Ajamu Baraka, Jill Stein’s Former Running Mate, Opposes Her Recount Effort

by Scott Creighton

Some folks out there are still having a hard time admitting Jill Stein’s recount effort was done for nefarious purposes and has done far more harm to the election integrity movement than good. Far more harm. I am speaking specifically of Debbie at the “Sane” Progressive who posted a Youtube video yesterday literally screeching and waving her hands around like a maniac over how she is tired of doing all she can to “educate” her viewers while they dare to disagree with her (sometimes viciously) about this Stein recount debacle. I posted a comment on that video, the first one actually, letting her know it wasn’t a good idea to assume she is “educating” her viewers and suggesting she might want to take a deep breath and consider the fact that she might have been wrong about this one especially the Green Party leaders posted an open letter denouncing the Stein recount effort as being “undemocratic” and counterproductive to their efforts and since it appears to many that Stein is doing it to benefit one of the corporate parties of America, the Democrats. I then provided a link to that letter in another comment just afterwards when I was asked to by another commenter.

After several others posted similar comments she has now set that rant video to private. It’s a shame. I thought it was funny.

Following up on the Green Party’s letter trying to distance themselves from Jill Stein’s “the Russians did it” recount measure, her former Vice Presidential running mate, Ajamu Baraka, has done the same.

I’m not in favor of the recount.” “it was a potentially dangerous move” “It would be seen as carrying the water for the Democrats,” Baraka on CNN

“… There are many in and outside of the Green Party who support the campaign’s decision to call for a recount. But there are also many Green Party activists and supporters who are opposed to that decision. It is unfortunate that after waging a courageous campaign to build an independent, principled political opposition to the two racist, capitalist/imperialist parties, the recount effort has resulted in serious questions regarding the motivations of the recount that threatens to damage the standing and reputation of the Green party, its supporters, and activists.” Baraka on Facebook

As I wrote yesterday, Margaret Flowers, Chris Hedges, Cynthia McKinney, both co-chairs of Green Party U.S. and hundreds of other Green Party members have denounced this half-assed effort by Jill Stein. Now you can add her running mate to the list.

As far as the recount effort itself, the Wisconsin court has rejected Stein’s suit to force all counties in that state to do a mandatory hand-count of the ballots meaning each one will be able to decide for themselves if they want to actually do a real recount or just regurgitate the numbers from the hackable electronic voting machines. That means if the election commissions in those counties who rigged the vote for Hillary don’t want their efforts exposed, they will simply reject the manual recount letting their hacked results stand.

So much for full disclosure.

2 Responses

  1. I have read in the Federal Register page about the Electoral College that the deadline for any recounted tallies is 13 Dec, so that the results can go to the Electoral College before they officially vote a few days later. Further, I have read that if a state has agreed to a recount, but the recount is not completed in time, that state’s EC vote is nullified (i.e., that state would get zero EC votes; those EC votes go to neither Clinton nor Trump).

    If all 3 of the states that Stein is asking to be recounted agree to do a recount, and they can’t complete it by Dec 13, Trump would no longer have the majority of EC votes (because those 3 states’ EC votes would be taken from his total) and the decision of who is president and who is vice president would go to the House and Senate.

    Maybe that’s the whole reason for pushing for a recount – running out the clock, and hoping that a recount just doesn’t happen in time. Totally throw the election results over to Congress, who don’t even have to elect someone who was running for the presidency in the first place.

    Anyway, doesn’t one of these states have no paper ballots at all and votes are done entirely on paperless machines? How do you do a “recount” – just ask the voting machines to cough up their results again? That’s not verifying anything.

    Stein talks about wanting a fair accounting, blah, blah, blah, but she’s the one screwing around with the system and using it in a blatantly partisan way. (I voted for her. I’m disgusted with her now. Just another political hack, after all.)

    I’d note that anyone could mess with the elections this way, but it does take money, and I’d guess the reason it isn’t done on a regular basis is that the intent might be a tad obvious. In 2000, when a recount was demanded in Fla., we don’t know what the results might have been because the recount was arbitrarily and improperly stopped by the Supreme Court. But I’ve wondered if the original intent wasn’t to nullify Fla’s EC vote.

    • Interesting point. How can they recount if it was all electronic? I bet Hillary’s team gave or promised some money to Jill Stein’s campaign election in 2020.

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