Jill Stein, Working for NEOCON Team Hillary, is Pushing for Recount in 3 Key States to Make Killary Our President (or to kick off civil war)

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: New York Times admits Clinton supporters are backing Jill Stein initiative. That was fairly obvious after she raised a million more dollars in a day and a half than she raised for her entire campaign this year.

Jill Stein polled regularly at between 1% and 3% across the country in the run-up to the general election in 2016. The closer it got to election day, the smaller her numbers. You can check Real Clear Politics if you don’t believe me.

Nationwide, Stein finished 4th in the presidential election with 1.02% of the votes. She wasn’t even on the ballot in all 50 states (44 + D.C.) and she lost in a big way to that idiot Libertarian, Gary Johnson who more than tripled her numbers. Plus, they were competent enough with their farce of a campaign to get on the ballot in all 50 states.

The Stein team of the Green Party has come out over the past couple of days with a plan to raise enough money to contest the election results in 3 key states: Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Stein supposedly thinks her numbers were low in those three states and wants a recount.

In Michigan she came in 4th with 1.07% of the vote. In Pennsylvania she came in 4th as well with .82% of the vote. And finally, in Wisconsin, Jill Stein came in 4th with 1.01% of the vote.

Historically, the Green Party has only gotten more than 1% of the votes once and that was when Ralph Nader ran in 2000.

So what is the big controversy? Am I missing something Dr. Stein? You only got 500k votes in 2012 and now you’re convinced you were robbed?

Who convinced Jill her numbers were low? Podesta?

Were Jill Stein’s numbers really that low in comparison with her overall national results? No.

Will the recount make any difference at all to Jill Stein’s campaign? No.

Why those three states in particular? Why not any others where the results weren’t super close? Why not states won by Hillary Clinton?

I’ll tell you why, because those states are close between the  candidates who finished number 1 and number 2 in the voting, Donald Trump won them all in a surprise result and the combined Electoral College votes from just those three states if flipped, would make all the neocons and the establishment Dems and Republicans very happy by making Hillary Clinton the president of the United States of America.

Currently, Clinton is more than 2 million votes ahead of Trump in the popular vote but trails Trump, 232 to 306, in all-important electoral votes. If Wisconsin (10 electoral votes), Michigan (16 electoral votes) and Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes) flipped in a recount, Clinton would win in the electoral count, 278-260 ” Patch.com

Jill Stein is running around doing interviews for MSM “news” sites like she’s been named the next pope or something.

Somehow or another, this year all the MSM outlets are very interested in the possibility of election rigging on a systemic level. Funny, they have never been interested in that before. Not in Ohio back in 2004, not in South Carolina back in 2010 and not all across the country during the unDemocratic Primary of 2016.

In fact, it was downright unAmerican to even suggest such a thing was possible in the month leading up to the election. That is of course if you weren’t saying Russia was going to do it. That was fine.

But now, somehow, the complicit media is giving “progressive” Jill Stein a pulpit from which to decry our election system as potentially hack-able from the base level and Jill doesn’t seem to smell a rat as she happily runs around enjoying all the attention.

And her party has raised a shit-load of money doing this little project of theirs.

Stein’s website shows they have raised over 4 MILLION DOLLARS in just over 24 HOURS to fund the recount process. She is on track to collect 4.5 million very soon (in a matter of hours)

FOUR MILLION DOLLARS IN JUST OVER TWENTY FOUR HOURS. And the number is rising with every MSM promo they give her.

Let’s put that into perspective shall we?

Throughout her entire campaign this season, Jill Stein and the Green Party collected a total of 3.5 million dollars to make her president.

And now her fan base blows that out of the water by ONE MILLION MORE BUCKS… in a day?

Funny isn’t it? Jill Stein’s people KNOW SHE’S NOT GOING TO BE MADE PRESIDENT BY THIS RECOUNT IN 3 MEANINGLESS STATES TO HER… and yet they contribute at a breathless pace.

Obviously, Hillary Clinton’s people are funding this effort because quite frankly HILLARY CLINTON AND HER NEOCON BACKERS ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM IT.

Jill Stein supporters dont’ care. She’s not going to win anything out of this. And she’s not going to get enough votes in these three states to push the Green Party over 5% nationwide which would give them critical funding help next election cycle. So they get nothing from this.

But Hillary’s people. They get everything from it. That’s why they are using Jill Stein as their little patsy to push for the recount.

There are currently two schools of thought in the great stolen election debate of 2016. Some say Hillary’s team tried their best to steal it but failed due to unexpected turnout in key states like Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Others believe the establishment that hated Trump and promoted Hillary like there was no tomorrow decided for reasons unknown to put their fingers on the scale on his behalf.

