Fascist Race-baiter Paul Joseph Watson Decries “the commies are coming!” While Promoting a Cartoonish Band of Agent Provocateurs

by Scott Creighton

As Jill Stein continually ups the price-tag for her “Save the Election for Hillary” recount action, which promises to inflame the nation once it goes live, Paul Joseph Watson, with a little help from the Austin police department, is preemptively stoking the flames of hatred toward the left. She started off saying they only needed 2.5 million and now she says they need 7 million.

Either Paul Joseph Watson is the dumbest man to ever get a paycheck, or he’s a Ziofascist disinformation asset working on behalf of the coming police state.

Or both.

Don’t think it’s fair to say the agent provocateurs are cops in costumes? Try this: get your AK, put on a mask and head out to some neighborhood somewhere with school buses across the street and start marching up and down the block screaming about how many cops you are going to kill tomorrow. See what happens.

Of course they’re cops.

Over at Di$info Jone$’ website, Paul Joseph Watson is screeching about the damn commies again. This time he’s using a video, obviously put out by the Austin police department, featuring some of their off-duty officers playing dress-up and pretending to be “ebil commies” chanting about how many cops they need to kill.

About 15 “Austin Red Guards” walked down the street, protected by some of their brothers in blue, chanting whatever fascists think “commies” think about them. They “want to kill cops”, they “love Satan”, they “enjoy killing babies”… you get the message. Ridiculous, third-grade level, cartoonish Red Scare/ Neo McCarthyism type bullshit.

I bet Watson thanks God everyday for Texas home-schooling.

Isn’t it funny how Paul Joseph Watson supposedly hates Hillary Clinton and yet they see eye-to-eye on pretty much everything including that niffy Scoop Jackson, New McCarthyism stuff? Ever wonder about that?

Here’s what PJW wrote about this obviously staged bit of police street theater:

“Anti-Trump communist protesters in Austin were caught on camera chanting in favor of cop killings despite a nationwide spate of police officers being murdered.

With some of them dressed in hammer and sickle face masks, the agitators shouted “FTP! F**k the police” as they marched down the sidewalk, while others stuck middle fingers up at cops in nearby vehicles.

“What’s better than 1 dead cop? Two dead cops!” the communists chanted, making it all the way up to 15 with the words, “What’s better than 14 dead cops? Fifteen dead cops!”

As we have previously documented, communist groups in Austin are particularly vile, with one such outfit, the Red Guards, having previously been caught on camera attacking a pro-life protest while announcing their love for Satan and killing babies.” PJW at Di$info Jone$

The video of the scene shows a couple police recruits or Alex Jones interns dressed up as their McCarthite worst nightmare. They have red bandanas with hammer & sickle images printed on them and they are carrying what appear to be movie prop guns.

According to the script, “Red Guard” were there protesting a 24-person strong “White Lives Matter” agriprop event that no one seemed interested in apart from the paid assets pretending to be protesters.

I wonder if Red Guard and the White Helmets have the same video directors and script writers.

Paul Joseph Watson was determined to agitate against everyone in his little article so he tossed in an already debunked video from 2014 where another group of agent provocateurs marched down a New York street, again protected by their brothers in blue, chanting about wanting more “dead cops”

Frankly I am surprised he didn’t toss in one of “ISIS’s” many fake videos in there as well to really get his rabid idiotic fan base going. You should read some of the comments left by influence peddlers on Di$info’s site and at Youtube where that is posted. Remarkable.

Someone over at VT tore PJW a new one for promoting this obvious disinformation.

Unfortunately it looks like someone is setting up a major bit of unrest in the country over the next couple of weeks. With Stein doing Hillary’s dirty work and the likes of Di$info Jone$ ringing the riot dinner bell for his fascist following, looks like we could be in for a bumpy ride this month.

Please help keep AE up and running if you can.

Thank you all so much

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12 Responses

  1. Thanks for covering this “communist” video, when I saw it I thought it was the most idiotic, third grade level garbage I had ever seen. ISIS videos are Pulitzer winning compared to this foolishness.

  2. “Isn’t it funny how Paul Joseph Watson supposedly hates Hillary Clinton and yet they see eye-to-eye on pretty much everything including that nifty Scoop Jackson, New McCarthyism stuff?” ~ S.C.

    For Watson to call anti-Trump protesters “Communists” is pathetic. Anyone who one-sidedly attacks Trump is a fake leftist. All fake leftists are mirror images of right-wingers. Both are staunchly anti-Communist, and therefore both are pro-neoliberal (just like Hillary). Thus, any photo or video presented by Watson that shows a hammer and suckle is automatically a fraud.

