Donald Trump Kicks Off his Diminished Expectations Tour™ of 2016

by Scott Creighton


What do you do when you run a campaign making a whole bunch of populist promises like Barack Obama did back in 2008 and then, like Obama did, you start filling your cabinet with the exact same kinds of characters that you ran opposed to for a year and a half? When ALL of your picks embody the establishment status quo that your supporters expected you to reject? When instead of draining the swamp, you seem to be enjoying yourself rolling around in it letting the muck fill you with it’s comforting warmth?

What Obama did was get the press to keep repeating the term “pragmatic” and the phrase “3d chess” until everyone got sick of hearing them and then he just hunkered down and watched his approval ratings crash as if he didn’t really give a crap because he has no moral center.

Donald Trump and his stage managers have learned a thing or two from President Obama’s mistakes and what they have apparently decided to do is get out in front of the developing story with what I am calling the…

Diminished Expectations Tour™ of 2016

Last night Donald Trump embarked on his “Thank You” tour where he is supposedly running around from city to city saying “thanks” to his supporters for electing him president. No president elect has ever done such a thing during the transition as far as I know.

Let’s see, going out there saying “thanks” to his WWE-type fans should take about a minute and it seems to me he wouldn’t need to read a script from a teleprompter to do it.

But the teleprompters were there, his carefully scripted presentation lasted over an hour and it was covered live by CNN and Fox News and who know who else.

So was he saying “thanks” for an hour? Nope. He was re-branding his campaign. Revising the history of it. Getting out in front of the press before they started writing about his campaign pledge betrayals.

President Camacho couldn’t have done it any better.

The Trump candidate who said he knew more than the generals in terms of the never ending Global(ist) War OF Terror and that the Iraq invasion and occupation was a mistake… has given way to a president elect who openly worships at the feet of those same generals, is actively posting them all over his cabinet and now fully expects his followers to worship at their feet as well.

Gen. Mattis was slobbered all over last night by Trump when he announced he was his choice for Secretary of Defense. He might as well have brought out an effigy of the man and performed oral sex on it. Trump’s rabid fans followed suit and when Trump compared him to Patton, there was a mass ejaculation in the crowd.

Of course, Mattis was involved in the pre-planning of the Afghanistan invasion (prior to 9/11 by the way… hmmmm.) and….

As a major general, Mattis commanded the 1st Marine Division during the 2003 invasion of Iraq and subsequent stability operations during the Iraq War.[11]

Mattis played key roles in combat operations in Fallujah, including negotiation with the insurgent command inside the city during Operation Vigilant Resolve in April 2004, as well as participation in planning of the subsequent Operation Phantom Fury in November. In May 2004, Mattis ordered the 3 a.m. bombing of a suspected enemy safe house near the Syrian border, which later came to be known as the Mukaradeeb wedding party massacre, and which resulted in the locally-reported deaths of 42 civilian men, women and children who were attending a wedding celebration. Mattis stated that it had taken him 30 seconds to deliberate on bombing the location.[12]

… As head of Central Command, Mattis oversaw the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and was responsible for a region that includes Syria, Iran, Yemen.[33] The Obama administration did not place much trust in Mattis, because he was perceived to be too eager for a military confrontation with Iran.[34]

Slaughtering men, women and children at a wedding party… slaughtering the entire city of Fallujah because they dared to oppose our illegal invasion and occupation… involved in various activities in Syria, Iran and Yemen… and to top it all off, he’s a rabid warmonger when it comes to doing Tel Aviv’s bidding regarding “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran”

The Washington insiders in the Military Industrial Complex could not be happier with this choice. Mattis promises to continue all these expansionist operations overseas and as Mr. Mad Dog he promises to continue pursuing them in much the same way President Obama has over the years of his “CHANGE” presidency… by bombing people at record levels for doing nothing more than opposing our “national interests”

Diminished Expectations

Trump campaigned on opposing the status quo, kicking the lobbiests and the Goldman Sachs crooks from their safe confines inside the beltway and first and foremost his entire campaign was predicated on the fact that he as a billionaire would not be beholden to the same monied interests that Hillary Clinton served.