I would probably be considered a proponent of the former if I had to make a choice. I kinda believe it didn’t really matter to TPTB and as a result, all stock market indicators have reached record highs, all-time record highs, since neoliberal Trump beat neoliberal Clinton.

This could be all being done to create more panic and chaos in the country and that is something that has to be considered. Just imagine what happens after all these anti-Trump protests were staged after the election, if they were suddenly to come back and say, “no wait. Hillary actually won. Don’t change the drapes. Obama’s girl is taking over”

This country would implode and might just be what the doctor ordered in order to get that purely authoritarian state they want for the next neoliberal dictatorship in the Shining City on the Hill”

Either Jill Stein is a useful idiot or she decided to jump on board with the winning team and ride in for the big score. And she will get a big score for this one.

What a disappointment she is.

Please help keep AE up and running if you can.

Thank you all so much

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31 Responses

  1. but I thought that she chose Trump over shillary because she was afraid that shillary would start WWIII? (maybe she got the “call in the night” that advised her to reverse that)

  2. Can a recount of the popular vote in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania change the electoral vote in those states? Conceivably yes, since those states have laws against “faithless” electors, i.e. against electors who pledged to vote for one candidate, but actually voted for another. However, as far as I know, such laws have never been enforced. It will be interesting to see what happens this time, if anything.

    Regarding the $4 million that Stein supposedly collected in one day, either that money came from the Democrats, or else it’s just a media lie, designed to portray this recount nonsense as much bigger and more popular than it really is.

  3. I saw that this morning and figured you’d catch it. I wonder if she’s visited any DC pizza joints lately…

  4. Now I feel extremely dumb. I cast a vote for Jill Stein. I did not see this crap coming at all…

    Stupid fucking me. I actually had the gall to think she was much better than that.

    Now I mean it when I say I am never voting again! So sick of this bullshit!

    • I think her heart was in the right place when she ran for office. This is just beyond the pale in terms of betrayal in my mind. I have no idea what could have persuaded her to do it.

      • Trying to give her the benefit of the doubt it is possible she realized how easy it would be to expose our corrupt voting system after this election and it was very clear HRC and the Dems were being “compelled” to drop the issue. Her source of funding is to examined further, though, as it would appear she may (or may not) have honorable motives depending on what we learn about the funding.

      • You get a call and they tell you about Paul Wellstone and his family or Mel Carnahan or any of numerous others, and let you know – you or your family are from now on playing “aircraft roulette” (hell, look what they did to E Howard Hunt’s wife … and he was, basically, ON THEIR TEAM).
        I was doing multi media work for Kucinich (and some others) around the time he was ‘convinced’ to vote for Obamacare – after that flight on Aircraft 1, it seemed to me, he was not quite the same.

        • Yeah, I was very disappointed. Over the weekend he is leading the charge saying ObamaCare is “worse than doing nothing” then he takes the ride on Air Force One, takes a day or two to “sit in the park and think” and then comes out backing ObamaCare and pushing other dems to do the same thing. Now he’s an analyst on Fox News and appears on the O’Reilly Factor. His daughter got a good gig as well. His wife does pretty well for herself these days also. Got some UN contract from what I understand.

          • Bro, Dennis’ wife … well … hey, to me she was always a charming sweet dear lady but (and I have no empirical evidence) but, I’d sure bet dollars to dimes she was MI6/cia sent to keep an eye on Dennis. Hell, that woman was/is SMOKING HOT, waaaay out of Dennis’ league! (Sorry Dennis if you’re reading this, I still have nothing but MAD RESPECT and love for you)
            In 2004 Dennis was kicking up a lot of sand in those early primaries – I know I was on the road with him when he had hardly any staff, and shit just started blowing UP! He was a Sanders who understood Zionists.
            You know, sorta like they sent Fonda to bird-dog Tom Hayden – one of the ONLY sds/anti-war guys NOT on COINTELPRO payroll.
            Anyway, if they didn’t have NUMEROUS ways to neutralize people seriously challenging their social/political hegemony we wouldn’t be … well … FUCKED right now.

  5. The Beast keeps fighting. It won’t give up even when wounded. The lesson is that the Beast must be destroyed.

    Anyway, it makes me like Trump more.

    fyi: The Election was Stolen – Here’s How… (November 11)

    • fyi: no. I have already covered that weak effort by Palast.

      In his two examples of how they stole the election, he himself has to admit, NEITHER of them actually resulted in folks being kept from voting.

      1. “No, not everyone on the list loses their vote.”

      2. “The 6,700 identified in two counties were returned to the rolls through a lawsuit.”

