PropOrNot’s “Russian Propaganda Websites” Big List (and I’m not on it ಠ_ಠ )

by Scott Creighton

“We have used a combination of manual and automated analysis, including analysis of content, timing, technical indicators, and other reporting, in order to initially identify (“red-flag”) the following as Russian propaganda outlets.” PropOrNot

I am so upset. A group of “independent concerned American citizens” has taken it upon themselves to publish a Big List of the darned Commie Infiltrated websites out there publishing Russian propaganda wittingly or unwittingly. And I am fucking not on it. I am so upset. I gotta call Vlad and ask him why all these guys get paychecks and I don’t. Goddamn it.

Here’s the list after the fold. Some are good websites. Some are disinfo peddlers. But I’m not on it. Buggers.

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  1. Yawn. …

    On Sat, Nov 26, 2016 at 11:42 AM, American Everyman wrote:

    > willyloman posted: “by Scott Creighton “We have used a combination of > manual and automated analysis, including analysis of content, timing, > technical indicators, and other reporting, in order to initially identify > (“red-flag”) the following as Russian propaganda outlets.” P” >

  2. Don’t worry, Scott. You’ll be on the next list! :o) – from gangstergovernment dot com

  3. Puhleeze…I can tell by who is on here that this list was put together by the usual suspects.

    Scott, I’m sorry for the oversight. You might have made the list had you mentioned them more often in a critical light.

  4. The last question in their FAQ reveals them:

    “15) Why did you name it the YYYcampaignYYY?

    The YYYcampaignYYY is in part a direct response to the anti-Semitic, alt-right triple-parentheses (((echoes))) campaign, which, like it has done in the past, Russian propaganda uses and helped amplify.”

    I knew something was wrong when I saw memoryholeblog on there as Russian propaganda when it is well known that it is in fact ran in Israeli interests, like its mentor site veterans today (also on the Russian list).

    So don’t feel bad Scott, you are not serving any special interests – Russian or jew- and that’s why we love this site.

    • thank you. did you know memoryhole was shut down for a while. his hosting site closed it from what he said.

      • I didn’t.

        I did personally watch the content of his site go downhill shortly after teaming up with fetzer. Took me a long time to discern whether it was active propaganda he was spewing or just posting click bait for sheer monetary gain. I’m still torn about it, but he knowingly posts things that are false or misleading with no remorse.

        You know that guy jestin coler claims he is in the $10-30k per month club with his websites? I think that number explains the motive behind most websites in question. The source of the disinfo is most likely state sponsored tho, with these sites being useful idiots.

        • notice the story about the interview with Coler says they went to his home in subburbia, some little middle-class house outside L.A. When you make 30k a month one just ONE of your 20-30 websites, you don’t live in “little pink houses” in the burbs. In terms of advertising, at least with Youtube which is a pretty good measuring stick, you get a buck per thousand views. A million views equals $1,000 roughly. So his suggestion that he get 30k per month is basically saying he gets 30 million page views a month between the whole of his crappy fake website empire. Extremely unlikely even with his stupid click-bait stories being megaphoned by the likes of Di$info Jone$

        • he and I were communicating for a while and I warned him about Fetzer and that guy who put together his “Big List” of questions for Sandy Hook. Unfortunately Tracy did not take my warning seriously and I started to have doubts. He used to routinely publish some of my work on his site and link back to here but not very often anymore.

        • I should also say, I had a serious issue with his going after a family member of the Sandy Hook kids. Believe the victims were real or not, the perceptional problems it creates for people like us is far too great in a country that widely accepts the story as told by the media. There is no “win” in that fight and he should have left it alone. Seems to me he was baited into it and also coached into it by that “Big List” of questions asshole who was always trying to drum up 100k for all sorts of actions he promised to take and never did.

          • Ya I got the impression he was baited a ton of times. Like he was naive to the game. But then how did he, being a PhD in media not know better? The gullibility factor was lost when he defended fetzer, then Alex Jones, then every ridiculous theory out there. I just noticed the other day he had an article dogging Jones. Standard wishy washy behavior that just screams money over truth.

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