Goldman Sachs will run his Treasury department just like they did for Clinton, Bush and Obama. He’s appointed the wife of Mitch McConnell to head up the the Department of Transportation. A little preemptive pay-off I suppose. Billionaire globalist financiers are being spattered all over his administration like cheap Walmart Christmas lights on the The Little Pink Houses of Blue Collarland, USA.

He’s telling his fans he’s putting them in there because he doesn’t want to post “losers” in these positions.. he wants “killers” instead. Successful billionaire killers who also just happen to be political, Wall Street insiders… the very people he campaigned against.

The ultimate insider, Wall Street, is bathing in the profits with all four stock indexes reaching all times highs thanks to his “CHANGE” administration. Laughing all the way to the bank so too speak while Trump’s fans mindless worship at the same alter of Mammon that’s been screwing them over for decades.

Diminished Expectations

Nope. There will be no prosecution for Hillary Clinton as a couple die-hards in the crowd tried to get the “Lock Her Up!” chant rolling yesterday. His influence peddlers planted out there among them shouted that effort down as quickly as they could.

Diminished Expectations

Trump was gloating about his “success” with the Carrier deal as much as he was trying to roll back expectations of it. Some said he “saved” 1,100 jobs with that deal. Then they said it was “1,000” and now it’s been downgraded to “800”

The state of Indiana is going to have to pony up 7 million dollars to keep those “800” jobs which will hurt the economy of the state tremendously. Of course that just helps them get that “smaller gubmint” they crave so much.

Carrier is owned my major defense contractor United Technologies and if you think they are actually going to keep those jobs in America I can sell a bridge someplace. Six months from now, a year from now, when no one is looking or caring, they will close that plant and keep a business office open in it’s place so Carrier can continue to enjoy the 7 big ones in tax breaks, but the people working there will be left out in the cold and the Mighty Trump will do nothing about it.

Another 1,300 jobs are still going down south of the borders and Trump is still paying Carrier to send them down there. And the precedent is set. All companies will have to do is threaten to send some jobs down under and they’ll get MASSIVE tax breaks… even for jobs they never intended to relocate. Trump gets too say he saved some more jobs, the company owners get the big bucks and the local tax-payers have to shell out even more to make up the difference.

What was it called when governments work exclusively for Big Business at the direct expense of the people? I forget but there is a name for it… hmmmm.

Diminished Expectations

The Diminished Expectations Tour™ is about as ridiculous and obvious of a cheap marketing trick as you could expect and yet, miraculously, the press is presenting it as some kind of legitimate payback to his fans. Even the fake-left press.

It’s brilliant political marketing to a desperately dumbed-down and desperate constituency. And like it or not, it’s the wave of the future baby.

But what do you expect from a guy who honed his public speaking chops with the WWE? This to him is the audience out here, how he perceives the whole of the American audience. As a bunch of professional wrestling fans just waiting too see him shave Vince McMahon’s head in the middle of ring. The benevolent billionaire helping them get some payback on “the man” right?

Diminished Expectations Tour™ of 2016

If this Diminished Expectations Tour™ of 2016 is any indication I can’t wait for The Donald’s first State of the Union address. As ridiculous as it promises to be, it’s not without precedent. There is President Camocho’s if you recall….

Don’t laugh. Don’t fucking laugh. Not in public anyway. And for God’s sake, when the shit really hits the fan, don’t burn a flag… because this is America… and this is where were are right now.

Please help keep AE up and running if you can.

Thank you all so much

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23 Responses

  1. yes, Donald seems to be choosing the GLobalist olks that shillary or one of the commie bushes would choose:

  2. The people just want to be entertained. The Romans knew this too.

  3. This is kind of off topic but, what do you of David Clarke? He’s one of the police officers from Milwaukee, he makes appearances on Fox News occasionally. As much as I despise these soros funded agitators, I will not start bootlicking the police state just because Soros is funding BLM. Is the alt-media going insane by trying to put Clarke on a pedestal?

