’m getting sick of seeing people, both men and women, with their arms and legs covered with tattoos. I don’t care how well-spoken someone is, like Seth Rogan, I still can’t take what they say seriously when I have to look at that pseudo-macho arm of his, covered in tattoos.

    For most of the past 3 decades I was living in a conservative Asian country but now that I’m back in “civilization” I see this every time I go out and I notice the mainstream media and advertising industry are promoting it.

    Does anyone have a theory on how this “fashion” got started, who is behind it and what the objective is?

    • I could be wrong but to me they are status symbols of the underclass. In the Russian mob they denote rank and serve as a kind of living history of the wearer’s various criminal activities. The Japanese Yakuza tattoos are similar in their meaning but definitely more discrete. They don’t advertise theirs like Americans or even Russian mobsters do. In some ways I think it’s a statement when they are so prominent like that guy in the videos are much like Saudi royalty wearing all white in order to symbolize the fact that he doesn’t need to do manual labor to survive. Folks with that many tats are basically saying they’ll get by just fine without having to worry about being hired.

    • I mean Joe Rogan, not Seth Rogan.

    • it very well could be a gateway to trans-humanism & genetically engineering humanity.

      • Very funny, mercury. Ha Ha. You got no serious theories on this question? Do you actually know what social engineering is all about? It’s not connected to genetic engineering, brainstorm! I’m looking for a serious conspiracy theory discussion, with serious input from conspiracy theory nuts like myself.

        I do recall some speculation that widespread acceptance of tattooing might be a precursor to mass micro-chipping.

        Overall, I sense that this is a planned & promoted social-engineering agenda, much like the “marriage equality” agenda. There’s nothing positive about someone, especially an attractive young woman, covering the arms and legs with tattoos. It’s yet another form of weakening society by debasing some of the individuals in society. As well as that, it splits society into the tattooed and the not tattooed. The powers that shouldn’t be love to see us disunited.

        I’m just fishing for ideas here. Who knows what the mind of the PTB is thinking. And for those of you who think this degree of tattooing has just evolved naturally, like some fashion, I say go back to your TV. There you will find the wisdom and knowledge that suits you.

        • persecuted2, I’ve wondered the same thing and as far and wide as I read, I have never come across anyone else asking that question. In fact, of all the things I’ve seen complained about regarding the degradation of society the subject of tattoos never comes up.

          I don’t know about “social engineering” on purpose. I wonder if things that happen as a trend or “style” fit nicely within the larger picture of social engineering. Also, is it possible this is a result of the long term social engineering that’s been going on. My first exposure to many people being tattooed including women and people who are old enough to know better was when we moved to Portland, Oregon about seventeen years ago. We are from Ohio and had lived in South Carolina and it was a bit of an eye opener to see the tattoos and piercings and general slovenliness of the people here, particularly young people. As time went on I wondered if this was a trend happening everywhere, not just Portland. Apparently it is.

          My son is twelve and when he was about four or five he started noticing people with their arms covered in tattoos and he asked me about it – what is it, how is it done and finally, why? I don’t know why, but I have my suspicions. I think that the reason why people deface their body is either because they don’t have self respect and thus the body becomes an outward expression of that; or it’s some type of “statement” which is really a statement of rebellion, which is from a place of immaturity. Also, what about the need to be “seen”. Tattoos wallpapered on your body certainly makes a person “seen”. This, too, is from a place of immaturity. I like the aspect of immaturity/rebellion as it fits with the generation of people where this seemingly began (age-wise it seems to be the end of Gen X and into the Millenials). I think there may be more to it regarding the blurring of men’s and women’s roles plus the whole alphabet soup of “identity” we’re expected to obey, but I’ll just leave my thoughts as they are as this is getting lengthy.

          Scott, thank you for posting this. Everything about these two characters screams bad news. I’ll have to pay attention over the next few days for news from Standing Rock.

          • Gwen, it’s happening all over the world, including non-English speaking places such as South America & Europe. It seems particularly prevalent in places like Italy where there is a high rate of youth unemployment. So, yes, it is obviously related to a loss of self-respect. But is it a co-incidence that this amount of this manifestation of low self-respect reaches the same level in so many different parts of the world, at the same time? I doubt it. Someone has been pushing it along, in my opinion, and it’s part of a much larger agenda.

