I am STILL Not on the Updated PropOrNot “Russian Propaganda” List Goddamn It!

by Scott Creighton

Now I’m just mad. They got Di$info Jone$ on there… TWICE… Zero Scruples… and unNatural Sunstein News… who all spend endless hours regurgitating CIA/Mossad/Sunstein propaganda like they’re getting paid for it ( ಠ_ಠ ) and they left me off for a second time. Are you kidding?

To quote the next president: I got the best words. The best propaganda words that is and I want my damn respect!

I wrote about the Boris Nemtsov psyop, Crimea, and the Color Revolution Ukraine.  I’ve steadily been covering the destabilization Campaign in Syria and how they are destabilizing Russia with their Fake Russian protests  and the Fake Russian Spies Video

I should be on the list for my work on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 alone!

I’m constantly writing about globalizationfascism in America via the Electronic Voting Scams and all those Global Free Market Wars  we fight on behalf of our “national interests”.  For Christ’s sake… I wrote Fuck Obama

Neoliberalizing America , Neoliberalizing Russia , Neoliberalizing SyriaNeoliberalizing the Ukraine … anyone see a pattern here?

Does Di$info Jone$ or Natural News have a New McCarthyism category? I didn’t think so… Did they cover the Odessa Massacre ? I didn’t think so. Do they write about Pax Americana ? Nope. Do they tell you the truth about Sinking of the Cheonan or The ISIS Crisis or the Ukraine Color revolution? Not a chance.

Did ANY of them write that the whole “Snowden hiding in a Russian airport” was complete and total BULLSHIT other than me? Any of them?!

I’m sorry but I have to be the LEADING Russian propaganda website out there damn it all…. I want my recognition! Some of those sites on that list got on that list for republishing my work for God’s sake… where’s the fucking JUSTICE!?!

Oh screw it. I’m depressed. Maybe I should sue them to get on the list.  Anyone know a good Russian lawyer?

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. I hope my Russian handlers don’t get wind of this. They might stop sending the checks…

… oh Goddamn it…

I really need your help!

My Russian paymasters have decided to stop sending me checks…


So please help out if you can

(For my mailing address, please email me at RSCdesigns@tampabay.rr.com)


9 Responses

  1. I’m definately gonna recommend you anonymously for this list…..these people obviously have their heads up their asses by the looks of it 😊 if it was not for you i would be an obama sympathiser …you have resonated with me all the way down here in south africa. where do I sign on the dotted line? Lol

  2. Change your domain to paulcreightonroberts.ru

  3. You need to publicly declare your Putin earnings:

    — so many bitcoins

    — so many gymnasts

    . . . unless, of course, if you control a foundation or a bank, then just carry on with your usual laundering operations. Maybe that’s why you aren’t making the list, eh, Scott?

    • ok, you got me. i run the Creighton Anti-Globalist Slushfund Foundation, but it’s not a slush fund damn it. I do good charity work with that money. I… uh… help tired overworked prostitutes with $5 “donations” to their lunch money causes. I uh help the occasional bartender balance his budget. it’s good charitable work, damn it. Except maybe for the hookers and booze. Aside from that though…

  4. Maybe a rich Russian lady will take you on as a mail-order groom …

  5. chin up, comrade. you’ll get there.

  6. Looser. Sheeeshalmighty Willy.

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