  4. Speaking of Obama, when’s he coming for the guns? I mean he’s only got, what, 5 weeks here!

  5. In the case of Trump’s cabinet appointees there are several possibilities.
    1. The deep state got to him.
    2. It was all just campaign lies to begin with.
    3. If Trump meant what he said on the campaign it would mean he would be going to war with Wall street and the Defense department.

    If I were going to war with wall street I might pick someone from goldman sachs who could help me with what I am up against. Pick someone that doesn’t know their tactics and before long you wouldn’t know which way was up.

    Same with the Defense department. Plan to stop the wars and you are going to have generals and others co-opt and thwart you at every turn. You put “mad dog” mattis as their boss and they don’t dare. I know it seems unlikely but it’s a possibility.

    So far Syria seems to be turning for the better, largely on Trump’s more isolationist views.

    You can call him stupid, but I don’t think someone outwits all mainstream politicians both republican and democrat, all mainstream media to win, and also has amassed $7 billion dollars by being an idiot.

    • Such bullshit. Of course he’s not stupid. And it’s #2. You must know it. Nobody’s “going to war” with Wall Street. Nobody with any means whatsoever gives a flying fuck about anyone who needs their help. Who fights for those they don’t even know and never will? The fabled idealists? The “Truth” is out there, sure, but the “Truth” doesn’t really matter to most folks – they only care about what’s on the dinner table and whether the blankets are warm enough tonight. Ayn Rand was a asshole, no doubt, but she embodied the default mindset of people backed into the corner of survivalism and she portrayed what nearly every individual will resort to when confronted with their own survival, like it or not. Her philosophy was an idiotic recipe for disaster if not fought with every bit of energy that each of us can muster, but she summed up our basest, most thoughtless, animal instincts quite succinctly. This base, animalistic reality she envisioned appears to be the favored future for an over-populated world that for who-knows-what reason seems to be leaning heavily toward global fascism. Fun times ahead …

    • Bro … What the hell kind of kool-aid you drinkin’?
      I want some.
      What does acquisition of wealth have to do with anything other than being willing to fuck over everyone and everything?
      Yeeesh, we’re FUCKED. I’m glad I can at least find some refuge in drugs and alcohol – otherwise I’d kill myself … before Obama takes my guns here in the next 4 weeks.

      • “What does acquisition of wealth have to do with anything other than being willing to fuck over everyone and everything?”

        Is that really your question? Acquiring wealth has to do with offering a product or service someone wants and will pay you for, then investing that money cleverly while avoiding:
        1. the myriad scams out there.
        2. the myriad relatives you have that want to freeload.
        3. other freeloaders of all types.
        4. robbers of all types especially government robbers.
        5. the traps of alcohol and other mind numbing intoxicants and big pharma prozac type crap that rob clarity. Such substances enable a person to maintain a negative, judgemental attitude and still feel good, at least temporarily, but it is a false high. Check with Buddha on that one.

        This is where the left can go wrong. I’m against the military industrial complex, all wars, crony capitalism, corporate handouts, big government, most government of any type, spying, police brutality. And I am not particularly in favor of the government taxing my labor so they can give the money to addictive personalities wanting handouts. Like it or not I think there are a lot of people that feel this same way. I don’t know if Trump was lying but Clinton was untenable and I’m willing to wait and see.

        • you’re not going to have to wait long. Pence is already working with Ryan to shove his neoliberal economic agenda through congress in record time. Lots of Trump voters already worried about the privatization of Medicare and Social Security are leaving unpleasant comments on Twitter and other social media feeds. When his infrastructure bill turns out to be nothing more than major tax-breaks to Big Business that already had contracts for projects and when his “great wall” turns out to have massive revolving doors for cheap labor (again to help his friends in Big Business) then I guess you’ll see. The myth of the benevolent billionaire, the rugged individualist captain of industry ready to lead us into the promised land has already been done by folks like Pinochet, Saleh and Mobarak and it never ever works out the way folks hope it will. Never. And by the way, I was one of those “addictive personalities wanting handouts” as you put it or, put another way, a disabled person depending on using the insurance I paid for my entire life but have now lost and fully expect to suffer another embolism in the next few months or weeks. And your taxes didn’t pay for a nickel of it, but I guess that doesn’t really matter to you, now does it. Let me ask you, how much better will America be when this “taker” is gone?