      He then talked about the exit polls saying they proved the election was stolen from Hillary, but did NOT provide a link to the polls he was writing about, which were the basis of his claim. he knows better than that.

      He also knows better than to make inflammatory claims and then say “oh, well, those 6,700 people did end up voting…” or “1.1 million voters REMOVED FROM VOTER ROLLS… not all lost their right to vote”. That’s not an argument. That’s not journalism. Thats propaganda. I would recommend you go back and read it again.

      Bev Harris, someone I have a great deal of respect for in terms of exposing election fraud, thinks the Clinton campaign attempted to hack the election, but failed.

  6. Stein has also claimed in one interview (but not in subsequent ones) that the election results were caused by foreign governments’ interference and hacking into our election systems. I.e., blame the Russians. This is so stupid I can’t believe she said it. The voting machines are not hooked up to the internet. No-one can “hack in”. They can have malware installed in them at the factory or at the polling place; are we to believe that the Dread Russians sent over so many agents that they were able to install malware in the machines nationwide? The D’s and the R’s, on the other hand, do have access to all the machines right here in the US. As do the companies that provide the machines. Any tinkering with the machines is done right here by good old Americans.

    I voted for Stein (and voted for her in ’12, as well), but almost didn’t. Want to know why I almost didn’t? This may sound dumb, but here goes: She was the only presidential candidate to speak out on behalf of the protesters at the Dakota pipeline. That was very good. She went to the DAPL protest site at Standing Rock and joined with the protesters. During her brief visit with them, she got herself arrested. She had spray-painted some graffiti on the pipeline company’s bulldozers. This pissed me off to the point where I began to think that she is just another fraud who is using anything and anyone she can to get attention. I know it’s hard for the third-party candidates to get any mention in the media, but this stunt hurt the credibility of the protesters. The tribes and the other protesters have been extremely careful to avoid anything that even hints at violence, illegal acts, or destruction. They want it obvious that they are intent on protecting the land, the water, and their rights, by peaceful means. By defacing equipment (yeah, I get it – it isn’t like she blew up a bunch of equipment with dynamite), she went directly outside the stringent guidelines and limits the protesters decided to impose on themselves as they seek to exhibit their principles and peacefully protest.
    So she actually cast the protesters in a bad light – she is the only person on the protester’s side to date who has done anything destructive or illegal at Standing Rock – and she did it for a self-serving attention-getter motive. She only went there to get attention for herself.

    It just struck me wrong, that she’d put them at risk of being labeled “rioters” or “eco-terrorists” or as destructive in any way, just so she could make the newspapers.

    Maybe that makes me a purist, I don’t know. She’s gotten arrested before, protesting third-party exclusion from the debates; that didn’t bother me. I thought she had a point and was correctly directing her protest actions against the two major parties. But I am sick of the politicians using us as their pawns in their quest to control the country. And she was using the Sioux in this case. I found it shameful.
    I find her involvement in this recount effort a bit mysterious. Maybe it will lead to something good, perhaps we’ll finally get some investigation into these damned voting machines, but so help me – it just sounds kinda like another politician looking for money. That remark about foreign governments messing with our elections is what really makes me wonder about her motives here.

    What a sad place we’re in.

    By the way, the Indians have a day of remembrance on what we call Thanksgiving Day, too. They call it “The Day of Mourning”.

    • Don’t feel bad. I too voted for Stein, even though I knew she has always been in error about many things. For example, Stein echoes the lie that the U.S. government runs on loans and on tax revenue, and that therefore we need more austerity (i.e. deficit reduction). Stein also agrees with the lie that the U.S. government has a “debt crisis.”

      The truth is that U.S. society does indeed have a debt crisis (e.g. student loan debt) but the U.S. government has no debt crisis at all, since the U.S. government can create infinite dollars out of thin air.

      The Libertarians also echo these lies.

      Trump was the only candidate who debunked the lies by admitting that the U.S. government can always create more dollars.


  7. ” … and might just be what the doctor ordered in order to get that purely authoritarian state … ”
    I think you more or less have it right, Scott … Everybody, I mean everybody, knows that Killary’s victory as Democratic candidate was the result of innumerable rigged primaries.
    There is strong evidence to suggests that the actual election results have also been engineered. What I think this means is that either fool in the Oval Office will be president illegitimately (to whatever exent any believes in the Constitution and the “democracy” it guarantees).
    Now, wouldn’t a verifiably illegitimate election (in either case) permit and justify a takeover by Los Generales when they finally decide to impose martial law in the USA?