            • persecuted2, Oh, I agree with you completely. I was trying to speculate on the internal justifications for someone defacing his body. I mean, you couldn’t get people to do this, say forty years ago. You would be looked at as a circus freak. This sort of behavior needs to have had the target population’s sense of self degraded and kneaded in some way. We can look at what has been happening over the last two generations to see it. There is a reason this has become as big as it is and it’s targeted to a specific portion of the population. I agree with Scott’s comment below about others outside the targeted population who get tattooed.

              Do you have some speculation about how this has come about?

              • You guys geez. Occam’s razor. It is simply the fact that poverty and incarceration have gone up. Perhaps those are by design, but tattoos are merely a byproduct

        • actually, i was being serious. i know the difference between tattooing & modifying dna are worlds apart, but tattooing could be an introduction to get people to accept the idea of altering our physical selves in other ways. and that may be one reason tattoos have become more acceptable, trendy, etc.

          and yes, i understand the difference between social engineering and genetic engineering, but the two aren’t necessarily mutually-exclusive. so far the combination of the two has mostly been in the realm of science-fiction (“brave new world”, for instance), but we’ve also seen certain real-world attempts to create a “master race”. we can only imagine what the nazis would be doing with genetics had they won the war.

        • p.s. — there may also be an anti-religious & occult agenda behind tattoos becoming more prevalent. although some have different interpretations of the scripture, there is a passage in the old testament that forbids people from marking their bodies. you may notice that tattoos are less common among our jewish friends; that’s because of their adherence to scripture.

          in regards to this idea — as well as trans-humanism & genetically modifying humanity — it would be seen (by religious people) as an affront to god, since it amounts to man altering the creation for his own agenda & glorification. i’m not a religious person, but i know these beliefs exist. you’ll have to make of them what you will.

          • Mercury, I was a bit quick to criticize you. But I’ll just mention two points related to your last two posts.

            1) You used the word, “trendy” to describe the phenomenon of tattooing (and I am especially referring to tattooing of large parts of the body such as all of the arms & legs.) But where do you, and people in general, get their ideas about what is trendy or not? It’s from the lying, brainwashing media, is it not?

            2) You mentioned the creation of a master race. This trend that I am talking about is not going in the direction of creating a master race. it’s going towards the creation of a weakened, inferior race of dumbed-down serfs.

            • i guess my thinking tattoos were somewhat trendy was because of the amount of young people getting tattoos in recent years — just seemed to be more prevalent. piercings seemed to become more popular around that time, too. but i agree that these & other trends are largely media-driven.

              regarding what i’d said about tattoos & genetic engineering: i admit the idea i put out there is a pretty big stretch. but i’d heard such things expressed before & figured i’d throw it out there for conversation. who knows, maybe things are going that “sci-fi” route — though i tend to agree with other posts here talking about the “me” generation.

    • Honestly I just think it’s a fashion trend that unfortunately is here to stay. As tattoos became less taboo and more common, it essentially became mainstream. Full sleeve and full torso tattoos are now a fashion thing and these (mostly young) people strategically wear clothes around their tattoos for maximum viewer impact on their body art. This is the “look at me” generation. Look at me protest, then look at me protest on Instagram. Look at my outrage at a vile racist misogynist. Then look at my tweet about it. Look at my sad face emoji when Obama leaves office. Feel the Bern, baby, feel the Bern is tattooed on my heart.

      I hate these people.

      • This is what I think. Narcissism. Pure and simple. It’s the “me” generation for the young kids and it’s a pathetic attempt to stay (or become) relevant for slightly older folks. The really older folks with tats are mostly the self professed “rebel” types who, like everyone else, do it to fit in with whatever crowd they are seeking acceptance from (bikers, prison gangs, etc). I kinda respect the tradition of the Japanese gangs and the Russian mobs. At least theirs served a function aside from tribalism (like our military tats). They told a story and they weren’t worn as decoration for all too see. I don’t have any, by the way.

      • Dwardo, you’ve explained better than I did my point about the “look at me” generation.

