Jill Stein’s “The Russians Did It” Recount Petition is Based Entirely on Flawed and Discredited MSM Propaganda Reports

by Scott Creighton

Jill Stein’s petition to recount the votes in Wisconsin never once mentions any statistical evidence of flawed election results. She never once suggests she and the Green Party should have received more votes than they did. And she never once suggests it is in bad taste to allow privately owned companies to write and use code for their electronic voting machines and that code is protected under proprietary software rules from any sort of disclosure or evaluation both prior to and after elections.

There is no mention of exit polls, there is no mention of pre-election polling results not matching official voting tallies in Wisconsin. There is no statistical evidence presented at all.

Instead, Jill Stein parrots old propaganda from the MSM which backed Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid by claiming their reports are evidence of Russia’s hacking the Wisconsin election results. It is important to note Jill Stein regularly dismissed these kinds of reports from the Clinton-backing press during the campaign season.

In a stunning turnaround, by way of “proof” Jill Stein cites the work of one individual expert, J. Alex Halderman, and his work on the subject as the grounds for her desire for a recount of the election results. It is stunning because his “proof” is nothing more than five pieces of MSM propaganda and  one report from the Department of Homeland Security that says they are “confident” Russia was behind the DNC, Clinton server and John Podesta email leaks and the alleged voter data-base hacks in a couple states (not Wisconsin)

Aside from the fact that this “evidence” is merely a small number of articles written by biased reporters, none of that has anything to do with proving election fraud or hacking in the Wisconsin presidential election. None of it. Not one single shred of evidence is provided.

And yet, Wisconsin upheld the recount petition.

From her petition to recount the votes in Wisconsin Jill Stein writes in part:

“3. The Petitioner is informed and believes that: a. In August 2016, it was widely reported that foreign operators breached voter registration databases…. c. … “The US intelligence community is confident… these thefts and disclosures are intended to interfere with the US election process“… f. The well-documented and conclusive evidence of foreign interference in the presidential race before the election… call into question the results and indicate the possibility that widespread breach occurred.”

Section 3 lays out Jill Stein’s reasons for her belief the election was stolen… by Russians. In section 4 she makes perfectly clear the reasons she holds this belief:

“Attached as Exhibit 1, and incorporated fully herein, is the affidavit of J. Alex Halderman… that details the basis for of my belief for the statements set forth in paragraph 3 above.”

In Exhibit 1, Halderman goes on to explain his findings, which again, include no statistical evidence whatsoever. Instead, he makes these statements and supplies his supporting evidence, such as it is.

“6. … The Department of Homeland Security has stated that senior officials in the Russian government commissioned these attacks. 7. Russia has sophisticated cyber-offensive capabilities… 10. Whether voting machines are connected to the Internet is irrelevant… That initial computer is almost certainly not well enough secured to guard against attacks by foreign governments.”

Then Halderman goes on to include published articles in their entirety as “evidence” of his claims:

Since when did a biased reporter’s article on anything become grounds for legal action? This is ridiculous. In the last one from the Christian Science Monitor, they take the neo-Nazi puppet ruler of Ukraine as his word when he says (without offering any proof) the Russians tried to hack his “election” but they foiled it at the last minute. This is a man who has accused Russia of everything from downing Flight Mh17 to “invading Crimea” and his politically motivated smear ends up in Jill Stein’s legal petition?


This “the Russians did it” narrative was established by the Clinton team months before the election. They did it for two reasons:

  1. To discredit leaks that revealed criminal activity by Hillary Clinton, the DNC and John Podesta
  2. To serve as a pretext to discredit the results in the event Hillary Clinton lost the election

And here we are.

The Clinton team has signed up to “help” the Stein folks in this evaluation of election results. They did it to ensure the accuracy of the findings. For “democracy” don’t you know.

This entire “Russians did it” narrative has been ridiculed for months by more responsible journalists… not one of which was cited by J. Alex Halderman or Jill Stein in this official Wisconsin document. Here is but a small sample of the rational journalism that’s out there to contradict the “Russians did it” narrative custom crafted by the Clinton machine:

It should also be noted that timing is very telling when certain propaganda programs are being rolled out. In the world of deep state politics, there is no such thing as a coincidence:

The Washington Post on Thursday night promoted the claims of a new, shadowy organization that smears dozens of U.S. news sites that are critical of U.S. foreign policy as being “routine peddlers of Russian propaganda.” The article by reporter Craig Timberg – headlined “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say” – cites a report by a new, anonymous website calling itself “PropOrNot,” which claims that millions of Americans have been deceived this year in a massive Russian “misinformation campaign.” The Intercept

On Nov. 9th, the day after the election, a shadowy group of anonymous “concerned Americans” published what they consider to be a list of alternative/independent journalism websites who are in cahoots (knowingly or not) with Russia. Like the Jill Stein petition, they offer no proof, just a Joseph McCarty-styled list of commie sympathizer websites they say you should avoid.

On Thursday, Nov. 24th, the Washington Post promoted this ridiculous red-baiting website and their list as legitimate… that was one day before Jill Stein’s red-baiting petition was to be delivered in Wisconsin.

This is a carefully constructed, staged and scripted propaganda campaign that unfortunately, Jill Stein of the Green Party is fully engaged in. Green Party supporters should be outraged, not trying to spin up some justification for Jill Stein’s apparent foray into Clinton’s New McCarthyism campaign.

There is no evidence offered in the Big List of commie journalists just like there is no evidence offered by Jill Stein in her Clinton-scripted call for a Wisconsin recount. Both should be rejected by sensible Americans.

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Thank you all so much

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5 Responses

  1. You are right when saying that Jill Stein might provoke a civil war, if the recount gives Hillary the presidency.

  2. The Green Parties of this world have tended to be neoliberals on bikes.

    They talk the talk but invariably knuckle under to neoliberal mythology when it comes to the crunch.

    The German Greens were the template when they helped enact the anti-labour Haartz ‘reforms’.

  3. A truly amazing sellout! One for the ages ….

    PS What happened to Julian Assange and Wikileaks? Weren’t there even more emailsto be release?

  4. […] and, furthermore, is using the “The Russians did it!” card as justification. (Please see Scott Creighton’s excellent analysis of this canard for more […]

  5. […] and, furthermore, is using the “The Russians did it!” card as justification. (Please see Scott Creighton’s excellent analysis of this canard for more […]

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