    • I have said before that I thought this election season may have been engineered to undermine the notion of democracy itself in favor of a purely fascist state. looks like that may be the case.

  8. Is it possible that Stein is going after ALEC here instead of shilling for Killary? Aren’t Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania pretty much ALEC-owned governments?

  9. Jim Stone has some excellent additional coverage on this Jill Stein farce; especially how her dollars needed numbers kept changing upwards and her estimated legal costs go through the roof. Further the money coming in is always in the same amount per hour, as regular as clockwork. Jim also pointed out that the Green Party disavowed Jill’s call for a recount and apparently she is no longer affiliated with the Green Party. This is Hillary’s strategy, Hillary’s backer’s money and Jill is their willing pawn. Ave atque vale Jill, you have failed us all.

    • the two “experts” cited in the New York magazine article said they first spoke with John Podesta a week ago about getting Hillary to file for the recount. Looks to me like Podesta sent them Jill’s way. Now the only question is, did Podesta actually talk to Jill about it or someone else.

    • Any sources beside Jim Stone for this? Jim seems like a lost alien civiliesation type of dude to me. Please forgive my skepticism, the only sources I’m seeing here are NY Times and CNN, which I’d also put in the not-very-credible category.

      • I heard someone on Twitter saying the same thing about the Green Party petitioning to get rid of Stein but so far, I have found nothing to back up that claim. The Green Party filed the motion for the recount in Wisconsin, so I don’t think they are all that opposed to the idea. I also checked their website and thus far, no mention of the recount or dismissing Stein.

        • Hmm, I’m wondering if this is just more of the same ‘John Oliver-treatment’ intended to discourage third-party support? Get Greens back to the good old DNC by wrecking people’s faith in third-party candidate’s integrity. I’m going to hold off on the tar and feathers for now.

          Also, I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a history of election fixing (suppressing non-ALEC votes in particular) in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. All three states are fracking targets, have ALEC-heavy governments, and soak up a shit ton of PAC money (http://www.prwatch.org/news/2016/11/13173/fracking-special-interests-spent-big-2016-elections). This seems to be the geopolitical elephant in the room.

          • it’s much simpler than that. They started priming the pot for the “The Russians did it!” narrative months before the election. we all knew they were doing it. They would say the Russians hacked the system if somehow Donald Trump won. Well guess what? Her petition is COMPLETELY based on “the Russians hacked our election!!” dogma. So much so it sounds like Podesta wrote it himself. Go read my latest article which links to her official petition and read it yourself and keep in mind, Jill Stein used to laugh about the DNC saying the Russians were behind all the leaks and hacks. Sorry buddy but the Clinton machine wanted a recount based on “da ebil commies” storyline and Jill Stein gave it to them without Hillary having to get her hands dirty in the process.

            ah, you are free to proceed with those tar and feather comments now…

            • With you, Boss. Warming up the tar. Just advocating for the precautionary principle when it comes to sketchy sources. The petition you provided was the first primary source I’d seen. Thanks dude, that’s interesting as hell. I’m just hoping HRC aims for them Rooskis but accidentally hits Scott Walker and his Koch overlords instead.

  10. We desperately need to get to a world in which asking for evidence that the election results are accurate is not a partisan thing.

    I’ve been working on election integrity in Boulder, in Colorado and elsewhere for over a decade. See e.g. http://bcn.boulder.co.us/~neal/elections/corla/

    The underlying facts are that
    Our election system IS highly vulnerable,
    Russia worked to manipulate the elections, and attacked tally systems in Ukraine a few years ago
    Sadly, the culture in US elections is to never question the results that the computers give us (both paperless voting machines and computerized optical scanners)

    We should ALWAYS be doing good audits, but recounts are the only way to get that in these states this year.

    My colleague, noted computer science and elections integrity expert Alex Halderman, explained this all quite well:

    View story at Medium.com

    Given that context, I’m delighted that SOMEONE who has standing to do audits or recounts is actually willing to demand them, and catalyze public interest in doing so.
    I seriously doubt that the tally results are in fact wrong this time, but if they were, we should know, and we should put the right person in office.

    So kudos to Jill Stein. I think millions of dollars for associating election integrity with the Green Party is a good thing. And note that Rocky de la Fuente also filed for a recount.

    I would also love to see audits or recounts in New Hampshire, and indeed nationwide. That is what our Change.org petition has been calling for for over a week:


    So again, I don’t think we always need to look at these stories thru a political lens.

    I Colorado we’re actually finally position to do some of the best audits anywhere.

    See also the KGNU interview that my colleague at the Center for Election Science and I did 3 days ago, which touches on this a few times, along with discussing the need for better election methods than First Past the Post:


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