        • “And I am not particularly in favor of the government taxing my labor so they can give the money to addictive personalities wanting handouts. Like it or not I think there are a lot of people that feel this same way. “

          and just a little insight for you for the future… when you or “a lot of people” find yourselves disparaging or even hating people lower on the economic ladder than yourselves, chances are very likely that you are doing so because you are being manipulated by folks higher up on that ladder who find it in their best interests to shift the focus of resentment away from themselves. That’s not really a unique insight but one you will find to be universally true in time.

        • Opinions and perspectives are always relative and filtered through the perceptions of the opinion holder.

          Alternative translations:

          1. the myriad scams out there: Recognizing people who have a similar mindset as your own – scammers scamming each other merely cancel each other out.

          2. the myriad relatives you have that want to freeload: People who trusted you and thought you loved them (apparently mistakenly) and who need your help because fortune does not fall on everyone equally.

          3. other freeloaders of all types: Fellow human beings who would benefit from compassion much more than punishment for their existence. Especially from those who would not even feel the separation of a small portion of exorbitant and wasted wealth hoarding.

          4. robbers of all types especially government robbers: How to avoid even contributing taxes to help support infrastructure that you benefit from while trying to hoard all resources at the expense of your fellow citizens.

          5. the traps of alcohol and other mind numbing intoxicants and big pharma prozac type crap that rob clarity. Such substances enable a person to maintain a negative, judgemental attitude and still feel good, at least temporarily: Just a way to judge people who are trying to get by the only way they know. Don’t try to help. Much better to punish. Can keep them down, in their place, while making you feel superior at the same time.

          Very deceptive point of view actually.

          • I myself have relatives who are capable of working but would prefer drinking, watching tv, clubbing and various other things. I used to have a hard time saying no to them. Now I do not have a hard time saying no to them. Why? There are consequences to everything we do in life. Trying to prevent someone from experiencing the consequences of their choices is the meanest thing anyone can do.

            As far as punishing people for their addictions… that is usa talk and actually how the police and society think in usa. No one, NO ONE, needs punishing. But there are consequences for our actions and everyone needs to have consequences, hopefully to rectify a situation we made bad, but no one needs more punishing.

            • Are you admitting then your politics are colored by your dysfunctional family experience? It is a disaster to base the political on the personal in such a way. Good luck because you are in a psychological morass deeper than you realize and you’ve already been played to embrace falsehoods (hint: the rich steal far more of your money via taxes and government than all the poor, the elderly, the addicts and disabled put together). And the PTB play people like you all day long, turning you against yourself and your family while they laugh all the way to the bank…..

            • Actually, I have to admit you make a good response. Thanks.

        • Bro now that I’ve sobered up – somewhat – I see a chance to MAKE SOME MONEY here (without bulldozing trees to put up another much needed strip mall) … How about a wager? I’ll bet however much you decide that Trump is doing none of the things you suggest.
          He enters office with more conflict of interest than any president EV-VER. He’s doing the same thing Clintons did (do) with their ‘foundation’ – but in true republican fashion he’ll do it right out in the open and probably brag about it. I mean, hey, it’s just predatory capitalism at it’s finest!!

          • P.S. Bro you must be psychic – ‘been a daily practicing buddhist over 40 years!!
            Yeah, you can drink or whatever – mosdef go out and live life – as long as you approach it with a sense of what’s known as, Chudo Hoso, loosely translates to ‘moderation’ or ‘balance’ (or maybe don’t LOSE your balance – as in my case last night! Ha!!)
            Actually going to do my morning (oops) sutra recitation right now!