    True leftists and true socialists are not pro-Democrat or pro-Republican. They are pro-equality and anti-duopoly.

    Trump won. So why all the frauds? Because much of the USA is experiencing a backlash against the political correctness of Hillary-bots and fake leftists. Clowns like Watson are stoking this wave and riding it to get attention.

    • and certainly cops dressed up like Thomas Friedman’s worst nightmare aren’t “communists” either. and whether or not you think hes just doing it for attention, there certainly is a rather ominous wave of hostility growing against people on the left. real people that is…


      watchlists for socialist professors? Attacking the disabled? singling out certain people for their religious affiliations? Hmmm… where have we seen this kind of thing develop?

      • “There certainly is a rather ominous wave of hostility growing against people on the left.” ~ S.C.

        With all due respect, I’m not down with you on this one. The hostility is not toward the left, but toward the fake left with its political correctness. The backlash is against people who like to call other people sexist, homophobic, bigoted, anti-Semitic, religiously intolerant, and so on.

        Every person on that “professor watch list” fits this politically correct profile. One of the them is listed because he referred to Israeli atrocities as atrocities. Another is targeted because she once shouted at some cops.

        It’s all fake left fluff. When right-wingers denounce “liberal propaganda,” they usually mean fake left propaganda — i.e. politically correct crap.

        On the other side, when the fake leftists mention racism, they usually mean someone used the “N’ word. (Gasp!) They do not care about institutionalized racism, which fills prisons nationwide, and which systematically crushes black people.

        As far as I can tell, none of the people on the “professor watch list” is targeted for espousing authentic leftist issues like single payer health care, or opposition to “free trade” scams.

        I am a left wing extremist, and I hate fake left political correctness even more than right wingers do.

        • That was very poorly written. My apologies.

          I did not mean to imply that someone who condemns Israeli atrocities is a fake leftist. On the contrary.

          All Zionists (i.e. Jewish supremacists) are fake leftists.

          I meant to say that the “professor list” is politically correct from the right wing, pro-Zionist side.

          In fact, I suspect that the entire project is pro-Israeli hasbara, sprinkled with a few “liberal” issues to make it seem legitimate.

  3. I quit trusting PJW some while back. He’s “Over the top” on so many things.

  4. I’m not from Texas, but I am going to take issue with that “homeschooling” crack. My husband and I homeschool our son to keep him away from the indoctrination, propaganda and political correctness that is our “education” system. We discuss the various hoaxes and psyops, and I’m making sure he understands what “logical fallacy” means by using the abundance available in the newspapers and online. I’m in the midst of my fifth decade and it took me this long to get a clue. I’d prefer my son not have to spend years undoing the brainwashing we are all born in to.

    • Given the political motives of the Texas state school board, and the state boards elsewhere in the country, the phrase “home-schooled” will soon be more a badge of pride and honor than of ignorance. Especially if the insane “poison your child with vaccinations or no crappy public school for you!” mentality gets embedded in new “health” laws. Good luck with your efforts, they sound worthwhile.

    • In some cases it’s fine. In others, ignorant, angry, reactionary parents are “schooling” their children. That’s not fine. So, I’m sorry to lump every home schooled individual into that latter category.

  5. Tell you the truth this seems like those idiots and agents from intel asset Bobbie Avakien’s (did I get that right?) RCP – Royal Communist Party (did I get that right?).

    In essence not much diff’ than if it’s Austin cops.

  6. Fake leftist Noam Chomsky is pining for Hillary, who Chomsky calls the “lesser evil” because Hillary, the neoliberal right-wing extremist, “had some progressive programs.”

    As a publicly avowed Zionist (i.e. Jewish supremacist), Chomsky, 88, says Trump is Hitler. Chomsky initially supported Sanders, but he shifted to Hillary when Hillary shafted Sanders..

    There was widespread anticipation that Hillary would have sought to trigger World War III.

    Despite this, Chomsky says that, “The GOP is dedicated to racing as rapidly as possible to destruction of organized human life.”

    He says that “Hillary’s positions are much better than Trump’s on every issue,” even though Hillary’s so-called “positions” consisted of no more than demonizing Russia and Trump.


  7. I agree with you that Watson is a disinfo agent & provocateur. Seems his main goal is to demonize & besmirch Islam, sewing division. At the same time he ridiculously denies any jewish influence/control over media, academia, & government. That said, the Austin Red Guard is a real thing. I don’t know if these particular masked guys were plants. I guess it’s possible although the Austin commies have extreme for some time. They’re all a bunch of nihilists. You can follow their antics on their Facebook page.

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