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  1. What do you think of #pizzagate, Scott? Are indie rockers from Olympia rubbing cardiganed elbows with art witches and powerful pizzerios on sexy ping pong tables with little kids and babies in accord with lurid elite fantasies? Has Kanye been effectively silenced?

    • I don’t know about Kayne. Is he still locked away? I’ll tell you what, the last thing they wanted a popular black artist too say was they were being used by the likes of Google and Clinton, so, who knows. AS for “pizzagate”… sounds a little fishy to me. I leave that shit to 4chan and Paul Joseph Watson.

      Here is something that I read on the subject. take from it what you will


      • Not sure if that stuff will go anywhere, but I really hope it does. It is creepy and horrific as fuck!

        I hope you get this comment, Scott. WordPress has kept eating anything I post over the last few days…

    • I haven’t delved too deeply into the pizzagate story, but so far everything I’ve read about it is unremarkable and consistent with what I already know on the subject, it’s not far-fetched, none of it sounds surprising or incredible. Wikileaks role is the only thing that sounds suspicious to me, but you couldn’t script something more true to form with regard to the pedophocracy if you tried.

      If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it refers to the system of child trafficking and the mutually assured blackmail which keeps the political class in check (government legislative, executive, judiciary, law enforcement etc., hollywood, Wall Street and banking untermensch). It ensures people remain in loyal service to their masters, and that they don’t publicly turn on each other in any substantive way. Pedophilia and murder, and pedophilia related child-murder, are really the only scandals no one can endure and recover from socially or politically, hence they are the underpinning of the blackmail used against people in positions of power. If incriminating evidence can’t be obtained on a blackmailee by actions of their own free will (honeypot), they can easily be drugged or incapacitated and photographed in apparently incriminating scenes. These days coercion is rarely necessary.

      The pedophocracy is real. The documentation is ample. Trying to attribute greed as the motivation behind so many people being so utterly corrupt results in a state of cognitive dissonance. There has to be more than just greed. The sheer multitude of these monsters acting in concert against the people and on behalf of the unseen elite is not explainable by any other means. The one sure way to force anyone into anything, often into acting very contrary to their own interest in the long run, is to have something on them which is so bad they’ll never be able to explain it or rationalize it away.

      This, combined with the phenomenon of psychopaths tending to aggregate in the upper echelons, and before long you have people who don’t just get backed into a corner, begrudgingly doing what they are told, you have an entire class of people who revel in blood soaked wholesale masochistic debauchery of the most reviled order.

      The ritual nature is reminiscent of trauma based mind control pioneered by the intelligence services, of which most of these people are familiar with. Some of them may indeed be into satanism. Regardless, including satanic imagery and ritual is a very effective way to ensure any critics attempting to expose can be dismissed as foolish. Refer to the “satanic panic” of the early nineties, and the McMartin Preschool case. Refer to “the big lie” -a propaganda technique often erroneously attributed to Hitler.

      This is the foundation upon which the entire globalist system is built and relies for control. It is ubiquitous and its network spans the globe. As a strategy or technique it has been refined and perfected for decades. If the scale on which it operates were exposed to a wider audience the system would come crashing to the ground, yet (by design) due to its horrific nature, its existence is the most difficult thing to convince people of, regardless of how strong a case you can make.

      Check out Dave McGowan’s work on the pedophocracy and “Programmed to Kill”. Dave passed away a year ago but his body of work is incomparable.

      BTW, Comet Ping Pong isn’t in Washington State, it’s in Washington DC, the seat of political power in the US.

      • Olympia reference is due to the damning mural work previously found in Comet painted by OldTime Relijun’s Arrington Dionysio and other figures in the D.C. pink scene which for years shared a rotating cast of key figures.

        I’m picking up what you’re putting down and agree with your conclusions.

      • AKA: The Control File

        • Bingo! It may well be the Podesta matter is a “shot across the bow” at Trump, since he’s equally vulnerable. More reason for the public to expose them first, then the leverage is gone.

  2. Unfollow and TruthBomb. Dislike all of their YT videos.
    Just look at all of the dislikes for the Youtube Heroes video:

  3. I can’t unfollow them since I never followed them to begin with. Makes little sense too if you ask me.

    If one is of the opinion that a media outlet is a death pit of lies why would one “follow” and “like” it on social media networks anyway? Makes no sense to me.

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