  10. I can’t follow everything & haven’t followed the Dakota Pipeline, so the points I make here may perhaps be rightfully submerged by more important ones that I’m not aware of. Nevertheless I make the points cuz I haven’t seen them elsewhere– and also cuz it gives me the creeps to see such unanimity.
    — I think the pipeline isn’t actually on reservation land, but a mile away.
    — We all dislike Big Oil cuz it’s the same people as Big Finance and the Big Transnationals. Moreover, we know about the wars that’ve been fought for Big Oil. But if you’ve seen thru the Global Warming hoax & have discovered the inability of wind & solar to provide the energy we need, isn’t it short-sighted to want to stop use of oil that we need? Especially while the EPA is phasing out coal, which was providing at least 60% of our electricity a few years ago.
    –It does seem to me that this attack on the pipeline was engineered by Anthropogenic Warming interests. The tribe that suddenly finds this pipeline to disturb sacred land didn’t object at all when the gas pipeline was put in & this one is going in beside it.
    — I understand that a pipeline oilspill in the river is always possible, but surely transporting the oil by train isn’t any less risky. It just doesn’t seem a rational calculus to me. It’s dangerous to drive your car, but you don’t stop doing it. We need electricity and heating and gasoline and all the stuff that’s made from crude oil.
    — I’m suspicious that TPTB are behind the protest cuz they want an energy shortage. It’s a major argument for Agenda 21, for boxing us all up in small human habitats– cuz there isn’t enough electricity to cover the whole country or cuz using so much energy will cause runaway warming.
    — People seem to be so easily led; this whole epsode feels like a rehearsal for more serious events/civil disruptions to come. Like a kind of test. How is it possible NOT to protest against killing people in all these wars, and then to turn around & demonstrate against eminent domain?

    • – No, it is not actually on what is now Indian land, but there are disagreements about how big the reservation is. If you go all the way back to the original deal they had (1850something) then yeah, it is. But there have been multiple actions taken since to reduce the size of the reservation. So it depends on how you look at it.
      – This oil is not going to be used by us. It is coming down from tar sands extraction in Canada I think and being shipped down to the Gulf via the pipeline for export to other nations. So yes, man-made Global Warming is a hoax but that does not mean this crude will do anything for us. In fact, it isn’t even a net job plus because it will cost truckers work since right now the stuff is trucked down there or to processing plants and then down there.
      – The pipeline protest was not engineered by the GW interests but it was hijacked by them. A while ago the ONLY folks you saw in the protest were Native Americans and the and the GW folks weren’t even talking about it on their websites. Probably because they didn’t think the Indians would hold out as long or be successful. Don’t disregard the legitimacy of their efforts. If your entire community depended on a single source of water for drinking, bathing your kids and irrigation of your crops (part of their economy no doubt) then you might now want a pipeline run under it less than a mile away from your land either. These things do tend to leak you know.
      – In fact overland transportation by rail is much less risky. So is transportation by truck, statistically. Pipelines tend to burst for all sorts of reasons, not the least of which are slight shifts in techtonic plates sometimes caused by fracking.
      – TPTB are not really “behind” the protest. Many protesters have been shot with rubber bullets and harmed by the attack dogs and chemical weapons used by the cops but get no airtime. When the MSM reports on it, they always seem to present the protesters as the culprits and not the victims.
      – We will see how this goes now that the corp of engineers has said they have to move the pipeline further away from the river crossing at the reservation. The opportunist protesters are saying they aren’t leaving. I’m not sure how this will work out. Could just be a ploy to buy some time till Trump takes office. But like I said before, Big Business doesn’t like to give an inch to protesting people anywhere because it sends the wrong message in their minds.

      • Perhaps I’m overly suspicious, but it’s not always obvious when TPTB are behind activism. Very few people know that some of the environmental groups were actually started by notable oligarchs. The Senate Report “Environmental Chain of Command” establishes that megabucks are being spent by billionaires to finance environmental activism against modern energy, but it’s not exactly obvious.

        I don’t spend too much time on MSM, but the two stories I caught, including NPR cast the Sioux as heroes and the cops as ogres (which they may be).

        I don’t insist that somebody among the Sioux is being supported by TPTB to take this action, but they are going to a lot of trouble to keep many megafields in the ground.

        You’re thinking of the Keystone Pipeline. The Dakota goes from the Bakken oilfields to US refineries.

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