  6. You said, “I was one of those “addictive personalities wanting handouts” as you put it…”

    No you are not. A a disabled person depending on using the insurance they paid for their entire life is a different matter.

    If you are addicted to substances I am disappointed there are not intelligent clinics freely available to you to get you off them. There are in europe. I know how usa is run though and, unless you have money, there’s probably nothing and that’s crazy.

    I don’t hold much hope for Donald Trump either by the way.

    If you guys ever saw what it is like to live in a society such as europe where there are no taxes on people earning less than $15-20k, no homelessness, almost no property tax for anyone [usually less than $100 per year ave. residence] no social security tax, free health care for everyone, you would rebel immediately. USA’s government is just too big, too corrupt, and the military is taking too big a bite out of everyone’s paycheck to have a civilized society.

    You wrote: “when you or “a lot of people” find yourselves disparaging or even hating people lower on the economic ladder than yourselves, chances are very likely that you are doing so because you are being manipulated by folks higher up on that ladder who find it in their best interests to shift the focus of resentment away from themselves.”

    My answer: I don’t feel I disparaged or hated anyone. That was something you added to my writing. I just said what I don’t like having done with my paycheck [half of it deducted].

    You wrote: “Let me ask you, how much better will America be when this “taker” is gone?”

    My answer: I see you willy loman as a wonderful giver. Whoever told you you were a taker? It wasn’t me. One of your occupational hazards may be having to listen to too much negative mind numbing propaganda. Even if you know its crap it must still be affecting you. Don’t let anyone tell you you are not contributing powerfully to our society. You are. I totally believe in what you are doing.


    • Addictions to some degree are normally and the term is over-used as a negative stigma. Some people are unavoidably “addicted” to medication such as statins or blood thinners because without them their risk of a dangerous situation is higher. Some people become “addicted” to another person because being in their presence increases their endorphin levels. Others become “addicted” to substances that increase their endorphin levels while inhibiting their natural production and decreasing the responsiveness to the drug, leading to progressive and physically harmful, sometimes fatal addiction. Simple labeling of someone as “addicted to substances”, however, is potentially misleading.

    • no I am not addicted to substances, thanks for asking though. And thank you for the last paragraph. I don’t see myself as a “taker” either, frankly. But unfortunately far too many of our fellow Americans are being convinced otherwise and folks like me are finding it harder and harder to get by.

      You should know then when you talk about not wanting to be taxed so “addictive people can get by” what you are really talking about in terms of your taxes being spent to help people is a very small percentage.

      The average household paid $13,000 in income taxes to Uncle Sam for 2015. Of that, the federal government spent:

      $3,728.92 (or 28.7%) on health programs
      $3,299.13 (or 25.4%) on the Pentagon and the military
      $1,776.06 (or 13.7%) on interest on the debt
      $1,040.93 (or 8%) on unemployment and labor programs
      $771.26 (or 5%) on veterans benefits
      $598.74 (or 4.6%) on food and agriculture programs
      $461.59 (or 3.6%) on education programs
      $377.50 (or 2.9%) on government expenses
      $250.03 (or 1.9%) on housing and community programs
      $207.68 (or 1.6%) on energy and environmental programs
      $194.29 (or 1.5%) on international affairs programs
      $150.68 (or 1.2%) on transportation funding
      $143.20 (or 1.1%) on science funding

      The military industrial complex and the masters of the universe took the lion’s share and if you toss in some kickbacks for Big Business hidden among those agriculture, enegry and transportation programs, that number gets a little bigger doesn’t it? Add in the corporate welfare going to charter for-profit schools that rip off kids while treating education as a commodity and the billions of dollars we give away to countries like Israel for no good reason and I would guess you might be a little more angry at them than some poor broke-down addict hooked on the CIA’s crack, Uncle Sam’s Afghani heroin or Big Pharma’s pretty little pills. But that’s just me.

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